The Secret To Find & Use Amazon Coupons & Discount Codes

When you think of an online retailer that offers just about any product you can think of, chances are, comes to the top of your mind. This digital powerhouse has transformed the way we think about online shopping. 

From clothing to groceries to used books to office supplies and so much more, Amazon can be your one-stop-shop for restocking your essentials and finding great gifts. And as you shop, you can also stack on the savings with Amazon coupons and discount codes with just a few clicks or taps of your fingers. 

Whether you’re just the casual Amazon shopper or rely on the retailer for all groceries, clothing and more, getting that extra savings on your order is easier than ever. No need to print off and cut out paper coupons. With an all-online shopping experience, you’ll be able to seamlessly add your own savings based on what’s in your cart. 

10 Ways to Find and Use Amazon Coupons and Discount Codes 

Think bringing in additional savings to Amazon is too good to be true? Turns out, stacking the savings is very easy to do. To help you get started in maximizing your savings with Amazon, here we share a few secrets to finding and using Amazon coupons and discount codes on however you choose to use Amazon. 

1. Get Prime  

Have you joined Amazon Prime yet? If you’re a frequent shopper on Amazon, getting a Prime membership may help you save even more overall. While there is a membership fee, your Prime account gets you access to resources and online ordering options you won’t want to miss. 

With your Prime account, you’ll get a wide range of perks and resources. With Prime Delivery, you’ll get free and fast delivery options that best meet your preferences and schedule. You’ll get Prime Video that lets you watch TV shows and movies. You can also keep your tunes playing with unlimited access to songs and playlist creation. As a Prime member, you can also access exclusive deals that are just for members. These opportunities include Lightning Deals, which are short-lived savings opportunities that go quick. 

As you explore what Amazon deals and savings opportunities are best for you, it may be worth considering if a Prime membership can help you save even more overall. And, if you’re a student, you can also get your Prime account at a discount. 

2. Shop the Outlets – Online

Like retailers often offer outlet shopping opportunities with lower prices, also shares discounted items through Outlet. Find discounted prices on a wide range of products, including home essentials, kitchen needs gift ideas, apparel and much more. You can also search through overstock items that need to be sold. As you browse, you can see the percentage discount to know exactly how much you’re saving from its original price. 

3. Follow “Today’s Deals” 

As you follow your Amazon account, you’ll be able to see the day’s top deals that are at an especially discounted price. While you probably won’t find crazy deals on all the products you’re looking to purchase, there are impressive discounts on many things you may not have considered before. 

This page is also easy to filter based on what you’re looking for. You can narrow down your search options by what percentage of savings you’ll receive, what category of product and the price of a product. This Amazon feature lets you know exactly how much this particular deal is on sale – and for how long. As titled, these “today’s deals” are only available for a limited time, so if you see something you want or need, you’ll probably want to act fast. 

4. Earn Cash-Back Rewards As You Shop 

With cash-back rewards sites like Ibotta or Ebates, you can get more cash in your account even after you submit your order. These mobile, all online apps and sites let you choose deals, coupons and savings opportunities to earn reward cash-back. These discount codes won’t lower the initial cost of your cart but will return your savings back to you – even automatically. Depending on what you buy, you can get a large percentage of your cart cost back to your account. 

5. Clip Coupons

Did you know that Amazon offers its own coupons you can clip and use automatically as you shop? Find coupons on a range of products and household items that can help you save even more on your order. Filter your coupon results by popularity and when they expire. Be sure to read the details of the coupon you’re using as some may be subject to certain requirements. Some coupons are also only offered to Amazon Prime members – just another reason why getting your Prime account can be a helpful way to save you money. 

6. Use “Subscribe and Save” Discounts

Receive discounts on items you buy regularly like household items and other supplies. When you opt into a subscription service in receiving these items repeatedly, you’ll enjoy free shipping and the potential to save up to an additional 15% off the order. You can also join the Amazon Family program, which is included in your Prime account, to get extra discounts and deals on baby essentials like diapers and wipes. 

7. Find Discounts at the Right Time

Prices on Amazon don’t stay the same. Keep your eye out for pricing trends, available through price tracking resources. By watching the price of an item you’re looking for, you can time your purchase right to be sure you get the very best deal. For example, the site shows price history charts on Amazon and also offers browser extensions so you can always know where the price you’re paying is on the overall trend.

8. Add On Last-Minute Items for Less 

When adding items to your cart, you may see the label of an “add-on” item. This means they can only be included if your overall cart meets a certain requirement. The great part about these is that these smaller items are often at great discounts and low prices overall. This makes it easy to get those items you need at an even better price.  

9. Check Out Third Party Deal Sites 

Finding coupons and deals on Amazon is just the start of the savings you can have as you shop online. You can also access coupon and daily deal sites to find even more opportunities to get that extra discount on what’s in your cart. 

  • RetailMeNot – Get more promo codes and sales notices, as well as other deals you may not have already known about. 
  • CouponCabin – Download coupons and promo codes you can add to your cart to reduce your overall order cost. 
  • Honey – This free serivce and browser extension brings savings directly to you based on what you’re purchasing. It’ll find the best deals for you to use so you can be confident you’re getting the best price possible. 
  • Groupon – Add on the savings on a platform that has deals and savings on both goods and experiences. 
  • SlickDeals – Get verified offers and coupons with details based on what you’re purchasing from Amazon. 

10. Choose No-Rush Shipping

As a Prime member, you can choose to have your items ship with no-rush shipping rather than free two-day shipping. In return, you’ll be able to earn rewards on your future purchases for additional discounts. This makes an extra easy way to earn more discounts by just waiting a few extra days for your order. 

Get All You Need – For Less on Amazon

When shopping online, Amazon makes it easy to get all you need in just one order. With these simple ways to save on Amazon using coupons and discounts, you can get to saving even more on each cart. Discover great deals easily and efficiently as you browse and buy on Amazon.