Top 52 Brands Offering Printable Manufacturer Coupons

Do you coupon? 

This popular activity of clipping slips of savings has helped people save a great deal of money, whether they find them casually or actively seek them out. People want to save money. 

With today’s increasingly online world, getting digital coupons has been easier and quicker than ever. A plethora of rewards opportunities and loyalty programs make saving a few extra dollars almost automatic. 

But savings don’t just have to happen online. The era of printable and scannable coupons is far from over. Manufacturers of popular products know that people want to save when they shop, which often leads to other great benefits for their sales. 

Take advantage of these savings opportunities by searching for brands that offer printable manufacturer coupons. 

But if you’ve ever just looked through the aisles of canned soups or selection of hand soaps, you know there are a lot of brands out there. And each brand advertises how their brand is better, more affordable or healthier than others. 

So with the wide selection of brands, there’s a great selection of printable coupon options you can find to save on what you purchase. 

Top Brands That Offer Printable Manufacturer Coupons 

From groceries to home products and more, chances are your favorite brands may offer valuable printable coupons you can use as you shop. To help you find the right deals with the right brands, here we share 52 of the most popular brands that offer printable manufacturer coupons. 


When you make your grocery list, you make keep ongoing sales and other deals in mind as you choose what you purchase. Now you can add coupons and other deals you print right at home to your savings plan. Here are some top brands that offer manufacturer coupons that you can print and collect for yourself. 

Arm & Hammer – Enter your email to receive deals and coupons you can print at home and bring with you to save even more as you shop. 

Betty Crocker – Save on all the fun of baking with great coupons and savings available from Betty Crocker products. Even better, you can save on much more than just what’s in the kitchen. 

Birds Eye – Get quick and convenient veggies for less with printable coupons from Birds Eye. 

Blue Diamond – Snack on a great source of protein with savings on a variety of nuts and other snack varieties from Blue Diamond. 

Campbell’s – Warm up with soup and other great recipes with coupons found in local newspapers, stores and other locations. 

Chobani – Save with printable coupons from various coupon sites to get the calcium you need with the price that’s right for you. 

Dannon – Get your daily dose of calcium with savings on Dannon yogurt products, available to be printed from several third-party sites. 

Dole – Save on fruits and other great Dole products with free coupons you can find online. 

Edy’s Ice Cream – Indulge in frozen novelties for less with printable coupons found on many coupon listing sites. 

Ensure – Stay well and healthy for less with a valuable coupon from Ensure when you provide your contact information. 

Gevalia – Wake up to a great cup of coffee with savings on the side using these helpful coupons found on several coupon collection sites. 

Haagen Daz – Sweeten up your dessert with extra savings with coupons found on several sites.

Hostess – Find coupons on various third-party sites to save on those classic and memorable snack cakes. 

Jennie-O – Make mealtime easier and discounted with coupons from Jennie-O turkey products. 

Kellogg – Save on a wide range of Kellogg’s products with free printable coupons from their website. From breakfast to snack time and much more, you can save on your grocery trip with these great coupons. 

King’s Hawaiian – Join their reward club program and get exclusive access to their coupons and deals. 

Kraft – Find savings opportunities on a variety of Kraft products, available for download on several couponing resource sites. 

Lean Cuisine – Make your quick lunch or dinner easier with coupons from Lean Cuisine frozen meals found on several coupon resource sites. 

Lipton – Brew that morning tea or afternoon pick-me-up with printable coupons available from Lipton. 

McCormick – Give your foods the right amount of spice and flavor for less with printable coupons you can download and use in-store. 

Nabisco – Get those cookies, chips and snacks for less with coupons on Nabisco products, found on several coupon sites. 

NatureValley – Fuel your inner adventurer for less with coupons from NatureValley, when available. 

OceanSpray – Save on juices from Ocean Spray with printable coupons. 

Pillsbury’s – Sign up with your email address to get exclusive access to a wide range of coupons and other ways to save at your grocery store. 

Sargento – Get a variety of cheeses for less with coupons found on several sites for Sargento products. 

Smuckers – Get coupons and updates on new products and contests with the Smucker’s e-newsletter.

Snapple – Find some extra savings by searching coupon sites for Snapple products, another brand that shares manufacturer coupons. 

Tropicana – Save a little extra with coupons on several sites for this fruity and nutrient-packed beverage variety. 

Tyson – Share in the fun of family dinners for less with coupons and offers from Tyson chicken.

Uncle Ben’s – Save on rice sides and other dinnertime options with free coupons from Uncle Ben’s brands. 

Home & Health

Beyond groceries, you need certain household and health and beauty products to keep things running smoothly. Stay well and keep your home in working order with savings and free printable coupons from brands like these: 

AirWick – Save on great fresh scents with coupons shared through AirWick products.  

Bayer – Save on headache and pain relief with coupons found through Bayer. 

Blistex – Keep your lips protected and soft for less with coupons from Blistex lip care products. You can find these printable coupons on many coupon resource sites. 

Bounty – this P&G brand helps you to save on your napkin and paper towel purchases. 

Cottonelle – Get coupons on this household essential. It’s even easier when you have an account for Kimberly-Clark brands. 

Colgate – Keep your teeth bright and clean for less with coupons from Colgate Just enter your email to start receiving offers. 

Dove – Stay clean and fresh for less by signing up for coupons and other deals through their email newsletter. 

Garnier – Live well on the outside with promotions and special offers available through Garnier, available through their website or other coupon sites. 

Glade – Keep your house smelling fresh and clean with coupons on Glade essential products.

Hefty – Find coupons on your household products for the kitchen and beyond. 

Lysol – Get savings sent right to your email inbox by sharing your information and get on to keeping your home clean. 

Neutrogena – Get savings and other deals with Neutrogena products by checking out their website and other coupon sites. 

Palmolive – Keep dishes sparkly clean with coupons from Palmolive. 

Pampers – Taking care of kids can be expensive. Find some ways to save with coupons on diapers and other baby products. 

Schick – Find great savings on various coupon sites for your next Schick purchase. 

Swiffer – Get savings on this P&G brand when available to keep your floors clean and shiny.

Tide – Get access to savings that keep your home clean with coupons from Tide. 

Ziploc – Store your snacks and more with ease with printable coupons from Ziploc brand products.


Brands of stores also offer their own selection of printable coupon options. Prepare and print them ahead of time to use them in-store as you shop. Often, these grocery stores and pharmacies have their own section of their website dedicated to providing you coupons and other deal opportunities. 

Costco – Buy and save in bulk with special warehouse deals available in-store and online.

Publix – Download and print coupons right from your home before shopping at your Publix location. Their online collection makes it easy to find coupons that apply to use and can help you save the most money. 

Walmart – Get access to printable coupons you can download from their online collection – all for free. Their sorting and filtering options make it easy to find deals and savings on exactly what’s on your shopping list so you can get to saving and spending less faster. 

Whole Foods – Find ongoing sales and other deals you can take advantage of at your local Whole Foods store. 

Save on Your Own With Manufacturer Printable Coupons 

Take saving money into your own hands with printable coupons you can select and use to your advantage. With these great brands – and many more – you can look into savings opportunities on many of your purchases. 

Printing coupons at home may be subject to some other rules and stipulations, such as what IP address the coupons are printed from and the maximum number of times you can use them. Therefore, when looking to use coupons to save money, be sure you read the fine print posted on the coupons to ensure you can use your savings to their full potential. Whether you’re stocking up on groceries or getting those few household products, you can save money with printable coupons.