Ultimate Guide To Old Navy In-Store Coupons

From back to school shopping to stocking up on basic necessities to finding that next cute thing for your next event, Old Navy clothing retailer has something for everyone. 

Whether you shop at a storefront, online or at the outlets, Old Navy can be your one-stop-shop for your clothing needs. From graphic tees, dress shoes, athletic wear, school uniforms, onesies for babies, sports team merchandise and everything in between, Old Navy has it all, and all for great prices. As part of the group of retailers that also includes Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta and Hill City, Old Navy is also known for its versatile clothing options and great prices.

And with such popularity of the brand, there are a plethora of ways that you can save money while shopping. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your family, you can easily find valuable coupons you can use in-store. 

Saving money at your favorite retailers doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the coupons, deals, sales and regular low prices at Old Navy stores make it easy to get more for your dollar in clothing yourself or your family or finding that great gift. 

To help you get started in finding extra savings as you shop at Old Navy, here we share some great resources that can get you those in-store coupons you can use today. 

Save with the Brand

Committed to getting you great prices, Old Navy offers a variety of coupons and savings opportunities within their website and social accounts. When looking for great deals, start with the source. 

Old Navy Website 

From your first visit to their website, you’ll see coupons and savings opportunities everywhere. While some coupons and deals may only be valid on online sales, there are many, many more that may be valid online or in-store. Any time of year you want to shop, chances are they’ll have a great sale going on. 

Through their website, you can also shop online, find your right style and size and pick up your items at your convenient Old Navy store without having to worry about shipping. This makes it easy to find those great deals and styles you want at the right price. Old Navy also has a webpage dedicated entirely to sharing coupons and deals, many of which are valid online and in-store. 

Subscribe to Emails 

Chances are, you check your email several times a day – perhaps several times an hour. So make it easy to stay up to date on all the savings and coupon opportunities at Old Navy by having them sent right to your inbox. 

Sometimes, the sales and offers presented through email run across all brands in the Gap name, which means you can know about all kinds of savings on more than just Old Navy. These emails are quick, easy and usually don’t overwhelm your inbox. With coupons and sales sent right to you, the hard work of finding coupons and deals yourself is taken care of for you. You can also discover new products and style ideas through their email communication as well. 

Follow Old Navy on Social Media 

If Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms are more your thing, consider following the Old Navy brand on their social accounts. They’ll often post style ideas and major sales and coupon opportunities going on online and in-store so you know when the best time to shop and save is. The deals they share are also often valid in-store and online so however you shop, you’ll be able to save. And all you have to do is just jump on your favorite social media platform.

Coupon Sites

From codes to printable barcodes, getting coupons online for your in-store shopping has never been easier. Check out some of these top coupon providers to discover what additional savings you can savor at your Old Navy store. 


This coupon powerhouse offers a collection of printable coupons and codes for you to apply as you shop in-store or online. As you search for deals, you can categorize your findings based on your shopping preferences and what type of discount you want. Finding coupons and savings deals is quick and easy with RetailMeNot’s coupon site or their convenient mobile app so you can take your coupons to go. 


Like RetailMeNot, SlickDeals offers coupons and savings opportunities for both online and in-store shopping. This site also shares extra tips and tricks in saving money while shopping at Old Navy, such as taking part in their Super Cash events, signing up for their credit card and getting a free reward on your birthday. You can also be alerted when new deals and coupons are added with their notifications. 


Groupon can be a great resource for all kinds of purchases – from restaurants to recreational activities to common online purchases, and of course, retail coupons and deals. You can find coupons and codes for Old Navy as well, as well as notifications of sales and other ways to save.  


The deals and coupons you can find at joinhoney.com are as sweet as it sounds. Like other coupon sites, this resource lists codes and coupons you can use in-store and online. They also share special extra deals just for being a member of Honey. This site also shares sales that are going on so you get be in the know of other ways to save. As an added bonus, if you choose to shop online, Honey will automatically apply all available discounts and coupons available to ensure you get the best price on your purchases. 

Use Coupons to Save Instantly

With great everyday prices, you’re already on your way to saving money at Old Navy. When you join in on extra sales and deals and combine them with in-store coupons like those found in this guide, you can continue to shop and save for yourself, your family and find great gifts for others at this popular retailer. 

Finding great deals shouldn’t have to be boring or tedious. With these great resources, you can efficiently find ways to save on those purchases you need or want.