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Nextiva is one of the best business phone services in the United States. They have solutions for both small and medium businesses and larger enterprises. Nextiva consolidates communications among phone calls, SMS, online chat, and email so managers can see all the activity and data from customer interactions to internal communications. It helps to track customer experiences so you can respond appropriately. AI enhancements help fine tune interactions with customers so they have even better experiences. Analytic features help you manage all the data in real time, for quick responses. Nextiva has several plans to suit businesses of all sizes that include voice communications and consolidation of phone lines to start. They have superior network reliability, with zero outages reported in 2019. Nextiva supplies all the training and support you and your team need for using their services, and provides excellent support and customer service so you never have to worry.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Nextiva

Is Nextiva compatible with my mobile number?

Absolutely! Nextiva offers a versatile mobile app that brings the functionality of a traditional office phone right to your smartphone. With this app, you can effortlessly make and receive calls just like you would with a standard Nextiva phone. The app is designed to integrate seamlessly with your mobile device, enabling you to manage your business communications effectively on the go. This includes the convenience of handling call transfers, updating your availability status, managing contacts, and even personalizing your profile – all from the palm of your hand. Whether you’re in the office or on the move, Nextiva’s mobile app ensures you stay connected and productive.

Who are Nextiva’s biggest competitors?

For small businesses seeking VoIP services and UCaaS platforms, several key providers stand out in the market. RingCentral is celebrated for its comprehensive cloud-based UCaaS solutions and high-quality voice calling​​. Vonage offers a range of functionalities with a focus on affordability, catering to a global customer base​​. Nextiva is recognized for its scalable and reliable cloud-based communication solutions suitable for various business sizes​​. Zoom excels in video conferencing, making it ideal for remote teams, while Microsoft Teams is known for its seamless integration with Microsoft 365​​. 8×8 Inc. and Dialpad also feature prominently, with 8×8 focusing on mobility and AI features, and Dialpad notable for its Voice Intelligence capabilities​​​​. Each of these providers offers unique features and services, making them suitable for different business needs and preferences.

Is Nextiva based in the US or internationally?
Nextiva, an American enterprise founded in 2008, has its main offices in Scottsdale, Arizona. This privately owned company specializes in business communication solutions and is known for facilitating a wide range of digital interactions and conversations for a multitude of businesses throughout North America.

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