The 87+ Most Popular Discounts for Seniors

Whether you age gracefully or you choose to not act your age, aging has some advantages when it comes to saving money. Many restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues offer discounts to senior citizens. Seniors can travel for less, too, with discounts from airlines, hotel chains, and rental car companies.

How old is old enough to save? Generally, senior discounts start at age 65 but some establishments offer them at 55, 60, or 62. For AARP members, senior discounts may start as early as 50 years old. If you’re unsure of a discounted rate or at what age you may receive it, always call or ask customer service before you shop or place an order.

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Restaurants Discounts For Seniors

  • Applebee’sThe policies vary by location, but Applebee’s offers a discount between 5% and 15% for diners who are at least 60 years old. Some locations may require you to sign up for their Golden Apple Card rewards program or their email list. Call your nearest Applebee’s to find out their policy. While the actual discount amount may vary based on location, most often you can enjoy a discount between 10 and 15%. The age at which you can receive this discount may also differ based on your particular location. Often, the discount starts at age 60. Be sure to ask your hostess or waiter to confirm what discount you may be eligible for. Locations may have their own confirmation process as well, such as requiring sign-up or another method. For example, you may be required to be registered with an Applebee’s Golden Apple Card in order to be eligible. 
  • Arby’sParticipating Arby’s restaurants offer senior diners 10% off their meal or a free drink with the purchase of food. Be sure to ask before you place your order.
  • Bob EvansMany Bob Evans locations offer a senior menu upon request that features smaller portions for a lower price for patrons aged 55 or over. They also offer a discount on Wednesdays and Sundays for diners who are at least 62 years old.
  • Burger KingBurger lovers aged 60 and over may ask for a 10% discount at Burger King. Some locations also offer a free small coffee or soda with the purchase of food.
  • Chick-fil-AWhile it may depend on the exact location you visit, most locations provide a 10% discount off your order or a free small drink. Most often, you can choose which discount is most relevant to your order.  Keep in mind that each restaurant is owned independently. They may offer different offers for senior discounts. Also, they may have certain restrictions or verification processes in applying a senior discount. It may be best to just ask the cashier of what senior discounts are available at that location. Upon receiving a free drink or a 10% off deal, you may need to provide your valid I.D. to prove your age. 
  • Culver’sCulver’s, the home of frozen custard and butterburgers, may offer a 10% discount for diners aged 60 and over. This discount may not be offered at all locations, so be sure to ask before you order
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – The discounts vary by location but Dunkin’ Donuts may offer a senior discount of 5% or 10%. Participating restaurants also give AARP members a free doughnut with the purchase of a large or extra-large coffee.
  • Golden Corral – The Senior’s Buffet features special pricing for diners aged 60 and over. Seniors can save even more when they visit during the Early Bird Special hours Monday through Saturday. Head to Golden Corral any time of day to receive about 50 cents off your menu order. But, if you choose to visit during the early bird special, you can get even more savings as a guest 60 and older. The buffet during the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. from Monday to Saturday is just around $8, including drinks. That savings can help you get a great meal and a lot of food for a cheap price. After that timeframe, you can still get your buffet dinner for just about $12 plus beverages. You can also sign up for their Good as Gold Club to get exclusive offers, menu updates and other discounts throughout the year.  Getting to eat for less with your senior discount at Golden Corral is often quick and easy. Ask for the discount when you order and it may be immediately applied. You may also need to provide your identification to verify your age as well before you hit the buffet lines. 
  • IHOPIHOP has a 55+ Menu with smaller portions for seniors. Some locations offer a senior discount of up to 10% off and some offer free or discounted meals for seniors during certain hours. Call ahead to find out about your local IHOP’s senior deals. As a restaurant-goer aged 55 or better, you can get access to a unique menu offering discounted entrees designed with you in mind. The menu contains many of your favorite classic dishes at a great price. Some locations may also offer additional discounts for senior diners. For example, your local IHOP location may offer a 10% discount on your regular order. With extra coupons and deals, there’s always a way to save on your stack of pancakes or whatever you order. Their 55+ menu has something for every eater, so you can enjoy your meal for less regardless of what you’re in the mood for. To see if your location offers an additional 10% discount on your order, just ask your server or call ahead. As IHOP are operated by franchisees, the senior discount opportunities may vary depending on your location.
  • McDonald’sEach McDonald’s has a different policy for senior discounts but many offer free soft drinks and coffee to seniors with the purchase of food. Be sure to ask before you place an order what the restaurant’s senior deal is. Different franchises may offer different savings opportunities, but overall, there is most often discounts and deals on coffee beverages. The age at which you can receive this discount may also vary, but most often between the ages of 55 and 60 or older. Typically, this discount is about 50% savings, again depending on the location you visit. You may be able to select whatever size beverage to receive the discount on as well. Most often, if you’re eligible for a senior discount, you’ll need to place your order in-person. You may also need to provide some form of identification to prove you’re at the eligible age. While different franchises may have different rules, most often the easiest way to get this discount is just ask the cashier upon placing your order. They can confirm the opportunity and get you going on your cup of discounted and delicious coffee.  Get your coffee craving satisfied for less when you use your McDonald’s senior discount on a coffee
  • Olive Garden does not offer a specific senior or AARP discount. They recommend all visitors go to their website to find a variety of specials for dining in and take-out that change often, from “buy one, get one” lunches to reduced-price beer and wine selections.beverage
  • Outback Steakhouse – At participating Outback Steakhouse restaurants, AARP members receive 10% off their check.
  • Sonic – Senior diners at Sonic may get 10% off or a free drink. Not all Sonics participate in a senior deal so be sure to ask when you place your order.
  • Souplantation – At Souplantation, diners aged 60 or older can get a meal, including a beverage, for $7.99 on Mondays through Thursdays from 2 pm to 5 pm. All other times, seniors may enjoy a 10% discount on their meal.
  • Subway – Participating Subway restaurants may offer seniors a discount of up to 10% off. Be sure to ask when you place your order, as different locations have different policies.
  • Sweet Tomatoes – has a Senior Meal Deal from 2 pm to 5 pm on Mondays through Fridays. Senior diners get their meal and a beverage for $8.29.
  • Taco Bell – Most Taco Bell locations offer either a 10% discount on an entire meal or a 5% discount plus a free drink to seniors aged 65 and over. Call ahead or ask the cashier before you place your order to find out what the deal is at your location.
  • Wendy’s – It varies by location, but most Wendy’s restaurants offer a discount between 5% and 10% plus a free drink to senior diners.

