Frugal Male Fashion: 24 Blogs to Affordably Dress Stylish

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. In the world of fashion, there are plenty of ways to get the most bang for your buck when buying nice clothing and accessories. But where to start? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 24 blogs and blog posts to help those on a limited budget make a stylish statement.

1. r/frugalmalefashion

Believe it or not, Reddit can be a great source for saving money. Many threads, or “subreddits,” on this site focus on all aspects of frugal living, including fashion. This particular thread offers sales on men’s clothing, promo codes and tips on how to shop frugally. There are also multiple “Buy, Sell, Trade” discussions to swap or sell unwanted clothing and purchase brand names for cheap.

2. is a blog that helps men look “dapper” without breaking the bank. As the site states, “Fashion is temporary and expensive, and style is timeless and affordable.” Follow the advice on this blog and you’ll never waste a penny on clothing and accessories that will go out of style. also has its own thread where men can ask questions and get answers from the Dappered community.

3. Stay Classic Blog

Started by a San Diego-based photographer who travels often, this blog is meant to inspire fashionable outfits for men on a budget. The blogger posts photos of himself on his travels, and shares the price of each outfit piece and where he bought it. This blog also has its own shop with stylish and affordable fashion, as well as a “From My Closet” section where you can buy the blogger’s gently-worn brand-name clothing at deep discounts.

4. Primer Magazine Blog Post

This particular blog post from Primer Magazine features the top 12 stores for affordable men’s fashion. There are a wide variety of shops hitting all types of styles and budgets, from the one-dollar-sign budget to the four-dollar-sign budget. Retailers are both online and in-store.

5. Society 19 Blog Post

This lifestyle magazine’s online blog offers fashion advice along with insight on beauty, relationships, college and more. This blog post from Society 19 shares 10 of the best websites with affordable men’s clothing, many underrated and not your typical go-tos. Aside from your popular shops like H&M and Urban Outfitters, you’ll also find international online stores from England and Japan.

6. Esquire Blog Post

Esquire is a men’s magazine on fashion, food and drink, politics, news and entertainment. On its online blog, this post again shares some affordable online clothing shops for men. However, you might not have heard of many of these shops, as this post steps away from your typical clothing retailers. Other posts on this blog that could be helpful for frugal male fashion include posts on brand-name discounts and posts on staple pieces you can wear multiple ways all year long.

7. Bellatory Blog Post

We know what you’re thinking… another online blog with a list of affordable places to find men’s clothing. Yes… but this one has more of a sophisticated focus. For those who are ready to break away from the teen-focused stores and start dressing like an adult, read this. It doesn’t have to be expensive to dress sharp for your new 9-to-5 job, and this post can help. You’ll find some surprising stores on here, such as Saks Fifth Avenue’s clearinghouse and places to find designer brands at deep discounts.

8. Blog Post

This blog post is a fascinating concept, offering tips on how to look like a rich man without actually being rich. Aside from tips on grooming, mannerisms and social media, this post has a big spotlight on looks. Interestingly enough, dressing rich isn’t always about the price. This blog stresses the look rather than the price point, such as specific colors, no prints or logos, and the right fit. The author also directs readers to a few of his favorite sites to find discount designer pieces.

9. Ashley Weston Blog Post

One thing the blog post above mentions is the importance of accessories when looking good. This post on a men’s style advice blog offers a list of high-quality fashionable accessories for under $100. While the accessories might not be the most popular brand names, the Average Joe would never guess how affordable these great pieces really are.

10. Art of Style Club Blog Post

For the bargain shopper, this blog post from The Art of Style Club helps men accessorize on just “$20 a week,” as the article states. The author gives suggestions on where to find cheap yet quality pieces to build your accessory box, as well as some fashion advice.

11. Gentleman’s Gazette Blog Post

Looking to dress like a gentleman, but think you don’t have the money for it? Think again. This blog post from the online magazine Gentleman’s Gazette offers 15 great tips on dressing like a gentleman on a budget. Rather than just offering places to get cheap clothes that look nice, this post helps men get their hands on high-quality clothing and offers advice on how to make it last. For those who don’t like to read, this blog post also has an easy-to-follow video accompanying it. The great thing about this blog in general is that most posts cater to all men interested in style, no matter what the size of their wallet is. The site often offers stylish clothing suggestions at various price points.

