15 Ways To Get Free Sunday Newspaper Coupons

Sundays. Often a day of rest and relaxation during the weekend for many. And a time to sit back and catch up on the most recent stories and news.

Back when newspapers were the pinnacle of receiving your news, Sundays meant large stacks of stories, news updates and of course, those helpful coupons to your favorite retailers. Still today, those Sunday features are woven in with weekly advertisements and boxes with dotted lines just waiting for you to cut out.

But for many, getting a Sunday newspaper isn’t worth the subscription. With so many other ways to get your news and feature stories, you may have opted out of receiving that weekly, bi-weekly or daily delivery.

Not getting that newspaper may cause you to miss out on some important coupon opportunities. You miss the discounts and deals advertised in the paper. These coupons can often come in handy whether you’re shopping for groceries or cleaning supplies.

But newspapers are just one source of coupons. In fact, you can find those “Sunday newspaper coupons” in a variety of ways, in addition to the folded paper.

How to get even more free Sunday newspaper coupons

To help, we’ve shared 15 ways that you can get those same coupons without having to subscribe to a newspaper service you never read. While not all these strategies will work for every situation or person, they can help you get that extra savings on your next shopping endeavor.

  1. Head to the Gas Stations – When you’re checking out at a gas station or convenience store, you’ll often see a news rack filled with unread newspapers. If the papers aren’t purchased, they’re often simply recycled.Don’t let those papers go to waste. Ask the store managers at your local spot if you can have their unsold newspaper inserts from the news rack. Depending on who you talk to, you may just be able to take the whole stack and get started on savings. While this may not work for all stores – as some newspaper carriers may collect the unused papers from such stores – but it’s worth asking.
  2. Discover Unused Papers at Coffee Shops – In addition to having conversations and working on projects, coffee shops are a great location for reading the morning paper. If you find yourself at a coffee shop with free newspapers lying around, unused and unread, scope them out for coupons. Ask the manager of your local shop before grabbing all the deals. But if you get the “ok,” you’re on your way to finding savings at no cost to you.
  3. Hit Up a Library for Their Newspapers – In addition to gas stations and coffee shops, a library may also be a great place to look for unused and unwanted Sunday newspapers. Local libraries often get daily or weekly newspapers for their guests to read. At the end of the day or week, ask your local librarian if you could take their newspapers off their hands – which includes those valuable inserts. This will get you the savings on shopping and save them from managing a lot of recycling and trash.
  4. Subscribe to Your Local Newspaper – For Free – There may be newspaper circulations for which you don’t need to pay. These newspapers – with coupons included – can be a gold mine for savings. Not only do you not need to spend money on getting the newspaper, the coupons found inside the paper can bring you even greater savings on your shopping trips. An article from The Krazy Coupon Lady suggests to find newspapers, often with titles like Yes! or Your Essential Shopper. These newspapers can be delivered right to your door so the savings come to you. You may also be able to find free papers around your local community. Take advantage of the opportunity and grab some papers when you can.
  5. Connect with Your School’s Recycling Program – Recycling teaches kids valuable lessons about not wasting what they have and taking care of their environment. If your local school participates in a recycling program, ask the administration there if they often receive unused coupons from the newspaper. If you’re able, pick up those coupons to get yourself some savings and help the school cut down on their recycling costs.
  6. Keep An Eye Out for Unwanted Coupons – For those who don’t care for the Sunday newspaper they subscribe to, they may simply leave the coupons and paper out for others to take. Pay attention to these wonderful stacks of savings. If as you’re getting your mail you notice a stack of unwanted coupons that appear to be up for grabs, seize the opportunity for savings and take them home with you.
  7. Connect with a Local Recycling Facility – You know the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” This thought may just get you some opportunities to save using Sunday newspaper coupons. An article from Everyone Loves Couponing suggests to visit a recycling center and ask if you can go through their bins to find pages of newspaper coupons that people haven’t cut out. Since every center may have different rules, make sure you confirm with those in charge before dumpster diving for deals.
  8. Dive For Deals – If you’ve gone dumpster diving for free furniture or other goods that no one wants, you know you can uncover some great opportunities. Use the same tactic for finding Sunday newspaper coupons. Get your hands dirty (literally) and rifle through dumpsters, where permitted. Whether in your neighborhood or across town, the trash or recycling bin can be a hot spot for finding coupons you want.
  9. Get a Newspaper for Cheap – If you really are in need of a Sunday newspaper, you can often find them for cheap at dollar stores. While your shopping, stop by and pick one up and add to your savings potential. Make sure you know the dollar store’s policies on coupons as well as any limitations there may be in the number of papers you are allowed to purchase.
  10. Find Sunday’s News on Monday – If you can’t get a newspaper the day of, you may be able to find the paper at a steep discount at some stores. Places like your local grocery store or other retailers may offer Sunday newspapers for cheap starting on Monday. Or, such retailers may even just give you the old newspaper to keep them from excess recycling work. Take a chance and ask the manager of your local store to see if you can help take their trash off their hands.
  11. Know Which Deals Are Coming on Sunday – Before you go through the work of tracking down newspapers to get those coupons, it’s helpful to know which deals you can expect to find. Thankfully, there are helpful websites that share that valuable information. For example, blog For the Mommas shares which coupon deals you can find inside the Sunday newspaper. While newspapers may vary depending on where you live and which retail stores are around you, their helpful list of savings can give you a great idea of what you can expect to find and save on.
  12. Visit Websites with Coupon Pages – With most things going digital, it should be no surprise that selecting Sunday newspaper coupons can happen online as well. In addition to knowing which coupons you can find, you can also find more coupons on sites like Sunday Paper Coupons. Get access to coupon insert insights from sources like SmartSource, RetailMeNot Everyday and P&G.
  13. Get Printable Coupons – Sometimes, the coupons found in the Sunday newspaper just don’t cut it when it comes to getting you the savings you want. In such cases, realize that there are several other ways for you to get coupons. Online coupon sources are abundant. Better yet, you can often select the coupons you print out and cater them toward you and your family’s buying habits.
  14. Ask Your Friends and Neighbors – Do you have friends, family, coworkers or neighbors who get the Sunday newspaper but take it from their mailbox to the recycling bin? Ask if you can have their paper – coupons and all. They’ll thank you for taking the trash off their hands and you can savor the savings you’ll be able to find in the Sunday newspaper inserts.
  15. Make Friends with the Paper Deliverer – If you do get a newspaper subscription, you may be able to get extra inserts of coupons. An article from The Crazy Coupon Chic suggests to wake up early and wait for the newspaper delivery to arrive. Then, kindly ask the delivery person if you could have some extra coupon inserts. If he or she has extra newspapers with nothing to do with them, he or she may be willing to hand them off to you. Or, wait until the delivery route is completed and ask for any extras they may have on hand and want to get rid of.

Get Your Sunday Savings, Any Way

With the abundance of coupons, you don’t have to limit your coupon gathering to a subscription to a Sunday newspaper. Through these tips and tricks, you can have access to savings without having to pay for a pricey subscription. Get started on your search for savings and grab a paper today.