How to Find Cheap Gas In Every State

Whether you commute long distances to work, bus your kids to and from school or just drive anywhere, you know the importance of gas prices. Cheap gas prices may be something you often search for every time you’re out and about.

High prices can cause frustration when you’ve planned a road trip and the prices skyrocket on your way. High prices can make you groan when you’re considering just biking to work rather than driving. They may need to make you change your budget line to contribute more to “transportation.”

You may play the game of seeking out the cheapest location, determined to find one that has to have a lower price than the one you just passed. But if you’re driving and you don’t fill up at some point, you could be left stranded on an empty tank.

Thankfully, there are helpful tips and tricks you can follow to find cheap gas prices and cheap gas stations near you, wherever you drive. You don’t have to settle for the first price you see – unless you’re desperate for gas. With things like apps and gas stations with lower prices, you can be prepared for the next time you need to fill up.

Here, we share ways you can discover cheap gas prices and cheap gas stations quickly and easily.

“How can I find cheap gas near me?”

Chances are, you always have your phone when you’re out and about. But rather than using your phone to call someone to help you when you’ve run out of gas, you can use your phone to find cheap gas prices near you. There are several apps that can help you save the most at the pump. Even if it’s just a few cents of savings, that small distinction can make a big difference when you fill up.

Some apps are free, while others you may need to make a little bit of an investment to get long-term savings. Either way, using your phone – something you have anyway – can provide insight into where you should stop and get gas. From directions to price comparisons to many more features, there are many apps that are worth checking out.

Whether prices tend to be high or low, you can find the cheapest gas prices near you with apps like these:


One of the most well-known apps and websites to find cheap gas prices and cheap gas stations is GasBuddy. Whether you check out their website or use their helpful app, GasBuddy can help you find the best price.

GasBuddy is based off other users submitting prices of local stations. This crowdsourced model relies on other members contributing the price they paid at a certain location. To find the cheap gas prices near you, all you need to do is enter your city or zip code and GasBuddy will help you find cheap gas stations near you.

According to, the app provides an incentive for people to submit the price they paid by offering an opportunity to win a $100 gas gift card each week. When you post gas prices a certain number of times per week, you’d be entered to win the gift card. While this crowdsourced model can work most times, it may lead to outdated gas prices if no one has updated the price themselves.

Well Kept adds that GasBuddy has 60 million users who rely on the resource to find cheap gas. They add that the app also can even save you money more directly by getting you 5 cents back per gallon every time you fill up.

If that wasn’t enough GasBuddy also helps you find gas stations you want to visit. According to Well Kept Wallet, it also shares stations that have the friendliest service and cleanest restrooms. While these features may not save you more money, it may just make you have a better experience at your pit stop.


Like GasBuddy, the mobile app Waze is a crowdsourcing resource that relies on the contributions of other drivers to get the latest gas prices. While often thought of an app to help you navigate directions and traffic, Waze can also show you the way to savings at the pump.

Since it’s a navigation app, Waze can both show you on a map where the locations are for cheap gas as well as provide you directions and the optimal route for how to get there.

You can also sort your results for cheap gas stations by preferred brand and gas type. The app is user-friendly and provides you a plethora of resources such as directions, where accidents are and where cops may be hiding. This app is ideal for road trips as it can provide you helpful directions, especially areas where you’re not from.

Waze also provides another way to save at the pump through their “Waze-only” deals. According to Well Kept Wallet, when you use the app and visit one of Waze’s partner locations, you can receive additional savings just for visiting.

Gas Guru

Another popular app to check out is Gas Guru. This free app lets you know of current gas prices of area locations. According to Well Kept Wallet, the prices come from the Oil Price Information Service, which means the prices are more up-to-date than what may be found through crowdsourcing. This app even shares when the gas price was updated, which gives you a better clue as to whether that price is still available.

In addition to being able to see the cheapest gas prices nearest you, you can also discover cheap gas prices near other locations as well, such as your home or workplace. Having this information can help you better plan for where you should get gas that day.

