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[Report] 167+ Customer Experience (CX) Stats You Need To Know

Customer Experience Stats

We’ve spent the last 2 years putting together the absolute best resource on customer experience (also known as CX) statistics from a variety of sources. 

The results include 160+ data points that examine customer experience preferences, 

As a coupon code provider for over 1,000 of the world’s most popular ecommerce stores we are in a unique position to survey thousands of shoppers about their experience using coupon codes while they shop online.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to request an interview, feedback or perspective on any of the topics covered. Happy shopping!

Customer Experience Stats

One key area of ecommerce that you should pay particular attention to is customer experience and support. Whether through answering questions through a chatbot or providing a FAQs page, making sure your customers have the resources and confidence they crave as they make their purchase is essential.

  • 62% of customers believe that the experience they receive is more important than the price of their online purchase 
  • By 2020, the customer experience will be seen with greater value that the price and product 
  • 33% of Amercians indicate they may consider changing their brand following a unsatisfactory customer service experience 
  • 70% of customers who complain to a business say that they would continuing doing business with the organization if the issue or problem is resolved in a way that benefits them as the customer 
  • 80% of customers are deterred by inconvenient return policies or processes 
  • $62 billion is lost every year by companies due to a lack of supportive customer service 
  • 80% of consumers are put off by inconvenient return policies
  • 66% of consumers believe that the most important thing a company can do is value their time in providing a positive customer experience
  • 74% of consumers may switch their brand if the process to purchase is confusing or time-consuming
  • 77% of customers would recommend a company to a friend if they received a positive experience from the business 
  • 72% of businesses indicate that their top priority is improving a their customer’s experience
  • 70% of people look into reviews and other ratings of products and services prior to making their purchase

Innovative Customer Experiences

Automated Services like live website chat, bots and voice assistants make it easier to get what you want. These stats on customer experience show consumers are demanding more!

  • 60% of consumers indicate they would prefer using a self-serve resource like apps or chatbots to provide answers to their simple questions 
  • Millennials prefer to use chat bots as their support channel 
  • 50% of people indicated they would be willing to make a purchase online using the resource of a chatbot’s conversational marketing functionality  
  • Online shoppers expect to be answered in a customer service call within a five minute range 
  • 50% of consumers said they would purchase from a chatbot service 
  • Chatbots provide the opportunity to address needs quickly and efficiently, with an average wait time to access an available chat session of just 45 seconds
  • 80% of business are expected to engage with using chatbots by 2020 
  • 22% of consumers who own a smart speaker or voice assistant have already completed a purchase through their device 
  • 75% of households in the United States are expected to own a voice assistant or smart speaker by the year 2025
  • 50% of consumers say live chat is how they prefer to connect with a business 
  • 50% of searches are expected to be image and voice-activated 
  • 100 million customers are expected to shop using augmented reality in 2020 
  • 35% of consumers indicated they would be more willing to shop online if they had the ability to try on a product virtually before making the purchase 
  • 22% of people would be less likely to visit a store in-person if they had the ability to engage in augmented reality through their ecommerce resource

Digital Marketing & Customer Experience Stats

How a brand shows up online can have a big impact on how customers interact, making digital marketing a critical part of the customer experience.

  • Bounce rates can increase up to 45% with personalization efforts
  • Email has a satisfaction level of 61% for a customer service channel 
  • 75% of businesses struggled to optimize their landing pages with expert copywriting 
  • 88% of online shoppers who use a mobile device to make their purchases are influenced by their friends in their decisions  
  • Reducing the number of fields in a form can improve response rates and enhance customer experience 
  • 80% of consumers saw retailers more positively if they offered mobile coupons 
  • Average conversion rates range from 1% – 3% 
  • 37% of consumers claim to leave a website if the user experience is difficult to use or not visually appealing 
  • 67% of online shoppers using a smartphone prefer to use a mobile website, while 33% preferred to navigate through a mobile application 
  • 57% of consumers emphasize the website’s speed and will leave the website if they wait for at least three seconds for something to load
  • 48% of all landing pages contain several offer opportunities 
  • Incorporating personalization is valuable, leading to three times as many locally-based searches
  • 84% of consumers won’t follow through on a purchase online if they believe that the website is unsecure
  • About 50% of small businesses in America do not have a website 
  • 75% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a retailer that provides a personalized experience by recommending products and addressing them by name
  • 46% of shoppers online want more product comparison and resources from ecommerce platforms

Retailer Customer Experience 

Regardless of how often people shop or make transactions online, the customer experience provided by a retailer is of the utmost importance. Here we share some interesting information about the value of emphasizing the experience and journey of a retail customer. 

  • 54% of retailers note that their most important focus is customer experience 
  • 88% of consumers indicated that they would be willing to pay more in order to receive faster or same-day delivery services 
  • 73% of customers would be more willing to make a purchase if they also were able to watch a video explaining the product or service before they make the transaction 
  • 54% of consumers said that they value their service they receive the most 
  • 30% of consumers said that they expect a personal experience and recommendations based on their experience 
  • 48% of customers said that they have left a retailer’s website and made a purchase elsewhere if they had a poor experience navigating their website 
  • 53% of Millennials said that store associates won’t have the tools to contribute to a positive customer service experience 
  • 42% of customers who shopped online said they would want to see additional testimonial stories from retailers 
  • 81% of consumers indicated that they would be willing to attend a party or other celebration if organized by a brick-and-mortar store 
  • 70% of millennials and Gen Z-ers said that they were part of a loyalty program with a retailer  
  • 75% of customers said that they would be more likely to make a purchase if the business added a personal touch to their experience such as knowing their purchase history, recommending options or recognizing their name  
  • 82% of consumers attended a retail party or other event within the last year 
  • 60% of consumers said that they would meet with a sales associate if given the opportunity 
  • 63% of customers said that if they received valuable content, they would view the brand in a more positive light  
  • 77% of customers said that the opportunity to use discounts would influence where they chose to shop 
  • 62% of consumers expect to receive discounts, offers or other personalized attention based on their history with the retailer 
  • 84% of customers think that retailers should better integrate their online and offline marketing channels
  • 48% of customers said that discounts would help them speed up their decision to make a purchase with a retailer 
  • 68% of customers claim they would prefer to shop on websites that could offer them automated returns options for their items
  • 64% of customers believe that retailers don’t really understand them 

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