Ultimate Guide to Glitch Deals

If you’ve been looking into ways to save money through couponing, deals or codes, chances are you’ve come across the term “glitch deals.” This is when couponing and deal-finding really becomes a game. Finding these glitch deals can help you find extra savings – on top of your regular savings opportunities. 

Getting these glitch deals and making them work for you can be tricky at times. And often, they take a little bit of work. But with the right tools and resources, you can be on your way to stacking the deals and getting even more savings you didn’t even know were possible. 

To help you get started on your gathering of glitch deals and extra savings, here we provide you the ultimate guide to glitch deals. We’ll cover what they are, why they can be so difficult to find and strategies you can use to ensure you can get the best deals out there. 

What Are Glitch Deals? 

When you think of “glitch” deals, you might think it involves some sort of trickery or game playing in order to stack on the savings. In part, that’s right. But forget about “glitches” being a negative thing. When it comes to finding deals, it’s a great thing for you. 

Now turned into a verb, glitching involves using sales and other discounted prices with additional methods of savings. That may include using manufacturer coupons, using in-store or online coupons, using rewards and so much more. Usually, these glitch deals aren’t always intentional, as they are sometimes referred to as deal mistakes on the part of the retailer. By combining ongoing sales put on by retailers and additional discounts you come across, you can take advantage of the situation and get what you need for much cheaper. All it takes is just a little browsing around and timing your purchases right. 

Glitch deals do involve some trial-and-error in finding a system or method that works well for you, where you shop and what you buy. It often depends on what you’re looking to purchase and from where. The amount of discount you’re able to get on your purchase depends on your situation but often can come at outrageous deals, even close to being free after all discounts and deals have been accounted for. 

One important thing to note is that glitch deals are different than coupon fraud. Glitching involves playing the game of deal-finding and finding ways to reduce your price as much as possible. Coupon fraud is when you don’t fully satisfy the terms and conditions indicated on the coupon for the point of deception or some other dishonest purpose. There certainly is a line between the two actions of glitching and coupon fraud. Be sure you remove the deceit from your use of coupons and other deals to keep your integrity strong and still save money. 

While glitch deals can be highly beneficial in getting the products you need at an impressive price, retailers don’t exactly promote them excessively. After all, they may come up unintentionally anyway. While it may take a little bit of effort, glitches can be a great value-add to your deal-finding routines. 

Why are Glitch Deals So Difficult to Find? 

Unlike common manufacturer coupons or retail sales, glitch deals aren’t advertised or promoted by retailers. Rather, they often come up spontaneously without prior scheduling or planning. It’s because of these impressive deals that you can sneak in that glitch deals tend to be difficult to find. 

Sometimes these glitches can be crazy good deals, getting you an item or experience for a price next to free. That extreme price reduction makes these types of deals highly valuable but also more difficult to find and utilize. Even if you might find a good opportunity to get deals on top of deals, there are often additional criteria or stipulations to using that deal. Keep those fine print rules in mind as you find the deals that work best for you. 

Glitch deals have grown in popularity as people increasingly can see saving money and finding deals as a type of game or fun activity that they can involve the whole family. And especially when it comes to glitches, a little bit of extra time is required in finding and effectively utilizing deals that work to your advantage. 

But just because they might take some extra effort doesn’t mean that finding glitch deals is impossible. Next, we share some of the top ways that you can find glitch deals to stack. 

How to Find Glitch Deals

Even though glitch deals can be more difficult to find and use effectively than your average coupon cutting, with the right techniques, it can be a great strategy in getting the items you need at outrageously impressive prices.  Like getting free stuff? Using glitch deals can get you there, or at least as close to free as possible. 

To help you get started, here we share some common ways you can discover glitch deals from where you shop to get extra savings on your purchases. 

Double Dip on Deals 

Depending on the deal and fine print, you may be able to stack savings opportunities to work to your advantage. Sometimes, you’ll be able to use both a manufacturer coupon and an in-store deal. Depending on when sales run for your store, you may also have a short window of time where you can score the deals from both this week and next week’s sales. 

To find these glitches where promotions are covered in both sales campaigns, check when your local retailer changes their prices or alters what’s on sale. Oftentimes, you can find price glitches that apply both the old, original promotion and the new, upcoming promotion. When both of these are used together, you’ve got access to impressive savings opportunities. 

Use Marketing Techniques to Your Advantage

Retailers want your business, and often, they’ll get you some great perks in order to make that happen. Use the retailer’s attempts to secure your business to your advantage and maximize your savings potential. 

For example, if you shop online and have items you either leave in your cart for a while or take them out and put them back in, you might be sent a deal on that item. Retailers do this to help encourage you to confirm your business. 

You can also pay attention to special promotions like discount codes and free shipping opportunities. Using these perks might decrease your out-of-pocket cost even more than what you might initially think. 

Follow on Social

A retailer’s social media accounts can be great for finding additional deals and sales you may not know about otherwise. Deals shared through social media may be for a limited time, so be sure to act fast if you find a deal you like. 

In addition to following the actual retailer on social media, you can also join groups and pages on Facebook and other platforms that help find the glitches and extreme savings opportunities for you. Search for “glitch” pages on your preferred social media account and see what community groups you may be able to join. Many of these groups allow you to post glitch deals you find and see the other deals that others have found. 

On Instagram, it’s easy to find and follow hashtags that relate to glitch deals that share these unique savings opportunities. Just be sure to not tag the stores in your posting or the deal may be quickly removed. You can also follow people and pages that often share these types of deals. Twitter can work the same way. Find hashtags or follow people who often share these types of deals to get you greater access and discoverability in great glitch deals.  

Join Rewards Programs

If your favorite retailer has a rewards program or some other membership offer, take it. Many times, these rewards programs help you to accumulate points to exchange for special rewards. Being on a relevant email list also lets you know right away when a sale is happening. That way, you can find the deals as soon as possible. They may also offer additional savings opportunities just for members of their rewards programs. You get the chance to save that you don’t want to miss out on. 

Try Different Retailers

To find great deals, you may need to be willing to try out a new retailer or one you don’t often visit. Stores have deals and sales going on at different times with different items at discounts. Even if you don’t often shop at a particular store, it may be worth checking out what deals you could get as a new shopper or finding comparable products. 

Some retailers may also be more susceptible to having glitch deals than others. Wal-Mart or Amazon, for example, may be more prone to having a pricing glitch due to the variety of sales and diverse product set. 

Access Wisely

Glitch deals aren’t always made intentionally. So it’s important that you access deals wisely and deliberately track the appropriate pricing systems. Oftentimes, it’s best to use a PayPal or prepaid card account. With this method, you’ll have only a set amount on a card or account. This helps protect against the retailer charging the full amount of an item instead of the discounted price. It may also be easier to return items or cancel orders through a platform like PayPal than with a debit or credit card. To ensure you get the deals that you deserve and have found to be legit, track your orders and expenses carefully. 

Use Glitch Deals for Extra Savings 

Glitch deals can be extremely valuable as you maximize your savings opportunities. By stacking sales and finding pricing “mistakes” from retailers, you can find what you need at a surprisingly low price. Even though they may be difficult to find and require some digging and research, they can be worth it as you spend less on your purchases. 

Through strategies and practices like joining rewards programs, double-dipping on deals and many more, you can engage in the often fun activity of finding deals that keep more cash in your pocket. Use this guide as you set off in your savings goals and spend less on what you need with using glitch deals to your advantage.