9 Secrets to Finding Discount Appliances

A leaky dishwasher. An obnoxiously loud dryer. Appliances tend to break down at one point or another. Through the daily wear and tear of family life, that washing machine, stovetop burner and small countertop microwave won’t last forever. 

But remember that when you reach that moment where your dryer no longer actually dries your wet clothes, you can find appliances at great prices within your budget. All it takes is just a little bit of looking. 

Getting a new appliance doesn’t need to mean taking out a loan or giving up on that vacation you’ve been awaiting for months. Discount appliances can help save your budget and keep you on financial track. While you may need to be willing to give up that “newness” factor, the amount of potential savings you can receive can be well worth it. 

Secrets for Finding Discount Appliances 

As you begin your search for replacing that suction-less vacuum or larger toaster oven to accommodate your mornings, we’ve got you covered. Here we let you in on 9 of the top secrets to finding appliances so you can get on your way in home improvement. 

1. Assess What You Actually Need 

Before diving into your research for appliances, know what kind of appliance you and your family actually need. While the high-tech dryers with 20 different buttons and refrigerators with screens look amazing and are fun to use, they may not be right for you or for your family. Finding discount appliances is much easier with a smaller list of demands of what you’re looking for in an appliance. Opting out of the impressive “smart” technology features may end up helping you save a great deal overall as you begin your search. 

2. Look For “Gently” Used 

For appliances at prices way below retail, finding appliances that are previously owned but are still at a high quality may be worth looking into. Just be sure to fully check the appliance out before buying and get as much information from the seller as you can prior to buying. You won’t be saving money if the appliance you buy works well for only a month until you have to replace it again. 

3. Overlook Small Imperfections 

Sometimes, appliances are sold at a 10-50% or more discount for minor scratches or dents on the appliance. These “open box” offers often don’t suggest any issues with the actual appliance yet have some imperfection that the previous customer didn’t want to deal with. 

4. Watch for Annual Sales 

Find great seasonal specials offering great prices around time frames like Labor Day or Black Friday. The manufacturer often roll out new models of their appliances in the fall, so choosing to shop during that time may help you save a great deal of money. However, if you’re stuck in a dishwasher emergency, it may not be worth it to wait months to buy a new appliance. 

5. Don’t Sway From Last Year’s Model 

Often like new software updates, in most cases, there are just a few feature and style upgrades in the latest and greatest appliance models. Ignore the need to have the current or next year’s latest model and settle for a previous year’s model that will probably have the same or very similar features. 

6. Use Coupons and Promo Codes 

Do some research from the retailer or other manufacturer coupons and deals to see if you can find an applicable code you can use in-store or online for your next appliance purchase. You can even find discounted gift cards to home improvement stores that sell appliances to cut your overall cost down as well. Some stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot provide additional rebates you can earn with your purchase. 

7.Trade-in Your Old Appliance for Credit 

If you’re purchasing an Energy Star appliance to add to your home, consider your options of bringing in your old appliance for an added discount or credit for your new purchase. By opting to choose a more energy-efficient appliance, you can reap the rewards yourself. 

8.Stack the Savings on Your Purchase

As you find deals and clip those coupons, see how many deals and discounts you can use at one time. The more savings opportunities you’re able to combine in your one purchase, the lower your overall cost of your new appliance. 

9. Ask About Price Match Offers 

As you do your research in finding the right appliance for you, you might come across stores with competing prices. As you consider your purchase, see if your store of choice offers a price match program that will meet their competitor’s cost. You may be able to save a few extra dollars and still keep the convenience of shopping where you want. 

Save On Home Improvement 

Replacing or upgrading that kitchen or laundry appliance doesn’t need to break the bank. With some planning and strategizing of what your family actually needs, you can discover discount appliances to keep your house running smoothly. Test out these nine secrets to find your next household purchase when you need it.