Best Ways to Find Discounts on Cruises 

Need a vacation? Whether it’s a long-anticipated trip or a last-minute booking, cruises can be your gateway to a stress-free getaway that includes all you need to relax, see new places and enjoy your time aboard. 

And with such all-inclusive features, the cost of going on a cruise can be a key factor in your vacation planning. But venturing on a trip on the sea or ocean doesn’t have to break the bank. There are some great deals and discounts you can find to save big on your next trip. 

From tropical getaways to historical sight-seeing tours, cruises can be a great vacation option no matter your age or interests. Sometimes, it takes some digging to find the best days, locations and times of year to get the best deal. To help you get started on booking your memorable trip, here we share a few ways you can discover great discounts on your next cruise. 

Best Ways to Find Discounts on Cruises 

Be Flexible With Your Schedule 

The time of year you choose to book your cruise can have a big impact on the price you’ll pay for your trip. Rates around popular times like holidays and summer vacations can skyrocket in comparison to other times of the year. If you have some freedom in your schedule and can book your trip whenever you want, choose a time of year where the demand for rooms is less, typically around fall and early spring, according to Cruzely.Choosing the right time of year can help you get your reservation in for a fraction of the cost at other popular times of the year.  

Use Cruise Line Sales Events 

Cruise lines always seem to be running some sort of promotion or deal to draw in more interest. While when comparing deals, the end result is often close to the same, be sure you take advantage of these sales as you make your reservations. From on-board credit to discounts on other bookings, use the benefits your cruise line is offering to help you lower your overall cost. 

Discover Deals Based on Your Status 

You may be able to find additional discounts and deals based on your status of military personnel or a senior. If you’re active duty, veteran or have a valid military I.D., you may be eligible for impressive discounts on cruise lines. For example, Carnival Cruises offers a 10% discount on your reservation. Before finalizing your reservation, be sure to see if your valid military I.D. can help you save even more. For many cruise lines, these discounts are just a small way to honor and recognize you for your service. 

You can also find discounts if you are a senior. When you join AARP, you can get additional benefits and perks including discounts and travel planning assistance as you travel by sea. Many cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Disney. Many discounts and deals include credit you can use onboard the cruise ship, which can help you get big savings in the long run. Be sure to read the full details with your AARP membership of how to receive the discounts you deserve and how you can continue planning your adventures and travels with ease.  

Choose to Sail an Older Ship 

If you’re not highly particular about what your cruise ship absolutely must entail, consider choosing a cruise ship that’s a few years older than the up-and-coming ships. While it may not have all the amenities and extravagant features you might find on today’s newest lines, it still is an amazing way to travel and see new places, all while having a great time aboard. 

Book in Bulk

If you’ve got a whole group coming with you on your cruise, things are better together. Whether it’s your family, extended family, group of friends, coworkers – you choose – you can get access to additional rewards with some reservations when you book more than one room at a time. When it comes to finding great deals on cruises, more is often better than one. 

Keep Your Trip Bundled 

Depending on where you’re coming from, a cruise vacation may require airfare to the port of departure, a hotel stay and other transportation before and after your cruise. Cruise lines know this and may offer helpful packaged deals that include airfare and hotel discounts when you book them all together. If you’re making reservations for each travel component anyway, make it easier by getting them all from one reservation so you can keep your planning going. 

Pay Attention to Your Timing 

Booking last minute, unfortunately, doesn’t always get you a better rate. However, booking far in advance might help you get some extra savings, all depending on what time of year you’re looking at to reserve your spot. While shopping around is important to ensure you get a great deal, don’t waste your time in oversearching for the best possible deal, convinced that there has to be a better deal than the one you’ve found. When you find one that meets your budget and you consider to be reasonable, go for it. 

But what if the price drops right after you book? Some cruise lines may allow you to adjust your rate based on the new pricing update. Just give them a call and see what they might be able to do for you. Cruise lines might also help you get the lowest rate, depending on your planning in advance and length of stay. 

Be Flexible with Your Room Location 

Sure, every guest wants the prime spot with the perfect ocean view with nothing to block the sight. But especially if you’re on the lookout for a great deal, opt for not being picky about where exactly your cabin room is. Rather than choosing your exact room, use the “cabin guarantee” that places you in the general room area. Some cruise lines offer savings of up to $100 just for not having a specified room. You may even end up getting an upgrade on your room by going this route. 

Check Your Inbox For Savings 

Most cruise lines have their own email marketing newsletter that can bring the savings to you. Whether it’s a new destination opportunity or upcoming deals and discounts, being part of their email list helps take the hard work of searching for deals easier for you. From discounts on reservations, special sales and ways to get more on-board credit, the deals can be abundant and delivered right to you. While not every deal will apply to what you want, it’s a free, easy and quick way to stay in-the-know of top discounts and deals you can use when making your reservation with your cruise line of choice. 

All Aboard, Time to Save 

Venturing on a cruise can be an exciting and memorable trip whether you’re with family, friends, your spouse or even just by yourself. With these easy and efficient ways for you to save money on your cruise reservation, your next adventure doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, they can end up being an inexpensive and exciting way to see new places, experience new adventures and spend time with those you love.

Do your research, be flexible and plan your vacation with ease. With simple tips and tricks to follow, you can save big on your next big adventure. Be sure to stay on track of all available deals and discounts and continue to look into opportunities you may not think of initially. You’ll be on your way to a trip you’ll never forget in no time.