5 Ways You Can Get Amazon Prime for Free

Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, offering great deals on everything you’d want to buy, from groceries to electronics to entertainment. But in order to take advantage of everything Amazon has to offer, they encourage you to become a Prime member, which costs either $12.99 per month or $119 per year for access to exclusive media content, free shipping, and grocery discounts.

There are ways to get around paying for Prime, though, whether you want it for the long term or just one month to binge watch some of your favorite shows. Save money without compromising on the products you love using any of the five different ways to get Amazon Prime for free.

Use Free Trials

Amazon doesn’t appear to track different email accounts coming from the same IP address. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and when it runs out, use a different email address to sign up again. Remember to cancel one before you start the next one! Sometimes when you cancel, Amazon gives you the option of extending your free trial for an additional 30 days so look for that option before creating a new account. Amazon Student offers students a six-month free trial and Amazon family offers parents and grandparents a three-month free trial. Some people find it handy to use a password manager when dealing with so many email addresses and accounts, too.

Complain About Late Packages

Amazon works hard to get packages to you on time but every so often one goes missing or shows up later than the guaranteed deliver date. One of the ways Amazon compensates for this is to offer a month of Prime for free. If you selected one-day or two-day shipping and your package didn’t show up on time, let them know.

Sign Up for a Mobile Phone Plan

A common incentive for mobile phone companies is to offer some free Prime time. Currently, Metro from T-Mobile is offering this perk when you sign up for their $60 per month plan. In the past, Sprint has had this deal. Check around to see which mobile company might be offering it at the time you need it.

Find a Credit Card with Free Prime

Currently, Visa has a Prime Rewards card and American Express has had a Prime card as well. Shop around to see what’s available when you’re in the market for a new credit card with Prime perks. Some cards have offered free Prime for a certain amount of time while others give extra cash back for Amazon purchases, making it easy to recoup your Prime membership fee quickly.

Don’t Sign Up for Prime Just Yet

When shopping on Amazon choose the option for free shipping if your order costs more than $25. When you want to binge a tv series or watch several movies that stream on Prime Video, either pay the Prime fee for just that month, or use a free trial to watch. If you shop frequently but don’t often use Amazon for media streaming, this saves you the headache of managing so many new email addresses.