Travel Discounts For Seniors

  • American AirlinesAmerican Airlines offers a discount on select routes for travelers who are at least 65 years old. Before booking your next flight, call them to find out if their senior fare is the best option for you.
  • Amtrak – Seniors can save 10% on most Amtrak fares. In the United States, the senior discount starts at age 65. For cross-border trains that travel between the United States and Canada, the discount age is 60 years old or older.
  • Best Western – Guests who are at least 55 years old save up to 15% on bookings at all Best Western locations worldwide.
  • Delta Air LinesDelta does not have a standard senior discount but they are available in some markets for some itineraries. These are not available on the website so be sure to give them a call when you’re booking your next flight.
  • Enterprise – While they don’t offer a senior discount, Enterprise is an AARP partner so members get a 5% discount on their rental rates.
  • Hertz – Drivers who are 50 years old or older may enroll in Hertz’s 50 Plus benefits program and receive up to a 20% discount on car rentals and other perks.
  • Marriott – For guests who are 62 years old or older, Marriott offers a 15% discount at all its hotels worldwide. These reservations must be made directly through Marriott and not through another booking site. If the online reservation doesn’t offer the discount, be sure to call their customer service line.
  • Southwest Airlines – One of the lowest-cost airlines is an even better deal for seniors. Travelers who are 65 years old or older receive discounted fare at Southwest Airlines. Call to make a reservation or be sure to choose “Senior” rather than “Adult” when making an online booking.
  • United Airlines – Certain routes and itineraries are available at a discounted fare for seniors who are 65 years old or older. Either call United to book your reservation or be sure to select “Senior” on the passengers menu when searching for fares online.

