Best Cashback and Rewards Apps

Remember the days when, in trying to save money, you cut coupons only to forget them on the kitchen counter? Or those loyalty programs that you’d sign up for when motivated and then forgot about after a while? 

But with the power of technology, the opportunity for you to save on all your purchases is as easy as just a few taps of your finger. Your smartphone or tablet is your gateway to earning cash and other rewards you deserve when making your purchases. From simple and easy-to-use cashback programs to earning other rewards and deals on what you purchase everyday anyway, the opportunities to save are endless. 

To help you get started, here we share six of the top cashback and rewards apps you can download and start saving with today. 

  1. Ibotta

When it comes to cashback programs, you might think of credit card deals that entice you to make purchases by giving you a percentage of your total back to you. But with mobile apps like Ibotta, you can quickly and easily earn cashback on the purchases you make anyway. Their user-friendly navigation makes it easy to find earnings opportunities on groceries, health and beauty products, home goods and even experiences like restaurants and activities. To get cashback offers, all you need to do is clip the rewards you plan on using and upload a photo of your receipt after you make your purchases. Redeem the rewards you’ve accumulated for actual cash. 

One of the additional perks that Ibotta brings is the opportunity to engage in challenges and tasks that can get you even more cashback in your pocket by making a certain number or type of purchase in a given timeframe. You can also link your existing retailer rewards programs for even faster rewards. Wherever you shop and whatever you’re shopping for, you can find cashback and rewards quickly and efficiently so you can get on your way. 

  1. Checkout51 

Similar to Ibotta, Checkout51 offers cashback rewards on your favorite grocery items. Find rewards on the brands you know and love to feed yourself and your family. Joining the app is easy and finding deals on your grocery items is user-friendly. If you tend to do your grocery shopping online or aren’t part of a store’s loyalty program, this can be a great option for you to still get the rewards you want. Find offers for wherever you shop and whatever type of cuisine you’re hungry for. 

  1. Shopkick


Whether you shop in-store or online, Shopkick can help you receive rewards that you can redeem for gift cards on locations you visit all the time. Accumulate rewards, called “kicks,” by selecting rewards as you shop in the store or browse online and selecting eligible products. Brands and retailers that are partnered with Shopkick are well-known, so you can be sure that you can build up your rewards through what you do everyday. You can even earn “kicks” by completing certain tasks like viewing eligible offers or visiting partner stores. With so many ways to earn, you’ll get access to redeeming your rewards for gift cards in no time. 

  1. Swagbucks


If you’re looking for a platform you can jump on throughout the day and complete small tasks to rack up rewards, Swagbucks can be a great platform. Earn rewards and gift cards by completing easy tasks like answering surveys, watching videos or browsing online. Like to play games online? Swagbucks has interactive activities that can get you rewards you can redeem for cash or gift cards. Swagbucks also occasionally offers impressive bonus offers that can boost your rewards opportunities. Whether you have some time to intentionally seek out rewards or need something to do as wait in line for your morning coffee, the fun activities offered through Swagbucks can keep you entertained and rewarded. 

  1. Drop

This cashback platform makes it easy to earn rewards on your purchases beyond just specific products and brands. Its straightforward system takes a lot of the work out of needing to clip digital coupons and deals and gets you rewarded for your purchases easily. Earn big on your spending habits on everything from booking your Uber ride to appetizers at your favorite restaurant. You can even do your shopping right from the Drop app, making it your source for shopping and receiving rewards. By linking your debit or credit card, you’ll earn rewards every time you make an eligible transaction. Redeem your rewards for gift cards to your favorite retailers. 

  1. Rakuten

In earning great cash back rewards, this mobile app, formerly known as Ebates, gets you the rewards you want. Take the work out of searching for deals and coupons and get rewards fast based on where you shop. The list of eligible retailers with this app is extensive, so you can reap rewards wherever you shop. Sign up with email or your social media account for easy and quick access to receiving rewards. Your rewards come along automatically as you make your purchases at eligible locations, saving you time and energy in searching for deals. While you won’t be able to choose when exactly you receive your rewards, you’ll get a check or PayPal payment each quarter with your accumulated rewards. 

Use Your Phone For Rewards 

While couponing or tracking sales are helpful ways to save money on your everyday purchases, make your phone work for you, too. These easy-to-use and rewarding apps can put more cash in your pocket wherever you shop and whatever’s on your list. Visit your phone’s app store and see which of these apps – or all of them – work for your lifestyle in racking up rewards. Often, not every cashback and rewards app works perfectly for every type of shopper. Some can dedicate more time to completing tasks to earn rewards while others just want to spend a few moments before making their final purchase. Try these apps out and see what works best for you. 

Saving money and earning rewards doesn’t have to be challenging. With apps like these, getting rewarded for shopping is as easy as a tap of your finger.