9 Simple Ways to Save Money At Starbucks

Java. Cup of joe. Morning jolt. Whatever you call it, that cup of coffee in your day may be something you rely on to get going.

And for many, stopping by the nearest Starbucks shop has become a daily routine.

Starbucks coffee comes with a lot of options. In size, you can get short, tall, grande, venti and even a trenta for when you really need that caffiene. If you’ve got issues with dairy, have your drink made with almondmilk or coconutmilk. Looking to slim down? Starbucks’ skinny versions bring the same great flavor but with less sugar and using skim milk.

Coffee may be the lifeblood of your routine.

But unfortunately, those daily trips to Starbucks to get that morning kickstart can add up quickly. That high-quality coffee and flavors comes at a cost.

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between having your morning cup of coffee and saving money. With these nine easy and simple tips, you can savor your favorite brews without the guilt of overspending in your coffee budget.

  1. Join the Starbucks Reward Program – One of the easiest and best ways to save money by getting deals and free drinks is through Starbucks’ reward program. Signing up is easy. All you need is a gift card and register the card through Starbucks’ website or convenient mobile app. From there, you can add to your balance with additional gift cards or a credit card. With the reward program, you can earn free drinks, food and other deals easy. As you visit and make purchases, you’ll rack up “stars” you can use to redeem for drinks and food items. There are also three different levels of the reward program. The initial “welcome” level gets you a free drink on your birthday. Get free refills at the “green” level and earn more rewards and freebies at the “gold” level.
  2. Download the Starbucks App – The free Starbucks app, available for smartphones and devices, allows the deals and specials to come right to you. From this convenient app, you can order your drink right from your phone. You can even pay at the counter or through the drive-thru with your registered Starbucks card. The app is easy to use and brings the rewards to you. It’s free and simple to download from the app store on your device. Create an account and start saving right away with deals.
  3. Bring Your Own Cup – This tip not only saves you money but also helps cut down on paper waste as well. When you bring in your own reusable travel or paper cup, Starbucks will give you a ten cent discount.The cup you bring in doesn’t even have to be one of Starbucks’ brand that’s sold in the store. Bringing in your own cup saves you that ten cents. And it also keeps one more paper cup out of landfills. Be green and save green at the same by bringing in your own cup when you get your morning joe.
  4. Free Refills – Another benefit of being enrolled in the Starbucks reward program is the opportunity to get free refills of brewed hot or iced coffee or tea. If you’re not a member, a refill is still only 50 cents. However, if you join the rewards program, you can get a refill for free. Getting a free refill only works as long as you stay in the Starbucks store. So, if you go through the drive-thru, you won’t have access to a free refill. And, free refills cannot be used for ‘premium’ beverages like handcrafted lattés or other espresso or coffee beverages. If you’re one to down two, three or more cups as you work or chat in a Starbucks store, getting free refills is an easy, great way to save money.
  5. Order a Short – Think that a “tall” is the smallest Starbucks size? While it’s not advertised on the menu boards, the size of “short” is smaller than a tall. When you’re looking for just a little jolt of coffee or sweetness to get going, a small short-sized drink can do the trick and help save you money.However, if you’re a big coffee drinker, ordering two shorts doesn’t always add up to a larger beverage, such as a grande size. If you need more if your cup, don’t purchase multiple “shorts” to save money.
  6. Go Easy on the Ice – If you often order an iced beverage, you may notice that sometimes, the ice takes up a large percentage of the beverage.Instead of paying for half a cup of ice, kindly ask the barista for “light ice.” This way, you’ll be paying for more beverage, less frozen water.
  7. Make Your Own Latte – The baristas aren’t the only ones who can craft a delicious, caffeine-kick latte. Using the convenient condiment bar, you can create your own – and save money in the process. Order two or three shots of espresso. Then, add cream, milk and sugar found at the condiments bar. Get a creamy latte without having to pay more for an expensive one. You can even do this for either hot or iced lattes.
  8. Split with a Friend – Going out for coffee with someone? If you and your friend or significant other both want to order the same thing, there’s an easy way you can save money. Instead of ordering two tall beverages, choose to order one venti size beverage and then split it. Just ask the barista for two tall cups. Order one and sharing is a cheaper option for both of you.
  9. Don’t Buy Water – If you need some water, don’t reach for a bottle in the fridge section. Kindly ask the barista for a cup of water – for free. And, the water Starbucks uses is even clean and filtered. You’ll satisfy your thirst and save your wallet at the same time.

You don’t have to give up your delightful coffee or tea beverage if you’re staying on a budget. With these nine easy tips, you can start saving money right now at Starbucks.