Shopping Discounts For Seniors

  • AAAAAA, or Triple A as it’s called, does not have a senior discount for its membership cost. Membership, however, helps seniors get additional discounts on everything from restaurants and shopping to travel itineraries and special insurance rates.
  • Amazon Prime – While Amazon does not offer a discount specifically for seniors, those who are on Medicaid, which includes many seniors who are 65 years old or older, can get Amazon Prime for only $5.99 per month. That’s about $25 less than the standard annual fee.
  • AMC Theaters – Movie lovers aged 60 and older save up to 15% on movie tickets at participating AMC Theaters. Some locations have special senior screenings, too, with additionally discounted tickets and deals at the concession stand as well.
  • AT&TAT&T offers a Senior Nation plan, featuring hundreds of monthly minutes without roaming and distance charges for customers aged 65 or older. In addition, AARP members receive 10% off certain service plans and 15% off eligible accessories. As someone 65+, you may be eligible to access to a plan specifically designed with you in mind. The AT&T Senior Nation plan gets you a great rate that includes 200 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile minutes and other helpful benefits. 
  • AARP – Also, if you’re an AARP member, you’ll also get access to even more great discounts. Save 10% on eligible plan charges and 15% on eligible accessories to keep you going. You’ll also get the chance to waive some fees and additional charges as a member. Shop online or in-store to learn more about these senior-specific discounts and deals. Before joining a new phone plan, be sure you read the relevant terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary fees. For your discount as an AARP member, use your membership card at an authorized AT&T retailer to receive your savings. 
  • Comcast – The Internet Essentials program from Comcast offers eligible customers — including many seniors aged 62 and over — low-cost, high-speed internet and access to an inexpensive laptop. The deal can also be combined with various cable and phone packages.
  • DirectTV – While DirecTV does not offer a specific senior discount, they encourage new customers to visit their Deals & Specials page to see if they have any promotions going on that suit your needs.
  • Fred Meyer – Senior shoppers at Fred Meyer may receive a 10% discount on many grocery items with the coupon in the weekly flyer. At some locations this discount is only offered on select days. Shoppers should check the flyer or ask at the customer service desk for their local store’s policy.
  • Goodwill – The discounts vary by location, but most Goodwill shops offer a senior discount on selected days. Contact your local Goodwill to find out which days they celebrate seniors.
  • Harris Teeter – At Harris Teeter, shoppers aged 60 years old and older can enjoy a 5% discount every Thursday. You must have a VIC card and tell the cashier that you’d like the discount.
  • Kohl’s – Every Wednesday, Kohl’s offers its customers aged 60 and over a 15% discount. Be sure to ask for it when your purchase is being rung up. When you shop at your local Kohl’s location on Wednesdays, you can receive a 15% discount you can apply to your purchase. To be eligible for this discount, you need to be age 60 or older. You’ll also need to bring a form of identification to prove your age. Keep in mind that this discount can’t be used in combination with other percentage-off discounts that Kohls offers. For using rewards like Kohl’s Cash, Yes2You Rewards or other dollar-based promotions, the discount will be provided after these have been applied. This discount is also only offered on Wednesdays and on in-store purchases. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply. Redeeming your rewards as a senior is easy at Kohl’s. Upon checking out at the store on a Wednesday, just ask the cashier for the senior discount. You’ll provide your identification to verify your age and your discount will be applied. 
  • Ocean State Job Lot – While they do not have an everyday senior discount, each year Ocean State Job Lot holds a Senior Salute. For one week, customers aged 62 or older receive a 25% discount at all locations.
  • Publix – Every Wednesday, participating Publix stores offer a 5% discount to shoppers who are 60 years old and older. Inquire at the customer service desk before you shop to see if your store offers this.
  • Ross Dress for Less – At Ross Dress for Less, shoppers who are at least 55 years old can join the Tuesday Club, which gives them a 10% discount every Tuesday. Combine already low prices with an additional discount of 10% on your purchase. This discount is also only available to shoppers 55 years old and older. Visit your local Ross location on a Tuesday and validate your age. Since their prices are already reduced and quoted at a high percentage off original retail, this discount is often the only offer available.  In order to receive your Ross senior discount when you shop in-store on Tuesdays, you must sign up for the Every Tuesday Club at Ross. This membership is free and gets you exclusive access to this valuable 10% discount. You can sign up easily by stopping into the customer service desk at your location and presenting your valid I.D. Remember that this is a process that must happen in-store, not online. Once you’re approved, you’ll get a club card that you can use on checkout to get that great discount. 
  • Sprint – The Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan offers great service starting at just $50 a month. Stay in touch with family and friends without breaking the bank.
  • TargetTarget offers a discount of 10% off for shoppers who are 60 years old or older. As an additional benefit to shopping there, Target is the retail home of Consumer Cellular, one of the largest providers of cell phones and data plans for seniors. And Target Optical is partnered with AARP for $10 off glasses and 10% off contact lenses, and deals on eye exams, too.
  • T.J. Maxx – Participating T.J. Maxx stores may offer seniors a discount of up to 10% off. Be sure to ask before you shop, since the discount varies by location and may only be on certain days.
  • 49. T-Mobile
  • The Magenta 55 plans from T-Mobile offer a variety of phones and service plans to customers who at least 55 years old. From unlimited data to a free Netflix subscription, these plans offer seniors all the conveniences of a smart phone without paying a premium.
  • 50. Verizon
  • Verizon’s 55+ Plan starts at $60 a month for customers who are 55 years old or older. The plan includes unlimited 4G data, talking minutes, and texts. While it may not be called an exclusive “discount” this phone plan is designed for seniors at a great rate. This plan lets you save up to $40 per month when you switch to this intentional plan. You’ll get to choose whether you want one line or two to receive unlimited data, talk & text and other great streaming and hotspot options. 
  • To be eligible for this plan, you must be at least 55 years old. It is also exclusively for Florida residents. If you’re a new Verizon customer, you’ll need to first verify your eligibility for the plan. Verification includes providing your birth date. Then, sign up easily online by selecting one or two phone accounts. Then, you’ll be all unlimited with Verizon. If you’re a current customer, you can contact the customer service team at (800) 922-0204 or visit a local Verizon store. You’ll need to determine your eligibility for this plan prior to receiving it as well. 
  • 51. Walgreens – If you are an AARP member or are aged 55 years and older, Walgreens offers a 20% discount on select days. At most locations, the discount is available every Tuesday. To get this discount you must also have a Walgreens Balance Rewards card.

