25 Best Facebook Groups To Find Amazing Deals and Discounts

When it comes to using social media to find the best deals out there, Facebook is a great place to look.

If you’ve been on the social media platform for any length of time, you’ll know that Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people with similar interests and learn new information. Whether based on location, interest or providing valuable connections, Facebook groups allow you to discover new opportunities right from your own profile account. People were built for community.

These Facebook groups provide more than just a community. It can also allow you to connect with and learn from others about great ways to save money in your area and beyond.

But how do you know which Facebook groups you should be a part of? Here, we walk through the top 25 Facebook groups that you should be a part of to gain valuable insight into deals and discounts.

  1. Target Deals, Clearance and Couponing

Are you an avid Target shopper? Then the Target Deals, Clearance and Coupon Facebook group is just the thing to add to your Facebook profile.

It’s a private group that you’ll need to request access to. But once you’re in, you’ll have access to a plethora of deals, clearance finds and other coupons you can use in-store or online. The site posts regularly so you can always find the latest deal. Visit their Facebook group page to learn more and to join the group.

  1. Kohls Coupon Codes 30%

Do you love shopping at Kohl’s? With the Facebook group Kohls Coupon Codes 30%, you can save every time you shop there. When you join this group, you’ll be notified up upcoming deals and discounts available at Kohl’s locations. The posts include general coupons for percents off and also product-specific coupons so you can save in many ways. Discover new coupons and promo codes for all your shopping trips to Kohl’s by visiting the Kohls Coupon Codes 30% Facebook group.

  1. Couponers United

Coupons, whether paper or digital, can be a great way to save money while shopping. With the Facebook group Coupons United, you can discover savings opportunities for whenever you shop. Learn about new deals going on from this community of users and stay on top of all relevant deals you want to be a part of. Check out ways you can save on the Couponers United Facebook group.

  1. Coupons Galore Network Deals, Promos & Codes

Whether shopping online or in-store, restaurants or retailers, the deals you can find at Coupons Galore Network Deals, Promos & Codes Facebook group you won’t be able to pass up. By joining this group, you’ll have access to a range of deals on many different stores, restaurants and experiences. Join the community of over 15,000 members and look for this useful and helpful Facebook group, Coupons Galore Network.

  1. TrueCouponing.com Community

A private community for the readers of TrueCouponing.com, this site shares great ideas for ways to save money on groceries and other purchases. Discover ways you can keep cash in your pocket for your family by learning tips and tricks of spending money wisely and budgeting, as well as saving money in a big way. Check out this supportive community.

  1. We Love Couponing

When you’re looking for coupons for grocery stores or top retailers, the Facebook group We Love Couponing is your spot. The group is set up through the website, https://misspennysaver.com and shares the top coupon deals from a variety of popular stores you shop at regularly. When there’s a new deal out there, you’ll get a notification so you can save right away. Being a Facebook group, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect and learn from other couponers who value saving money, too.

Visit their Facebook group page to get your coupon savings on today.

  1. The Penny Hoarder Community Group

More than just coupons, The Penny Hoarder shares great opportunities for you to save money in various aspects of your life. Based off their popular website, https://www.thepennyhoarder.com, this Facebook group is a great spot to discover new ways of saving money, stories of inspirational savings, freebie opportunities and additional ways to earn money.

As it’s a Facebook group, you’ll also be able to connect with others in the group who have their own story of savings. Grow in community around savings and check out The Penny Hoarder Community Group on Facebook.

  1. Bargain Hunters Tips and Tricks

Show your creativity with sharing your story of savings on the Facebook group Bargain Hunters Tips and Tricks. Learn DIY projects and ways to be creative with your money in this community-focused group.

  1. Seedly Personal Finance Community

If you’re looking for advice on best money strategies, Seedly Personal Finance Community is a great spot to look. Through the posts, comments and other content shared through the group, you can grow in your ability to budget and save money in a variety of ways. Discover what you can learn to better manage your money by checking out this group.

  1. Coupon Mamas

When you’re looking to find that coupon to save you a little extra on your shopping trip, Coupon Mamas Facebook group is a great spot to look. Discover deals from others who share your passion for saving money and find coupons you may have otherwise missed. Find out what this couponing community is like and check out the Coupon Mamas Facebook group.

  1. Don’tPayFull.com – Coupons, Deals, Money Saving Tips

Facebook groups can be a wonderful place to learn tips and tricks from others about their money-saving practices. With the group Don’tPayFull.com, you have the opportunity to learn from and share ways to save big money. From coupons to deals to money saving advice and even answers to your questions, this community is a great spot to get better with your money, Check out the group based off the popular website, Don’tPayFull.com.

