121+ Best University & College Student Discounts

Being a student can be tough on the wallet. You might have taken on a loan to pay for your education and even if you didn’t, you probably don’t have much of an allowance. You may have considered getting a part-time job to make ends meet, but what you earn is usually barely enough to make ends meet.

Students shouldn’t only be looking out for ways to make some extra cash on the side. They should also be wise spenders. We’ve put together a list of deals that will help you save a lot of money on your favorite brands and productivity tools. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found:

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Technology and Media

Academic Superstore – Get a 60% discount as a student. 

Adobe – Get 60% off on Adobe Creative Cloud for students – Adobe Creative Cloud remains to be one of the top productivity tools for students. A lot of school projects require the use of Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Acrobat. Adobe’s special offer will allow you to access essentials such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, and so much more at just $19.99/month.

Amazon Prime – As a student, you can receive a six-month trial of Prime that includes a wide range of benefits. From free two-day delivery, unlimited media streaming and photo storage and more discounts, you can use your Prime account to its fullest. Note that not all Prime benefits are available during this trial period. Following your introductory six-month trial, you’ll be able to continue your Prime membership as a student with a 50% off discount. That way, you can keep on shopping, listening, streaming and more for less. You’ll also get Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 per month, another option for huge savings. Amazon makes it easy and quick to upgrade to a Prime Student account from your standard Amazon account. Just head over to the sign-up page and complete the form. Once you verify your email address and complete the registration process, you can begin enjoying your Prime benefits. If you’re already a Prime member and upgrade to a Student account, you’ll receive a refund for the remaining months on your current Prime membership.

Autodesk – Get Autodesk software for free as a student. 

Best Buy – Save $100 on selected MacBooks and iMacs – Apple products are the preferred computer of choice for most professionals, and for good reason. Mac OS is very stable and runs into minimal system issues. The displays are great, making creative work enjoyable with these machines. It looks simple, but it remains stylish and projects an image of professionalism. Now it’s your time to get one, at a significantly discounted price!

Corel – Save on innovative technology resources with a 20% discount and free plugins. 

Dell – Receive a 10% discount on your Dell laptop you can use for school. Using the UNiDAYS service, you can get access to great deals from Dell that helps you save on eligible products. You may also be able to use this discount in combination with other deals and discounts they may be running simultaneously. In order to get access to this exclusive promo code designed for students, you’ll need to verify your student status with UNiDAYS service. If you’ve already created an account, you can easily log in and see current deals that are available right from the UNiDAYS site. Remember that this code is only valid one time and expires in a certain amount of time. So, get the promo code right before you’re ready to order. Once you find a Dell deal that you want to purchase, add it to your cart. Upon checkout, include the promo code received from UNiDAYS to be applied to your order.

Fujitsu – Save on your next tech purchase with a 5% discount on select items. 

Hulu – Although Hulu doesn’t offer a direct student discount offer, the plan is included with a Spotify Premium account, which you can get at a lower rate with your student status. Spotify offers its premium services (including both Hulu and Showtime) at just $4.99 per month for students. That’s a price half off from the normal charge without a student account. Once you have that account, you’ll get instant access to Hulu streaming service as well as Showtime. While the Hulu subscription does include ads, you’ll get to watch a wide range of shows, movies and other great content for cheap. With a Spotify Premium account normally $9.99, Hulu at $5.99 and Showtime at $10.99 each per month, you’ll save up to $22 per month to still get all three services as a student. If you’re still looking to get started, you can get started with a Spotify Premium account with a free 3-month trial. After you complete your free trial, you’ll be billed just $4.99 per month for all three services of Spotify Premium, Hulu and Showtime. Offer applies only to students at Title IV accredited institutions in the U.S.

LastPass  – Get 6 Months Of Free Premium – Having a computer hacked or stolen is everyone’s nightmare. We are so dependent on technology these days, that virtually our entire identity is on the world wide web right now. All it takes for someone to take your identity is access to your login credentials. LastPass is the world’s leading password manager and is designed to help prevent incidents like these. They are offering 6 months of their service free for students, so give it a try today!

Lenovo Receive a 5% discount on the Lenovo website. To be eligible for the discount, you must be at least 18 years old. You’ll also need to be enrolled in a college or university or serve in an educator role. You’ll also need to verify your status prior to receiving your discount. Upon check out, verify your status as a student or teacher using the ID.me process. By providing just a few pieces of information, you can confirm your status and get your discount applied on your order. 

