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[Exclusive Report] How Coupon Codes Influence Ecommerce Purchase Decisions

75+ Coupon Code Statistics You Should Know In 2024

Blippr surveyed over 5,000 people who shopped online in the last 24 months as well as 17 online retailers, including 700 of the top 1,000 e-commerce brands.

The results include 70+ data points that detail the consumer buying behavior related to coupon codes and online shopping using discounts. 

As a coupon code provider for over 1,000 of the world’s most popular ecommerce stores we are in a unique position to survey thousands of shoppers about their experience using coupon codes while they shop online.

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Using Coupon Codes

When it comes to typing in that promo code or other coupon deal, that extra savings can bring delight to customers. Here are some top statistics about how shoppers use and enjoy their coupon codes.

  • Online shoppers who use coupon codes spend 24% more than shoppers who don’t use them
  • 29% of online shoppers will add a purchase if it’s heavily discounted that they didn’t originally intend to purchase
  • 74% of shoppers online prefer discounts that indicate a “percentage off” savings
  • 34% of online shoppers expect free shipping to be available for their digital shopping
  • 81% of online shoppers made at least one purchase using a mobile device
  • 53% of online shoppers also use physical coupons in addition to shopping online with digital coupons
  • 47% of consumers engage in buying and selling gift cards from retailers

Finding Coupon Codes

To be efficient at saving money online shopping with coupon codes, shoppers have to be able to have access to them. And there are often several ways to come across these opportunities to lower your cart total. Here are some top findings about how shoppers come across these savings gems.

  • 36% of coupon code users will choose to purchase their items somewhere else if they don’t have an available code to use
  • 77% of online shoppers follow their favorite brands on their social media channels to stay updated and aware of upcoming sales and offers
  • 81% of online shoppers enjoy receiving emails announcing sales and other discount offers
  • 17% of online shoppers have a “coupon-finding” browser extension that automatically finds and applies deals to their orders
  • 60% of those who use a browser extension use Honey
  • 37% of online shoppers used a website or mobile app to find and use cash back offers
  • 81% of consumers reported consuming content about saving money through blog posts, podcasts or video
  • 74% of online shoppers used social media channels to discover and take advantage of coupon glitches

How Online Retailers Use Coupons

From a brand standpoint, these online coupons can help encourage sales and create a positive customer experience. Coupon codes have become almost a standard practice for ecommerce platforms. Here are some statistics about how coupon codes have helped online retailers.

  • Retailers who offer coupons through their online platform see 26% higher average order values from their customers who use them
  • 67% of brands surveyed used social media to announce flash sales, coupon offers and and product sales
  • 91% of brands used email to share the deteails about upcoming sales and discount offers
  • Just 37% of brands have experimented with mobile only coupons or offers available through their mobile app

Favorite Online Channels for Coupon Codes

If you’ve ever searched for coupon codes for you to use online, you’ll know there are several ways you can come across them. While different demographics may prefer different channels, everyone enjoys saving money.

Our survey included questions regarding how they preferred to search and find their digital savings.

  • An astonishing 88% of consumers prefer email to receive coupons and 56% indicated email was their favorite platform to get coupons
  • Over 76% of consumers have used social media to find coupons
  • 33% of consumers are part of social media groups on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out about deals
  • 34% of consumers used 3rd party coupon websites to receive their coupons
  • 32% of consumers have used a brand’s mobile app to get their coupons
  • 57% of consumers reported using a newspaper to get coupons but only 10% indicated the newspaper was their preferred way of receiving coupons


Online shopping and access to coupon codes have changed the way we shop. Whether you’re just exploring the magic of online coupon codes or won’t shop at home without one, saving money can be possible from wherever you are. 

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