10 Best iPhone Coupon Apps

If you’re looking to save money as you shop, coupons are one of the most common ways to ease up those bills. And, much to our delight, there is more than one way to finding such savings slips.

Now, coupons are not only found in the hidden middle pages of a newspaper. No need for trimming those paper slips directly along the dotted line and groan in frustration when you accidentally slice off part of the barcode. Rest easy on alternative options to having a binder full of paper codes neatly organized by product type or just a random pile you’ll get to organizing eventually.

Now, you have access to coupons anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

Here, we share how coupons have gone mobile and the ten best coupon apps that you should get right now.

The Arrival of Coupons

People usually always love to save money, so the idea of a coupon has been around for a while. According to an insightful article by RetailMeNot, a helpful resource in finding deals, the first coupon was created by Coca-Cola in 1887. This first small slip of paper advertised for a free glass of Coke as a way to help grow business.

This new strategy took off and began to extend into many more product varieties, from cereal to canned goods to personal care products. More and more stores and brands began creating their own form of savings to encourage customers to come in their doors.

Going Mobile

As the 21st century grew with a greater focus on an online world, coupon creators followed suit. Incorporating coupons in an on-the-go method allows customers to pick and choose the coupons they need when they need them.

More customers using mobile coupons means fewer are utilizing the traditional print coupons. Storing coupons on your phone is indeed much more convenient than hauling your binder of paper slips to the grocery store. No need to worry about those slips getting wet, lost or ripped. When all your coupons are mobile, you can just select, scan and go. Easy as that.

Top 10 Best iPhone Coupon Apps

Have you tried out mobile coupons? Here are 10 great coupon apps for your phone you should download:


If you’re looking for some instant rebates, Ibotta is the way to go. With a wide selection of retailers and offers, it’s easy to find a deal fast. All you have to do is find offers on the products you plan on purchasing, shop at a participating store, take a photo of your receipt and get cash back. You can also earn cash back by connecting your shopping with your loyalty card from their Preferred Partners while you browse for deals and as you check out. They’ll connect your account and get you cash. Another way to earn cash is through making a qualifying purchase through a mobile in-app purchase. And when you get that cash back, Ibotta makes it easy to redeem that money, whether through PayPal or through gift cards to use on purchases you make anyway.

Checkout 51

Also a rebate app, Checkout 51 puts cash back in your pocket through the purchases you make. First, download the app and create your free account. Then, browse new offers that are updated every Thursday. Take a photo of your receipt from your purchases and check off what items you can claim an offer on. Fifth and best step = get cash back deposited into your account.


With RetailMeNot, you can get cash back, coupons and deals at many of your favorite stores and restaurants, both in-store and online. Discover codes and discount eGift Cards to empower you to save on your next trip. You can also have access through their free app or through their website, so you can save wherever you’re at.


Ever get to the check-out line, have an item scanned and realize you forgot the $2 off coupon sitting on your kitchen table? With SnipSnap, you can remember all your coupons and access them right on your phone. All you need to do is snap a picture of your paper coupon and store them all in one place until you’re ready to use at check out at many national retailers.

Grocery IQ

Are your grocery lists scribbled on random pieces of paper you often lose or forget to bring to the store? Grocery IQ can help. Not only can you create your list right from your phone, but the app will also help you build your list with features like predictive search and barcode scanning. Save big with “clipping” coupons either on your mobile device or on online. Join your account with coupons.com and easily store both print and online coupons.


Want to earn cash back by buying groceries? Yes, please. With SavingStar, all you need to do to earn cash is search for deals at your local grocery store – including their special Healthy Offer of the Week. Then, purchase those items on your list and either use your registered card or take a picture of your receipt and send it in. Once the store processes the savings, watch cash flow into your account.


With Cellfire, you can gain access to hundreds of savings opportunities at retailers, restaurants and entertainments. Search for deals either online or from your mobile app, which makes finding savings easy and convenient. Store those deals on either a store’s shopper card or simply on your phone. Then, just redeem those coupons with either your card or showing the cashier your phone. And, Cellfire Mobile makes it easy to always have a deal or savings ready to use.


If you enjoy earning money for shopping, you might just want to check out Ebates. By creating an account and starting your shopping journey through Ebates, you can both find coupons and earn cash back from the purchases you make. And, when you first sign up, you’ll receive a $10 bonus just like that.


Whether you prefer in-store or online, you can earn some great rewards by shopping with Shopkick. Gain points, called ‘kicks’ for using your account when shopping. With their mobile app, you can also earn points by completing tasks or making mobile purchases. Then, trade those points in for gift cards you use all the time.


Perhaps your wallet is full of rewards cards. You sign up for them once, and while there are some you use with frequency, others haven’t been swiped since. Now, they just weigh down your purse or wallet. But with CardStar, you can store those rewards all in one place. You can also receive thousands of savings offers from your favorite stores. Enjoy other features of the app including storing your shopping list and easily organizing all your rewards and membership cards.


With growth in technology and increasing popularity in all things mobile, it’s not a surprise that there are a plethora of coupon apps to choose from. And the opportunities for saving with coupon apps is only expected to grow. Which coupon apps will you choose?