Once your discount is applied, you can complete your order. And upon receiving your new tech, you can keep on working and studying hard, all for less with a Lenovo student discount.

Microsoft – Get Microsoft Office 365 for free – Microsoft Office has become synonymous with school work, or any type of work for that matter. Microsoft is offering Office 365 for free to students; all you need is to provide a valid school email address. Get access to productivity powerhouses such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and other tools that will help you do better in school.

The Economist – Stay informed with extra savings available depending on your subscription. With a student subscription, you can get 12 issues for just $12. 

The New York Times – Get access to trending stories and news for less with a subscription to stories and insight. With a student discount, you can get access to unlimited articles for just $1/week.  

T-Mobile – Get huge savings on gadgets – Having nice gadgets may seem like a frivolity for some, but it can actually be quite practical. For instance, if you have a slow, old phone with an outdated camera, you may actually be wasting time waiting for apps to load. Even worse, you could be caught in an emergency that requires you to take a picture or a video, but might not be able to capture anything decent because of the camera. If you have an old phone, it’s time to trade it in for a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone.

TOMS – Get the shoes you want for less with free shipping and free returns. 

Spotify  – Premium at just $4.99/month – Everyone needs a little music in their life. You’d be left out if you didn’t know the latest hits today! At the very least, you probably need some music to help you concentrate during those late night study sessions. Spotify is now available for just $4.99 for students like you.

Wall Street Journal – Unlimited access to WSJ.com at just $1/week – Business students, in particular, will find this offer very useful. The Wall Street Journal will provide you with regular updates on developments in the world of economics, finance, and international politics. It will also be a helpful source of citations for a lot of business thesis papers.

Insurance and Travel 

Allstate – Get savings of 20% as a student in the form of a scholarship. 

Budget Truck Rentals – Save with a 20% discount when you move locally. And, get a 15% discount when you book a one-way move. 

Geico – Save up to $200 on car insurance – Geico gives out significant car insurance discounts for students who have good grades. The better you study, the more you save!

General Motors – Check out special offers on leases, cash and financing and more with a GM college student discount. Discount amounts vary based on your vehicle choice and status. In addition to discounts, you’ll also have opportunities such as a rewards card and additional financing options to help you save as you get out on the road. 

International Student Identity Card – Get access to great benefits like 10% off with a select promo code.

Nationwide Insurance – Get a discount as a safe driver with discounts. By maintaining a “B” average or better, you’ll be eligible to receive a discount off your policy. This discount amount may vary based on your status.  

Penske – Get a 10% discount on your next truck rental with just a promo code. 

ShortLine – Save on transportation to where you need to go with discounted rates for students.

Travelers – Get additional discounts on your membership for being a good student. If you maintain a “B” average or better, you could be eligible for a 8% discount. 


Adidas – Get a 15% discount on your online order. Not only can you save money, but you can also get rewarded with free shipping, just for being enrolled in school! Some exclusions apply in using this discount, including certain brand names. It’s also only valid for orders in the United States. Once you create an account, verify your student status using the popular third-party service UNiDAYS. And, once your UNiDAYS membership is set up, you can access discounts at even more retailers. Get the discount and use it at check out when you’re ready to make your purchase. 

Asos – Get access to 10% off your purchase online. This coupon code is good for you to use until your time of graduation. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a college or university. Getting access to your exclusive student promo code is as easy as completing the sign-up form. Just provide your first and last name, your country, your registered Asos email address, your student email address for verification, your graduation year and what type of clothing you’re into to get your code. You’ll need to verify your status as a student before moving on to shopping with a helpful discount. This verification process ensures that you are in fact a student and eligible to receive the discount code. Once you’re ready to check out, just enter the promo code to apply the 10% savings to your purchases.

Banana Republic – Enjoy a 15% off your full price purchases when you shop in-store. All you’ll need is to show your Student ID. 

Barnes & Noble – Get your textbooks for less with up to 75% off whether shopping online or browsing in-store. You can also have an opportunity to save up to 50% on the Criterion Collection at Barnes & Noble. 

Betabrand – Save with a 15% discount on your clothing purchases. Keep in mind that this discount may vary based on availability through UNiDAYS. 

Boohoo – Save on your next outfit with a 60% off discount on your order as a verified student. 

Brooks Brothers – Get a discount of up to 15% when you put together your next stylish outfit at this trendy retailer. 

Charlotte Russe – Get the style you want for less with a savings of up to 70% off when you shop the clearance racks. 

