19 Best Sources for Printable Grocery Coupons

Whether you’re the type of shopper who goes just every other week or swings by several times a week, it’s always a delight to save money at the grocery store. 

One of the most common ways to save in-store is through couponing. Those little slips of papers with words such as “15% off” or “$1.50 off two” can really add up. But go beyond those newspaper clippings you have to dig for to find. With digital and printable coupons, you can get quick and convenient access to the coupons you want, when you want them. 

If you’re still not sold on going fully digital, or have the opportunity to stack your deals, printable coupons are really handy. These digital deal slips you print right from your own home give you the freedom and flexibility to focus on the deals that matter to you. Wherever you shop, and however often, you can browse through department categories and search for specific products to see if there’s an eligible coupon for you. 


While some stores may have restrictions on how many printable coupons you can use at one time, it’s certainly worth exploring. Printable, manufacturer, digital coupons and other sales opportunities may be eligible to work together to help you bring your grocery spending down. 

Best Sources for Printable Grocery Coupons

So where do you find these valuable slips of paper printed in your own home? Here we share a great list with 19 of the best sources you can find printable grocery coupons right now. 

1. Coupons.com

A popular spot for deals of all kinds, Coupons.com shares free printable coupons on name brand products. Their easy-to-navigate site makes it easy to find what you need and see what savings offers are out there. Just clip the coupon you want to save and then print it, all right from your browser.

2. Lozo.com

Get access to coupons across hundreds of websites and apps, all in one place. Lozo makes it easy to find deals on products based on brand or category. Many of the offers get you significant cashback when you make your purchases.

3. RetailMeNot Everyday 

Get access to great coupons through this product-focused branch of the popular RetailMeNot website and mobile app. Here you’ll find discounts and coupons and popular products on your list. Once you’ve found your grocery coupons, explore more of RetailMeNot with other great digital deals and promo codes to use online or in-store. 

4. SmartSource

You may recognize this name from its pre-printed circulation often found in newspapers. Search for the same deals online with their printable coupons. When you clip coupons to print and use in-store, you’ll also see your total amount saved. 

5. The Krazy Coupon Lady

This popular and informative blog offers you the opportunity to print coupons right from the site. They search through grocery store deals and have the discounts all in one place, on all sorts of products. 

6. Coupon Surfer

Slide into great savings with the printable coupons found through Coupon Surfer. Browse through a wide selection of coupons that are grocery-specific, as well as other great ways to save. It’s easy to add coupons to your list to print all at one time. 

7. CouponMom.com

Get the deals your mother would be proud of with this extensive resource site. CouponMom shares printable coupons that can be printed multiple at a time, saving you time and money. Deals are separated out into month so you know the coupons you print are valid. 

8. ValPak

Save coupons to your account and print them with ease through ValPak. Select the coupons you want and print them all in just a few clicks. Deals shared on the site change frequently, always getting you the most up-to-date and exclusive savings. 

9. BeFrugal 

Save and print the deals that matter to you with BeFrugal. Search by product or browse by category to find coupons on what’s on your list. You can also receive notifications for the most up-to-date deals. 

10. Savings.com

Search through opportunities to keep more cash in your pocket through grocery coupons and more. Through Savings.com, you can also browse local savings offers and circulars to track even more ways to save. 

11.Grocery Coupon Cart

Add savings to your list and get extra deals with printable coupons through Grocery Coupon Cart. You’ll be able to see what coupons are available and can even receive email updates of popular coupons. 

12. Living Rich with Coupons

Be proud of your use of coupons through printable deals. Browse through coupon savings from the brands you know and love as you live frugally and financially wise. Use the coupons that match your lifestyle and save by easily saving and printing coupons right from your computer. 

13. Passion for Savings 

Fuel your love for saving money and getting great deals with printable coupons. Stay in the know of discounts on groceries and more through this blogger’s financial expertise. 

14. Grocery Coupon Network 

Get exclusive access to coupons not found anywhere else with Grocery Coupon Network. Sign up for a free account and browse for the deals that matter to you. 

15. P&G Everyday

Go beyond a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread on your grocery trip and pick up some household items while your at it. Printable coupons through P&G make it easy to save on those other essentials. 

16. Pillsbury 

Save on the brands you know and love with coupons from Pillsbury. Whether you’re making cookies with the kids or throwing together a quick pizza for dinner, these printable coupons can help you save in every way. 

17. Betty Crocker

Browse the collection of coupons for Betty Crocker brand products, and much more. This site makes it easy to add coupons to your printing cart with just a few clicks. Print with a quick verification and you’re on your way to save. 

18. Kellogg Family Rewards

Get rewarded for your Kellogg brand grocery purchases. Check out this great printable coupon site that shares a wide range of coupons on the products you need. Beyond coupons, this program also offers other great savings and activities offers for you and your family.

19. GrocerySmarts 

Show off your shopping expertise with printable coupons from GrocerySmarts. These manufacturer coupons can be saved and organized for your use in printing and saving in-store. Be sure to read the coupon details before printing for best results. 

Start Up Your Printer and Get to Savings 

With these great sources for finding printable grocery coupons, you have the potential to save a significant amount on your next grocery trip. 

One thing to keep in mind as you print and print and print your deals is the cost of the paper and ink you use to obtain your coupons. Rather than printing each and every deal you think you might use but probably won’t, be mindful of which deals you decide to print. Doing so will help you make your printer, paper and ink a better investment in your couponing practices. 

Start off with a few of these sites to discover what printable coupon process works best with you and for where you shop. Regardless of how often you check off your grocery list, you can access great coupon deals right from your own home.