Who doesn’t have a senior discount?

  • Kroger – Unfortunately, Kroger recently ended its nationwide senior discount policy, claiming it will help them lower prices for all customers. Some locations still offer a discount for seniors so it’s worth asking at customer service on your next visit.
  • Home DepotHome Depot does not offer a senior discount. They will, however, price match with a product if it’s for sale from one of their competitors at a senior discount price. While Home Depot doesn’t offer exclusively senior discount promotions and savings opportunities, you can use your status to search out great offers on items you need. 
  • Lowe’s – Lowe’s does not offer a senior discount. They recommend that eligible seniors sign up for their veterans’ discount and encourage all customers to visit their Savings page and their Rebate Center in order to save the most money at Lowe’s. If you’re a veteran and a senior, you can receive a great discount of 10% off your eligible purchase when you shop with Lowe’s. This discount is exclusively for veterans as well as other military members and their immediate family members. To receive your discount at Lowe’s on your eligible purchase, you may need to present your valid military I.D. noting your status as a veteran. You can do this upon checking out in-store. You can also set up your mylowes account online and provide your military credentials to receive your discount when you shop online. As you use other discounts, search through deal sites like RetailMeNot and CouponCabin to find promo codes you can use online or printable coupons for in-store use. 
  • Spectrum – Spectrum does not have a senior discount, but many seniors qualify for their Internet Assist program for affordable high-speed internet.
  • Walmart – There is no nationwide policy for senior discounts at Walmart. Some locations offer discounts on certain days, so ask at customer service before you shop. While Walmart offers very few, if any, discounts exclusively for seniors, the offers may vary based on the location you visit. For any current senior-specific deals, check with your local store’s customer service center.