34 Best Stores To Buy Discount Furniture

If you’ve ever remodeled, updated or moved into a new home or living space, you know that the interior decorating and furnishing can get real expensive real quickly.

Don’t be deceived by those home improvement shows that make adding furniture to your home look like a breeze. In reality, there’s a lot of careful planning, attention, research and work that goes into selecting the right furniture for your room.

Features of furniture that come into play include the type of furniture, size of the piece, the color, the style, the fabric texture and more. To get exactly what you want, you can design it yourself or be willing to spend a great deal of money to get your exact specification. Or, you could opt for discount furniture.

Discount furniture is a great alternative to spending a large portion of your budget on furniture. The good news is that with discount retailers and used furniture stores, you can get that look for your room that you want without sacrificing your wallet.

There are some things to keep in mind when looking for deals on furniture. You can pay attention to the time you purchase furniture, as prices often fluctuate during different seasons. Depending on the location and salesperson, you may even be able to barter your way down to a better price. You can keep your eyes open for large annual sales where furniture is marked down at deep discounts. However you shop, there’s always a way to get great, high-quality furniture without sacrificing your wallet.

Whether your a college student moving into a dorm room, a new couple looking to move into their first home or just want to spice up or add to a room, choosing discounted furniture is your way to go to save big money.

Here, we share 35 of the best sources you should check out to buy discount furniture.

Best Furniture Deal Stores

  1. Amazon Home

It’s no surprise that you can find great stuff on Amazon. But did you know that you can also find great deals on furniture on this popular marketplace? With Amazon Home, you can find great options for furniture and home decor. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get even more savings with free shipping.

  1. Wal-Mart

From groceries to clothing to bicycles, it seems like you can find anything at Wal-Mart – including affordable and trendy furniture. Check out online or stop in the store to discover your next great piece.

  1. Target

When you’re picking out the latest trendy clothes, a movie or two and maybe a few groceries, check out Target’s selection of furniture, too. Both in-store and online, Target offers an abundance of on-trend and popular furniture options for every room in your home.

To make sure the pieces they sell are what people are looking for, Target often works with designers to provide customers that great look. Target also has furniture deals going on all the time, as noted on their website.

  1. Big Lots

As a closeout retailer, Big Lots seems to always have a popular deal going on. They even have a clearance page on their website where you can find even better deals on that great look. Whether you’re looking for your next sofa or end table Big Lots has a lot to offer.

  1. Home Depot

With furniture and appliance selections, Home Depot is certainly a home improvement store with some great deals.

  1. Etsy.com

For unique, handmade furniture pieces that you don’t have to make yourself, check out Etsy.com. While it’s home to a plethora of products, crafts and art pieces, Etsy also is a great source for quality furniture. Get inspiration and be able to create your own space with the wide selection offered through Etsy. And usually, by purchasing through Etsy, you’re helping support a small business.

Best Affordable Furniture Stores

  1. IKEA

When you think of affordable furniture stores, chances are IKEA will come to mind. This Swedish home decor store can be your one-stop-shop for getting affordable furniture that’s still right on trend.

If you live near an IKEA, it’s totally worth it to stop in and walk through their many showrooms and displays. Their stores provide inspiration for you to revamp your own space in an affordable and stylish way.

  1. HomeGoods

From home decor to food items to furniture for every room of the house, HomeGoods is a great spot to find furniture for any space. Their decor is perfect for a variety of types of spaces, you can always be sure you’ll find a piece you’ll love.

While their furniture are high-quality, it’s offered at great discounts that allows people to get that dream look they’ve been wanting without overspending.

  1. Urban Outfitters

You may recognize them for their clothing line, but Urban Outfitters also offers a great selection of unique and trendy furniture options to meet your style. Their “apartment” line carries everything from rugs to bedding to cookware and more.

  1. Overstock.com

For when you want to keep your furniture shopping right from the comfort – or discomfort – of your own couch, there are several online furniture stores that can help you find the piece you’re looking for.

Overstock.com has a large selection and uses customer reviews to help share about the product’s quality and durability. Experience the furniture through reading comments and reviews by those who have already purchased it to help you make the best decision.

  1. Jet.com

You know Amazon, but have you heard about Jet.com? This online retailer works similar to Amazon, with a wide selection of products in multiple categories. And with deals and sales always going on, you can get a great find on whatever type of furniture you’re looking for.

  1. Houzz

Whether you’re looking for home improvement solutions or just wanting to add another piece to your furniture collection, Houzz offers popular and affordable options to meet your needs.

  1. Zara Home

From accent rugs to statement pieces to duvet covers, Zara Home is a great website source for finding that cool, unique style.

