15 Top-Rated Coupon Apps for Groceries

Remember rifling through the weekly newspaper pages on the search for coupons. With scissors in hand, you might have kept your eyes on the lookout for products you buy regularly or for special occasions where you can save a few cents or dollars here and there. Once you made it through the paper, you’d just hope you’d have a stack of practical and useful coupons to use on your next grocery shopping trip. 

With the power of digital apps and online shopping, that search for grocery coupons has become so much easier and efficient. You can access a wide range of coupons on all kinds of products and groceries right from an app on your phone or mobile device. With just a few taps of your finger, you can save and automatically use your coupons as you do your shopping. 

Top-Rated Coupon Apps for Groceries 

To help you get started in finding those great grocery coupon apps, here we share 15 of the top-rated apps to use for your next store visit. 

1. AnyList

Find inspiration for planning dinnertime for your family with this clever app that combines your grocery list, coupons and meal planning opportunities. Track sales and let your family and friends add items to your grocery list so you’re always on the same page. 

2. Checkout51 

Whatever brand you prefer, save on your purchase. This helpful and user-friendly app makes it easy to save on your grocery list by getting cash back. Finding deals is easy by sorting through category and search functions. Creating an account is also fast, getting you on your way to saving money. 

3. Coupons.com 

Along with their website, this app is a great way to get deals. Browse through the app to clip the coupons you want. Redeem your savings by either linking your loyalty card to the participating store or taking a picture of your receipt to receive cashback for your rewards via PayPal.

4. Coupon Sherpa 

Browse through a wide selection of coupons great for wherever you’re headed off to. Browse by location or product category to find digital and printed coupon offers that can save you as you stock up on your essentials.

5. Flipp

Find coupons from stores from all over with the user-friendly Flipp app. Get your groceries for less by using coupons for items you need at the locations where you shop. Link your loyalty card to that store and discover even more savings opportunities. 

6. Grocery Pal

Track weekly sales at your most popular shopping destinations and add on coupons with this helpful app. 

7. Ibotta

For cashback opportunities, Ibotta is one of the best apps out there. Find offers based on where you visit and use deals in-store or online. Redeeming your deals is easy through taking a photo of your receipt or just linking your loyalty card. 

8. Krazy Coupon Lady

Like the popular blog and website, this app provides helpful resources and the opportunity to save coupons to the stores you shop at most. Cater your coupons to the stores you visit and discover ways to elevate your couponing game. 

9. Our Groceries Shopping List

Save more on your grocery list with your friends and family with the Grocery iQ app. This app not only provides you great ways to save but also helps you create your grocery list where others can put in their input of what they want to be purchased. Save your favorites for later for even quicker shopping.

10. RetailMeNot

If you do a lot of your shopping online, like through Amazon Fresh, you may be able to find great deals on your purchases through the RetailMeNot app. Like their popular website, this app helps you take coupon codes and savings with you on the go. 

11. SavingStar 

Create your free account and take advantage of great rebate offers through SavingStar. Choose coupons and savings on the products you plan on purchasing to use them with your card at checkout. Your cashback comes automatically to you to redeem through bank deposit, PayPal or a donation to charity. 

12. Shopkick

Get rewarded beyond clipping coupons by earning points as you shop in-store and online. Sometimes even just walking into a store brings you points, making it an easy way to accumulate points to redeem for cash. 

13. SnipSnap

Sometimes carrying paper coupons is annoying. SnipSnap makes it easy to collect both your paper and digital coupons all in one place. Upload paper coupons to store them and find even more through their large platform. 

14, Stocard

Organize your loyalty cards easily and efficiently by storing them digitally with Stocard. This app makes it easy to digitize your loyalty cards so it’s one less thing to carry around as you trek out to the grocery store. You’ll also be able to browse a wide range of coupons and discounts you can save to your account to use in-store. 

15. Woot 

Find daily deals from your phone with Woot. You’ll find great discounts on the products you need as you run to the grocery store. With such a wide variety of sale items, you never know what daily deal you might find just by logging into the app. 

Get to Your Groceries for Less 

Using helpful apps like these can help you save time and money as you do your grocery shopping. While offers may vary based on location, you can use these digital coupons as a great addition or alternative to those pesky paper coupons.