How to Save Money and Cut Your Own Hair

Whether you’ve had the same hairstyle for years or constantly mix it up, your hair helps make you who you are. With a regular washing routine and not tearing at the snarls, you do your best to take care of it. Long, short, medium, straight curly, your hair is the only kind you’ve got. 

When it comes time for a trim or a chop, you’ll often head to your local hair salon, stylist or barber to get the job done. But depending on how often you need to make that trip, those regular re-styling can add up quick, especially if you get roped in to trying a new hair care product.

If you’re looking for opportunities to save some extra money in your budget, consider bringing your hair care to your own home. By getting your own scissors out and snipping your own hair, you can save time in not having to schedule an appointment and travel to your nearest hair salon. You’ll also save money in doing it yourself and eliminating that extra expense. The amount you’ll save varies based on where you visit and what kind of style you receive. But with the cut plus tip, you can expect to save at least $15 or more. 

Deciding to save money by cutting your own hair can be intimidating at first. Check out these helpful tips as you get started on creating your own great looking hair. 

Use the Right Scissors 

If you’re set on cutting your own hair, invest in a good pair of hair shears. Your kids’ craft scissors probably won’t do the trick and may make it more difficult to make even cuts. With the amount of money you could save, making a simple purchase in a quality pair of scissors can be well worth the investment. 

Do Some Research 

Before you make that first cut, look up some quick and easy tutorials online. Find a picture of a similar hairstyle you’re looking for and see step-by-step instructions for how to make your hair look that good. You can find a lot of great resources on Pinterest, especially from beauty schools.  

Ask Your Friends for Their Input

As you plan out your own haircut, ask your friends and family for tips how what you could do to amp up your hairstyle. When you actually pull out your scissors and begin cutting, be sure you have a friend nearby to help you make sure everything is even and smooth. 

Don’t Expect Perfection 

Unless you were trained in a beauty school, chances are your haircut won’t end up as perfect as the highly-skilled stylist. If you choose to cut your own hair, be sure you’re okay with not having every hair in perfect length. 

Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Once your hairs are all even and you’ve swept up the evidence, celebrate your successful at-home hair cut. Rather than tipping your hairstylist, tip yourself by keeping that extra cash in your pocket. Getting great hair doesn’t need to wreck your wallet. By cutting your own hair, you can save money and get the exact look you want.