Gas Guru also lets you save particular gas stations as a favorite. This makes it easier to be able to revisit those stations that tend to have cheaper prices and a location you enjoy visiting. adds that you can also share your gas price findings on social media accounts like Facebook to let others know of where to find cheap gas.

RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder

If you travel on road trips often, the RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder can help you to know where to find gas stations along your route. Use the app to find upcoming restaurants, hotels and of course, gas stations. The app also lets you compare gas prices so you can know whether you should stop at the nearest exit or be able to make it to a cheaper location.


Known as a popular source for getting directions, MapQuest is also helpful for finding cheap gas stations near you. mentions that you can set your preferences like favorite stores and fuel grade level. And, since the app is founded on directions, it can even point you right to that gas station you want to visit with the cheapest price.

Well Kept Wallet adds that this MapQuest app can point you to more than just cheap gas stations. It also can direct you to local restaurants, stores and more with just a few taps. You can easily navigate traffic with its variety of services and real-time conditions so you can get to that restaurant – or gas station – much quicker.

AAA TripTik Planner

If you’re a member of AAA and use their helpful app, you can also know right where to find the best gas prices. Their TripTik Planner, according to Well Kept Wallet, can help you plan out your next road trip, knowing exactly where to stop to fill up.

This app will show you where you can find the cheapest gas as well as directions for exactly how to get there along your route. This TripTik Planner app has over 85,000 gas stations in its efficient database system, so you can be sure to find a gas station near you.


Wish you could save even more at the pump than just finding the best price? The app GetUpside is a helpful cash-back app that can get you even more savings when you participate in select locations. Well Kept Wallet says that the app works by sending you a text message of a local savings opportunity near you. When you fill up and take a picture of your receipt, you upload it to your GetUpside app and get cash back on your purchase. You’ll get that cash through either your PayPal account or a check.

GetUpside can save you on more than just gas. You can also use it on restaurant locations and grocery stores as well.


If you’re interested in investing a little to get more high-tech with your gas price search, Dash is a great option for you. Dash was originally created to provide more information to users about their cars, according to Well Kept Wallet. With special sensors with the app, this resource monitors your car and provides analysis on your driving behavior, car functionalities and performance and other helpful things to know about your vehicle.

With location services, Dash can point you to where to find cheap gas prices. Also, as the app monitors your vehicle performance, the app can communicate potential areas of why your car may not be as fuel efficient as possible or other reasons why your car may not be at peak performance.

The results that Dash collects on your vehicle is then translated into a report where you can learn more about how your vehicle is doing and what things you could improve on it. mentions that these Dash reports can also even provide insight into what your check engine light means.

Letting you know where to find the cheapest gas station is just the start of the opportunities and features that Dash can bring you. In order to receive these features, you’ll need to purchase sensors through the app. Well Kept Wallet mentions that these sensors can range between $10-$99. This app also only works for cars made in 1996 or later.

Geico Mobile

Like Gas Guru, the Geico Mobile app uses the Oil Price Information Service to get you the most up to date gas stations near you. Get to that nearest station and pay the best price easily with real-time prices and an easy-to-use interface. Whether you choose to use their app or their website, you can be sure to get the best price possible.

With apps for your phone or websites to visit, there’s a resource perfect for you and your driving practices. Try out an app or two today and discover how you can start saving even more when you fill up your gas tank.

Cheapest Gas Prices by State

When you’re always on the road, it’s helpful to know where you can find cheap gas prices near you. It’s often true that the best gas prices vary by which state you live in. Location plays a large role on the demand for gas, which then affects the price per gallon of gas.

Although gas prices frequently rise and fall, based on a variety of factors, there are some states that tend to have lower prices per gallon than others. Places like New Mexico and Texas tend to have lower prices than states like California and New York. It’s all about location.