  1. Couponing with My Momma Taught Me

If you’re new to couponing, there can be a lot to understand about best practices to get the best deals. Thankfully, Kristy from MyMommaTaughtMe.com has a Facebook group where you can learn shopping and saving tips from those who do it every day.

As a member of this group, you’ll get great notifications of popular deals and be able to connect with others who may share your passion for saving good money. Interested? Check out Couponing with MyMommaTaughtMe Facebook group to start learning from others today.

  1. Digital Coupon Deals

Also from Kristy from MyMommaTaughtMe.com, this Facebook group focuses on utilizing digital coupons to save money in a big way. The deals shared on this page range in the stores they’re from, so you can be sure to find a deal that fits with where you shop.

Having to print and cut out coupons can be a hassle. But with the coupons and deals you find on Digital Coupon Deals, you can save time and money by getting your deals right on your phone, tablet or computer, with no paper required. Discover how you can save digitally by visiting the Digital Coupon Deals Facebook group.

  1. Freebies and Hot Deals

A third valuable Facebook group started by Kristy from MyMommaTaughtMe.com is Freebies and Hot Deals. Getting things for free is a wonderful thing, and the posts on this Facebook group can help you to do just that. Find samples, deals after coupons and more by scrolling through the posts. Check out this helpful and popular Facebook group, Freebies and Hot Deals, with over 14,500 members!

  1. Penny Pinchers

For a community of sharing coupons and deals you find, check out Penny Pinchers. Contributors can share opportunities for savings that others may want to hear about as well. In addition to deals, guests are also encouraged to share tips and tricks to save money and get out of debt quickly and efficiently. Check out the Facebook group Penny Pinchers today.

  1. Coupons, Deals and Glitches Galore!

For inspiration from fellow penny pinchers and major savers, look no further than the Facebook group, Coupons, Deals and Glitches Galore! This group began back in 2012 and ever since then, the admins have been working to save and share those savings with their community.

As affiliates of Amazon, Target and Jane.com, they earn credit from the links they share, which means they want to share the best deals with you. Scroll through the numerous posts to uncover helpful freebies, discount codes, deals and other ways to save by joining the Coupons, Deals and Glitches Galore Facebook group.

  1. FabuLESSly Frugal

You shouldn’t have to choose between savings and comfort. With the helpful coupon alerts and deal notifications, you can discover ways to save money in a big way. Through their group and Facebook page, FabuLESSly Frugal gets you the savings when you want them. They even have a large database of online deals you can search through and find savings whenever you need. Check out FabuLESSly Frugal.

  1. AppSumo

A different kind of Facebook group than deal-finders, AppSumo provides you the opportunity to connect with customers and refine your product development. It’s an open and honest chance to share thoughts, challenges, stories, struggles and areas for improvement when it comes to promoting and sharing deals in the community. Check out this unique platform at their Facebook group page.

  1. Local Garage Sales

One of the great things about Facebook groups is the opportunity to base your involvement on where you live. Many communities have local garage sale pages where people can post things they are looking to buy or are wanting to sell.

These pages are ideal since they feature products found right in your own community. You’ll get a chance to meet some new people and find that odd or difficult to discover item you’ve been looking for at a really great price.

  1. Couponing for Newbies

If you’re interested in learning more about how to coupon well, check out this Facebook group. It’s a great resource to discover new coupons you may not have known about before. And with 75,000 members and growing, you can be sure you won’t miss out on a great deal. Check out Couponing For Newbies to discover great coupons today.

  1. Couponing at CVS

Do you love to shop at CVS? This Facebook group is for you. With Couponing at CVS, you can discover great new coupons and deals you can use the next time you shop at CVS. Get great deals and rewards on your health and beauty purchases, groceries and much more

  1. Couponing 101 with Kelly

Another great source to find new and updated coupons for your next shopping trip. Discover how you can save big with the deals you can find on Couponing 101 with Kelly Facebook group.

  1. Couponing for Beginners

The art of finding coupons can be a challenge. Thankfully, Facebook groups like Couponing for Beginners can help you navigate the best practices and strategies for couponing. Find great deals and chances to save on this Facebook group.

  1. Coupons at Walmart

Love shopping at Walmart? This is your Facebook group to uncover popular and effective coupons that can save you big money on your next shopping trip. Check out how Couponing at Walmart can save you even more.

  1. Dollar General Couponing Original

When you’re looking for even more ways to save at your local Dollar General store, look no further than this popular Facebook group. Discover great coupons and opportunities for more savings in this community.

With so many opportunities for savings, Facebook groups are your stop for discovering deals for your next in-store or online shopping experience. Check out these groups today and find out which groups can help save you the most.