Your Guide to Finding and Using Printable Coupons

You work hard to save money. From tracking sales to downloading digital coupons to stacking promo codes and deals, there’s a lot you can do to keep more cash in your wallet. 

Have you considered adding printable coupons to your money-saving arsenal? Unlike digital coupons that are kept all online through your loyalty account, printable coupons are slips you print on your own at home and bring into the store. 

While it may require some additional steps to use these coupons, the potential savings opportunities are abundant. When used alongside other deals and coupons, you can stack on the savings to reduce your overall costs, whether you’re buying groceries or other household products. 

To help you get started in using these secret slips of savings, here in this guide we share why you should use printable coupons as you shop in-store as well as helpful tips for both finding and using printable coupons. 

Why Use Printable Coupons 

If you’ve ever heard of “extreme couponers” like those featured on TV shows who can get household products for just pennies, you can guess they use printable coupons. 

Coupons are a wonderful invention in your quest to save money. After all, coupons are basically free money that just requires a little bit of intention and work. 

These print-at-home coupons are offered by the product manufacturer or the retail grocery store where you shop. With a wide range of resources, it’s very easy to download and print these savings right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to collect the coupons that are specific to what you buy on a regular basis.

Rather than receiving flimsy newspaper coupons you may get once a week – which is something you’ll need to pay for – you can print them at home, using just paper and ink you purchase. Choosing your own coupons and spending paper and ink on the deals you’ll actually use prevents waste and helps you stay organized. Choosing the coupons you’ll use also helps you prevent purchasing items you don’t need but seek to purchase just because you have a coupon.

One stipulation for these printable coupons is in the name – you’ve got to have access to a reliable printer in order to collect these. If a printer is not available for you, see where you might be able to find one or just stick with capitalizing on digital coupons connected directly to your rewards account. 

Tips for Finding Printable Coupons 

When it comes to finding printable coupons to help you save some money as you shop, the opportunities are abundant. But depending on what you’re looking for and where, some coupon savings are better than others. As you get started in your search, here we share some helpful tips in finding printable coupons. 

Branch Out In Brands

In expanding your use of printable coupons, consider trying out a different brand that has an active printable coupon you can use. For example, if you need to restock on cereal and see that there’s one brand that has a sale and a printable coupon offer, try that brand instead. You may even discover something you like better than your usual purchase.

Your Local Retailer

Depending on where you shop, your local grocery or home goods store may offer their own collection of coupons you can print at home. Since these coupons are offered by the retailer itself, using them is easy and can often be linked to your rewards account. If you’re part of their rewards, you may also be able to receive coupons in the mail based on your frequent or recent purchases. Combine these coupons with manufacturer coupons for even greater savings opportunities. 

Third-party Printable Coupon Sites

In addition to in-store coupons from your local retailer, you can also find several other printable coupon sites that allow you to download and print the deals that matter to you. Sources like, the Krazy Coupon Lady and many others offer a wide collection of extra savings you can pick and choose. 

Use Common Sense for Scams 

See a coupon that seems too good to be true? It might be. As you search for great printable coupon finds, be sure you’re aware of scams and false deals. Often, these require you to provide something – like money or credit card information – in order to receive the coupon. Use your common sense in navigating safe and secure opportunities for printable coupons. 

Tips for Using Printable Coupons 

With so many opportunities to find printable coupons, you can be clipping and cutting out printable coupons for all your shopping. We all don’t want to be that person who holds up the line and continually frustrates the cashier just because we have coupons we think are valid. To make your trips the most successful, here we share some tips in using your printable coupons for maximum rewards. 

Download printer software

Some printable coupon sharing sites have their own coupon-printing software that makes the coupons print better to be used at the register when you check out in-store. Just keep in mind of the security and safety of any software you download. This software helps to maintain the security for manufacturers who offer the coupon deal. After all, the coupon you print represents a value of money. Having coupon-specific printing software ensures no one gets stuck with unintended consequences as a result of coupons. 

Print in Black & White 

When printing coupons, you don’t have to spend the money to use color ink to get a valid coupon. When printing coupons, choose the option to print in black and white rather than color. You’ll get the same opportunity for savings without wasting your color ink. The manufacturer and retailer won’t realize the difference. 

Don’t Overprint Coupons 

Coupons you print at home have their own barcode connected to your computer’s IP address. If you print a coupon excessively, usually more than twice, it may cause the coupons to not work upon checkout. Be sure you know the limitations of the particular manufacturer or retailer coupons. 

Be Familiar With Your Store’s Coupon Policy

While retailers often have similar coupon and deal policies, it’s worth looking into your store’s rules in using both their and other manufacturer’s coupons. Knowing your limitations in coupon usage can save you and the cashier a headache when you go to check out. Keep in mind that there may be some stores you shop at that may not accept coupons of any kind. Remember those small details as you plan out your shopping trips. 

Read the Fine Print

In addition to knowing your specific store’s coupon policies, be familiar with the fine print. This print is often included below the barcode. Whether it’s a manufacturer coupon or a retailer coupon, these coupons will likely have an expiration date that you need to use the deal buy. The fine print may also contain important language such as minimum purchases and any other necessary steps to complete in order to receive the deal. Keep your eye out for these important details so you can be sure to use your coupons to their maximum potential. 

Add in Printable Coupons To Your Money-Saving Habits

Using coupons you print at home is an easy step in bringing additional savings to your shopping list. By intentionally searching for and finding coupons on products you purchase anyway and using common sense as you print and cash them in, you can use these money-saving slips to stack on the savings. Explore the printable coupon sites that best fit your shopping habits and get to saving today.