Below is a list of the cheapest gas prices by state, as of an article from Business Insider:

  • Alabama: $2.19
  • Alaska: $2.79
  • Arizona: $2.13
  • Arkansas: $2.23
  • California: $2.73
  • Colorado: $2.24
  • Connecticut: $2.49
  • Delaware: $2.41
  • Florida: $2.37
  • Georgia: $2.22
  • Hawaii: $2.92
  • Idaho: $2.35
  • Illinois: $2.23
  • Indiana: $2.32
  • Iowa: $2.30
  • Kansas: $2.24
  • Kentucky: $2.23
  • Louisiana: $2.15
  • Maine: $2.52
  • Maryland: $2.37
  • Massachusetts: $2.39
  • Michigan: $2.21
  • Minnesota: $2.41
  • Mississippi: $2.19
  • Missouri: $2.16
  • Montana: $2.45
  • Nebraska: $2.36
  • Nevada: $2.37
  • New Hampshire: $2.38
  • New Jersey: $2.45
  • New Mexico: $2.07
  • New York: $2.51
  • North Carolina: $2.25
  • North Dakota: $2.33
  • Ohio: $2.06
  • Oklahoma: $2.10
  • Oregon: $2.44
  • Pennsylvania: $2.65
  • Rhode Island: $2.46
  • South Carolina: $2.19
  • South Dakota: $2.15
  • Tennessee: $2.18
  • Texas: $1.95
  • Utah: $2.17
  • Vermont: $2.52
  • Virgina: $2.19
  • Washington: $2.43
  • West Virginia: $2.41
  • Wisconsin: $2.33
  • Wyoming: $2.24

Cheapest Gas Stations in all 50 states

So where can you find these cheap gas prices?

While the prices of gas may fluctuate greatly from day to day, week to week, there are some gas stations that tend to have much lower prices than others.

According to an article from, notes a study from that shares the top places to get gas in each state in the United States. This study found that Costco was the best place to get gas in 12 states. The difference they found was that purchasing gas at Costco was about 19 cents lower than other gas stations. When talking about price per gallon, that 19 cents can make a huge difference on your gas payment.

But it wasn’t just Costco that made the list for best places to get cheap gas. Other chain stores also offer great prices on gas, depending on where you live. Again, it’s all about location.

Below are the cheapest places to get gas based on which state you live in, according to the an article from Business Insider:

  • Alabama: Circle K
  • Alaska: Costco
  • Arizona: Sam’s Club
  • Arkansas: Walmart
  • California: Fastrip
  • Colorado: Sinclair
  • Connecticut: Costco
  • Delaware: BJ’s
  • Florida: Sunoco
  • Georgia: Costco
  • Hawaii: Freedom
  • Idaho: Costco
  • Illinois: Costco
  • Indiana: Speedway
  • Iowa: Sam’s Club
  • Kansas: Murphy USA
  • Kentucky: Thornton’s
  • Louisiana: Chevron
  • Maine: Cumberland Farms
  • Maryland: Dash In
  • Massachusetts: BJ’s
  • Michigan: Costco
  • Minnesota: Tesoro
  • Mississippi: Murphy USA
  • Missouri: Shell
  • Montana: Costco
  • Nebraska: Costco
  • Nevada: Fastrip
  • New Hampshire: BJ’s
  • New Jersey: Pioneer
  • New Mexico: Alon
  • New York: Cumberland Farms
  • North Carolina: Speedway
  • North Dakota: Costco
  • Ohio: Costco
  • Oklahoma: Shell
  • Oregon: 76
  • Pennsylvania: Costco
  • Rhode Island: BP
  • South Carolina: Piot
  • South Dakota: Conoco
  • Tennessee: Costco
  • Texas: Costco
  • Utah: Costco
  • Vermont: 7-Eleven
  • Virginia: Sam’s Club
  • Washington: Costco
  • West Virginia: Circle K
  • Wisconsin: Costco
  • Wyoming: Gas n’Go

Wherever you live, you can use this helpful list to find the best gas stations for you to visit.

Easy Ways to Find Cheap Gas

With so many ways to save, you don’t have to dread having to go fill up your tank. Whether you’re planning a road trip or just taking your normal commute, there are many ways to ease that pain at the pump.

With apps for your phone or websites to visit, you can find gas stations near you with the cheapest gas prices and get directions to those locations. With some apps, you can even get cash back when you fill up. Don’t settle for pain at the pump when you can save money every time that arrow hits empty.