12. Real Men Real Style (RMRS)

Real Men Real Style is a website for men with the purpose of helping them with fashion, grooming, communication, travel, finance and more. There are multiple blog posts on this site that offer a variety of tips to help the frugal man dress stylish. These include suggested versatile wardrobe items, fashion hacks, garment care advice, buying tips and more.

13. Ask Men Blog Post

Don’t underestimate the power of your wallet when dressing sharp… even it if it isn’t very full. No matter what the price point, a wallet is definitely something you want to invest in. Not only does it hold some oh so important items, but it also says a lot about a man’s style. This blog post offers a list of well-made, (mostly) affordable wallets and where to get them.

14. BroBible Blog Post

Another male-focused website, BroBible brings us another list of affordable wallets. However, this list features slim wallets for those who don’t have much room in their pockets. The wallets on this list start as low as $9.99 and go up to just $65 (a low price compared to some of the pricey wallets listed in the previous blog post).

15. The Daily Want Blog Post

This post on The Daily Want, a men’s lifestyle and fashion blog, offers more slim wallets and where to buy them. Even better, the wallets in this compilation are all priced under $50! The Daily Want also has a Buyers Guide which includes budget finds in a variety of areas, from clothing, to household items, to grooming supplies and more.

16. Primer Magazine’s “Spend” Section

Primer Magazine helps post-college men grow up to become the ultimate gentlemen. More particularly, the “Spend” section of Primer Magazine’s website contains 99 pages of blog posts, most of them compilations of clothing, accessories and more under a certain chosen price point.

17. Men’s Style Pro’s “Brand Review” Section

The Men’s Style Pro blog was started by a working-class man who wanted to help other men with their style. The “Brand Review” section of the site is great for those frugal men who are unsure of what clothing brands to splurge on. In addition to overall brand reviews, the section also has reviews on particular pieces and men’s subscription boxes.

18. Teaching Men’s Fashion Blog Post

This online blog is pretty self explanatory in what it does… it teaches men fashion. This blog post from the site offers six cheap, easy-to-do tips to help men dress better. The tips are simple, but sometimes unthought-of such as joining mailing lists for coupons, discount codes and sale alerts.

19. Put This On – Ebay Roundups

This style blog also helps men dress like grownups , giving advice on what to “put on” and beyond. Twice a week, this blog posts an EBay Roundup with the best of current menswear on EBay, a prime point to score discounted brand-name clothing and accessories. You can get a third weekly EBay Roundup delivered to your email, plus a list of that week’s bets sales, for $5 a month. Your savings on EBay will likely cover that $5 subscription cost.

20. Effortless Gent – “Five Ways” Blog Posts  

Effortless Gent breaks down dressing well into simple terms by focusing on a “lean wardrobe” with a “quality over quantity” mindset. A lean wardrobe includes basic quality, timeless clothing pieces that can be interchanged for every occasion, saving you money in the long run. To help understand this concept, Effortless Gent creates reoccurring blog posts tagged “five ways,” offering five different ways to wear one piece of clothing.

21. D’Marge Blog Post

Although D’Marge is based out of Australia, this blog post contains a list of suits that can be bought no matter where you’re located. While a suit is something most people invest big bucks into once in a blue moon, not everyone can swing it. The suits on this blog post compilation are all under $350, but made by reputable retailers.

22. FashionBeans Blog Post

This blog post from FashionBeans even further breaks down the purchase of affordable suits by categorizing them from about $100 to over $1,000. Being a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog based in London, you’ll have to figure out the pound-to-dollar conversion (hint: 1 pound=1.29 dollars). Top tailors share what to look for when buying a budget suit so you still get good quality at a low price.

23. HiConsumption Blog Post

When worn the right way, sneakers can be sharp. And just because they’re sneakers, doesn’t mean they’re cheap. The digital men’s magazine HiConsumption offers some help with a list of the best brand-name sneakers under $75, as well as a similar list with a top budget of $150.

24. Slickdeals – Men’s Clothing Sales, Discounts and Deals

From suits to jeans, Slickdeals provides a central location for the best clothing and accessories deals on the internet. You can narrow your search by category, store, brand, price and rating, making it easy to find exactly what you need at the lowest price.