5 Must-Know Tips For Buying & Selling Gift Cards Online

Gift cards. What some may have seen as an easy gift option has become the gift that keeps on giving, whether it’s your birthday or not. Gift cards allow you to make a purchase without having to dig out your wallet and spend money every time you purchase something.

These helpful cards of cash for the specific retailer is a great option for a gift to allow the recipient to choose something they’d really like or an experience they would enjoy.

Typically, gift cards are purchased – by you or someone else for you – at the price that the card is valued at. Your friend buys you a gift card for $30, and you now have $30 to spend at that store or restaurant.

However, just like any item or product in a store, gift cards can also go “on sale” or purchased at an impressive discount. When you can get discounts and deals on gift cards, that means you can get more money toward your purchase than what you paid for. For example, if you purchase a $100 gift card for only $90, that extra $10 in savings for you.

It’s like getting paid to shop. Count us in.

When you use discounted gift cards, you can end up saving a lot of money on purchases you make every single day.

Selling unused gift cards can be a great strategy for making a quick buck. For example, if you get a gift card to a location that is not nearby, doesn’t have an online platform or is just not a place you visit, you can easily sell it online.

However, buying discounted gift cards brings you savings in a slightly different way. By buying the discounted gift card directly, you can reap those savings right away. You can discover great savings at places where you were going to shop at anyway.

If you know of a store or restaurant where you know you shop at frequently or can spend a lot of money at, checking out available discounts on gift cards is a great option to save a great deal in the long run.

However, before you dive into only using discounted gift cards for your purchases, there are a few helpful things to know about the art of gift card discounts. Here, we share five essential practices you should know when purchasing discounted gift cards.

1. Make The Discount Worth Your Time

Sure, there are times where you’ll take any deal and savings you can, regardless of how small amount it may be. However, you do also want to be mindful of how much time you spend looking for and receiving an offer of a discounted gift card and actually how much the gift card is worth, and how much you’re saving in purchasing the card.

For example, say you purchase a $5 gift card for only $4.50. While you’ll be saving 10 cents in the process, it may take up a disproportionate amount of your time to receive those savings.

Using discounted gift cards is a great way to save money, but don’t always be on the lookout for saving upwards of 30%. It’s possible, but most often the percentages off of these discounts are not all that extreme.

While these discounted gift cards can help you see great savings, be sure to not dive for every deal you can find if you can’t afford the time to do so. Your time is precious and you have to manage it well. Choose the discounts that you’ll actually see a great return on and are worth your time, effort and hassle.

2. Be Wise About Your Discount Findings

With the rise in popularity of discounted gift cards, so also the greater potential of falling into a gift card scam. While most websites where you can purchase discounted gift cards are reputable and safe, there is always the potential for purchasing something and not getting what you deserve in return.

Many people in the discount gift card game have found a selection of website they use as helpful resources in finding discounted gift cards. They’ll return to those sites because they’ve proven to be reputable and trustworthy. They also may purchase a lot of gift cards at that one website for stores or restaurants that they know they visit often.

Before purchasing a gift card at a discount at just any website you can come across, use common sense about the legitimacy of the website you find. Ensure the security on the website is strong and that your personal information won’t be shared in a way you don’t approve of. If something seems fishy, it’s worth a second look prior to buying or selling. From money laundering to stolen merchandise returns, be on the lookout for suspicious or concerning activity before you spend your money or provide personal information.

If you’re smart about it, finding and purchasing discount gift cards is a great way to save some extra cash on purchases you make all the time anyway.

3. Look For Consumer Protections

Whether you’re buying or selling gift cards, you want to be sure the amount you pay for or intend to receive is the right price. Several discount gift card platforms provide consumer protection features including things like a money back guarantee and enhanced security to ensure you get what you pay for.

Having that added customer service gives you the peace of mind and confidence as you look out for deals and savings through gift card purchases.

Customer service opportunities, whether through a phone call or online chat, can also save you time and frustration if you ever have trouble with your gift card purchase or selling transaction. Whether it’s just a question about how your gift card can be validated or a problem with your purchase, you can resolve any issues with a supportive customer service platform. Choose a platform where you know you’ll be taken care of as a participant in the discount gift card game.

When you participate in the discount gift card platform as a buyer, it’s also helpful to check the balance on the gift card right when you receive it to ensure your transaction is accurate. If there are any issues at any time, you should be able to easily contact customer services whether through the retailer or discount gift card platform. This can help you prevent any delayed issues you may overlook upon receiving your gift cards.

Some merchants even come with a lifetime guarantee that provides you full confidence that the card you purchase will be valid and able to use when you want, how you want. Such platforms may also have a refund and return policies that you can rest assured in your gift card selling and purchases. Keeping these guarantees in mind can help you be mindful of fraudulent risks and protect you and your hard earned money.

4. Be Flexible Where You Shop

True, we all have those stores that we need to visit for that certain item. But for everything else, consider being flexible about where you shop based on what kinds of gift cards you can pick up on discounted sites.

For some items, like clothing or groceries, such a transition to other retailers where you can find better deals and discounts on gift card may not be that big of a deal. If you have some flexibility on where you shop, go for where the greater savings are and where you can discover the best deals on gift cards.

You can also stack saving opportunities by using discounted gift cards alongside coupons and other sales that can reduce your overall retail shopping costs. Particularly when it comes to name brand clothing and groceries, you can often find the same items at a variety of retailers. If given the option, choose the store where you can find the best deal on gift cards.

Choosing discounted gift cards doesn’t have to limit you from your favorite items but can open up new opportunities to discover new brands, stores, styles and much more just by picking the retailers where you can get the best gift card deals.

5. Go Digital

When you think of gift cards, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps it’s those credit-card sized pieces of plastic that you’ll carry around in your wallet or purse until you decide to use it.

But in today’s digital world, many gift cards have turned into invisible deals accessible through your smartphone or computer. The value of a gift card comes from the card number, PIN and expiration date presented on the card, not the card itself. This makes it very convenient to carry balances of gift cards right from your phone. No longer is it required to carry around those bulky cards, making it more likely you’ll forget about a great deal you’ve snagged.

Many retailers or resellers give you the option to get a physical card mailed to you or simply emailed a gift code you can use instantly. Through digital discount gift cards and gift codes, you can speed up your transactions by not having to wait for a physical card you’d need to swipe or scan in-store. With so much shopping happening online as well, a digital gift code makes sense for convenience.

While each discount code platform may have different processes as to how quickly you’re able to receive your gift code, it’s often a faster and more convenient option than waiting for the mail to come.

If you have flexibility, tend to shop online and find a great deal on a gift code discounted, don’t be afraid of engaging in a transaction with a digital gift code. It may actually be an easier route to go rather than waiting for a physical card.

For gift card sellers, too, selling a digital gift code may be much easier. It also may be more cost-effective for you as well. Whether you can process your transaction in a few hours or a day or two, selling your digital gift code can help both you and the buyer of your card, helping to get cash in your pocket easier and faster.

Start Playing the Gift Card Game

Using gift cards as a gift for your friend, significant other or valued employee is just the start of the usefulness and practicality of those plastic cards. With discount sites where you can find great deals, extra savings on gift cards can be just a few clicks away.

With so many opportunities, you shouldn’t have to pay full price for a gift for someone special or even for yourself. These five quick and easy tips can help you embrace the wonder of discounted gift cards whether you’re looking to save on purchases you make or are looking to make some extra cash from those unused cards.