Best Foods To Buy In Bulk To Save Money

While you may or may not have a huge family or a large space for keeping food bought in bulk, there are still some ‘bulk foods’ that you must absolutely buy. Not only does it save you a ton of money, but you also save the environment by spending less on small items that have separate packaging. Hence, you waste a lot more plastic than a big bag of the same product.

  • Popcorn – While it isn’t exactly healthy, the fact that popcorn is one of the most in-demand foods in the US and other countries makes this long shelf-life food item worthy of staying in your pantry. Buy the biggest pack you can get, preferably those that aren’t microwave-ready, as they usually add a lot of plastic in the packaging, which contributes to waste.
  • Condiments – Since condiments contain copious amounts of salt, the ultimate natural preservative, you can safely buy the largest pack of ketchup, hot sauce, or mustard, and store it somewhere safe without worrying about it going stale. The same applies for pickles and relishes too, though these might need to be stored under certain conditions.
  • Chicken – Although chicken might not last you for years like some of these other products, a three-month shelf life is still enough. Besides, who doesn’t cook chicken at least once every three months? Buy some in bulk, cut the pieces into smaller portions when you get home, wrap it in aluminum foil, put it in a plastic bag, and store it in your freezer. Remember to write the date of purchase on the plastic bag so you can use it before it goes bad!
  • Dried Pasta – Dried pasta, even without any preservatives, can last you as much as 2 years. This alone is enough reason for you to buy a semi-large pack, store it in a sealed container, and use it as you wish. Buy the amount that suits your pasta-eating needs, and your budget. Certain brands of pasta cost cheaper than others while bringing little to no change in the quality whatsoever.
  • Snack Foods – Even the most enthusiastic gym-goer cannot resist a pack of chips every once in a while. Chips tend to last quite long, you only need to find a place to store your snacks since buying bigger bags costs less and also wastes less plastic.