Chegg – Save on those textbook purchases by shopping new or used through Chegg. You might be able to save up to 90% on your textbook purchases, with free shipping. 

Dockers – Get access to savings of up to 20% on your order with your UNiDAYS account. 

Dune London – Save up to 10% as a student. Note that this discount varies in availability. 

J.Crew – Get an extra savings opportunity on top of sale priced items.

Jack Willis – Get 10% off on your order. 

Nike – Get a 10% discount on your purchase at Nike. This discount can only be redeemed online through Nike.com. So if you browse in-store, you may want to make your purchases online. Or, do all your shopping online and browse and order all at once. Your 10% savings can also only be used every 30 days, with a new promo code offered after that time. Keep in mind that there may also be other products, like Apple products and gift cards, on which you cannot use this unique promo code. Like many other retailers and companies that offer student discounts, Nike uses SheerID to verify your status as a student. Through a simple verification form, you’ll confirm that you are an eligible student to receive this discount. Once approved, you’ll receive a promo code available for a one-time 10% off on most items when you shop online. When you’re ready to check out, all you need to do is enter that promo code to get your discount. 

Pottery Barn – Get 15% off your order – If you live in a dorm, you probably need furnishings such as pillows, duvets, study tables, and laundry bags. Creature comforts like these are essential to productivity but they can be expensive. Pottery Barn is offering to take 15% off your order for every purchase made online.

Modcloth – Get a 25% discount on your order. 

MOO – Get cards and business materials with a discount of 15% with your student status. 

Oasis – Get a discount as you shop. Keep in mind this discount varies based on availability.

Topshop – Get 10% off all year-round – Everyone has to buy new clothes once in a while. Looking presentable makes you feel good, and also opens up a lot of opportunities for you. Buying new clothes can get expensive though. Topshop is giving students a 10% discount all year round, so you don’t have to spend too much for good clothes.

TBDress – Get a 15% discount on your order when you shop online. 

Urban Outfitters – Get a 10% discount at Urban Outfitters. This discount may also be able to be used in combination with other ongoing sales and deals to get you even more savings. Discounts for Urban Outfitters are found through the UNiDAYS platform. This third-party student verification service provides you access to deals exclusively for students upon verification. You’ll need to provide basic information like your name, school and graduation year to prove you’re an enrolled student. This site includes deals for use in-store or online, so you can save however you choose to shop. 

UNiDAYS – Save on your next order with a discount from UNiDAYS. Note that this discount may vary in availability. 


AMC Theaters  – While most theaters offer a student discount, it’s not universal. Some of these discounts include a 15% off on any movie ticket purchase. However, some discounts may be restricted to certain times or days of the week. Overall, this discount is usually only applicable to movie tickets and doesn’t include concession snacks or other merchandise. If your local theater does offer a student discount, remember to bring your valid school ID. This verification proves you’re actually a student. When you get to the theater, head to the box office to get your tickets with a discount. 

Amtrak – Get a 15% discount on your train transportation.To be eligible, you must be in a midwest state of Illinois, Michigan, Missouri or Wisconsin. In addition to a reduced price, you’ll also get to bring up to two carry-on bags for free. This discount is not available to be combined with any other discount offer. The use of this discount may also be subject to other restrictions and blackout dates, so be sure to stay up on the terms and conditions, as well as changing dates of your travel plans. When you go to schedule your trip using the Fare Finder, you’ll have the option to automatically apply your discount if qualified. You’ll search through travel plans, select the one that works for you and get your discount applied easily and efficiently. Be sure to select a seat in coach, as your discount applies only to those seats. These seats are also subject to availability, so schedule your trip in advance to ensure you get the seat you want. 

Art Institute of Chicago – Get discounted admission tickets and passes for being a student. 

Broadway in Chicago – Get great seats at a student price for as low as $14.50. 

Carnegie Hall – Visit this famous establishment for less with tickets as low as $10 when you verify your status as a student. 

Denver Art Museum – VIsit the art museum for less with discounted admission tickets. 

Memphis Symphony Orchestra – Save on your next trip to the orchestra with tickets as low as $10. 

New England Aquarium – Get tickets for just $2 with your student I.D. 

Regal Theaters – Get a discounted price at select theaters with your student I.D.

Take advantage of your savings as a student! 

Use your studies to your advantage as you seek out and get valuable student discounts to help you save money. Whether you’re looking for a new outfit, some new tech for classes or just a fun adventure, use these helpful discounts to thrive as a student.