  1. Nadeau

With locations in cities across the United States, Nadeau is a fine spot to find high-end furniture without the upscale prices. While it may not be the cheapest location, the unique designs and styles you can find at Nadeau can help get you that great look you’ve been wanting.

  1. Bed, Bath & Beyond

With so many home decor solutions to choose from, Bed, Bath & Beyond is your one-stop shop for all your home needs. And with their frequent coupons and sales, you can get more for your money.

  1. H&M Home

You love their clothing line, why not try out their furniture collection? Like their vast selection of trendy clothes, H&M offers furniture and home decor products that are at a great price point. They’ve got the perfect look for your bathroom, living room, kitchen and more.

  1. Wayfair.com

When you’re looking for trendy furniture on a budget, Wayfair.com is your online location to getting those new pieces for your room for cheap. Wayfair also has frequent sales and special deals that can help you save even more on affordable and eye-catching furniture perfect for whatever you’re in need of.

  1. Room & Board

With a dedication to giving back to their community, Room & Board offers quality furniture that promotes a positive influence through job opportunities and sustainability. Their modern selections fit all sorts of styles and themes.

  1. Joss & Main

With the ease of a website, finding your next piece of furniture can be quick and easy with Joss & Main. With their wide selection of trendy and affordable home pieces, getting your next addition to your room is just a few clicks away.

  1. One Kings Lane

With furniture and home decor fit for a king, check out One Kings Lane. This online retailer showcases impressive and trendy at the right price. And with their extensive selection, you can be sure to find something that’s just right for you.

  1. World Market

When you’re looking for a more global look to your room, check out the fairly-priced furniture selection at World Market. With deals you can find both online and in-store, you can get that unique style to add to your home.

  1. Pier 1

Whether you walk through the store with something in mind or just to get inspiration, Pier One offers a wide selection of furniture and home decor products that will leave you feeling like a home designer. They also have great sales going on frequently, so you can often find an extra savings bonus.

  1. Apt2B

With a wide selection of furniture options, Apt2B is a great source for trendy furniture, much of it made in the United States. And, they even offer free shipping for their online orders. That opportunity to save can make a big difference in ordering your new sofa or desk.

Best Furniture Outlets and Warehouses

  1. Bob’s Discount Furniture

Whether online or in-store, Bob’s Discount Furniture delivers on its name by providing great furniture at an impressive discount. Their outlet section can help you save even more. Since the quantities are limited, you’ll have to jump on the deal when you see it. With easy delivery, you can be closer to getting that right piece of furniture to meet your needs.

  1. Value City

With a name with “value” in it, you know you can get a great deal. With a wide selection of furniture options, Value City is a spot to check out.

  1. Ashley Furniture Home Store

Get all you need for your home with extra savings with Ashley Furniture Homestore. With various locations and an online store, you can get that deal you’ve been looking for.

  1. Klingman’s Furniture and Design

Hosting a wide selection of pieces, you can be sure to find something you’ve needed for your home at Klingman’s Furniture and Design store. Whether you shop online or in-store, this furniture warehouse can get you what you want.

  1. Sears Outlet

With the right finds, you can discover great deals and savings opportunities at your local Sears Outlet. Appliances and clothing is just a start with this all-in-one store where you can save on new pieces for your home.

  1. Capsule Home

When you want designer furniture but not about paying the designer-level price, Capsule Home is for you. Their affordable prices yet high-end style can help get you the look you want and the price you need.

  1. Charish

If you’re looking to pick up some used furniture still with great style, Charish is a great spot to look. Charish offers consignment furniture that still has that unique designer look and feel. From lighting to decor to rugs to much more, you can find what you need and feel good about the price. Used furniture doesn’t need to cost you style and comfort.

  1. AllModern.com

With a sales section as wonderful as AllModern.com, there’s sure to be a deal that speaks to you. They offer a variety of products and home improvement pieces so you can get what you need in one place. With AllModern, it’s best to keep your eye on prices before you jump in and order. Like many online retailers, prices on AllModern.com fluctuate often. Use a convenient price tracker to know when the best time to buy is.

  1. American Furniture Warehouse

At American Furniture Warehouse, you can design your room with helpful tools to ensure you get the right pieces, textures, styles and sizes your home needs. Shop online or in-store and discover great deals wherever you are.

  1. Rooms to Go

Discover your next place to sit at Rooms to Go. With their frequent deals and sales, you’ll be sure to find that look you’ve been wanting for your furniture.

  1. Crate & Barrel

While you may need to do some digging, Crate and Barrel can be a great source for deals. They often have special sales, coupons and other savings opportunities so you can get that high-quality look at a lower price.

Discover great savings wherever you go

Whether online, in-store or a combination of both, you don’t need to spend a fortune on great new furniture. With stores with amazing deals, affordable stores, outlets and warehouses, you can be sure to find your next piece that will add value and design to your space.