Our Top 15 Blogs for Finding Grocery Coupons

Anyone on a budget knows how difficult it is to save money, find ways to cut down on your bills and still eat well.

One of the biggest expenses per month is groceries and most people aren’t maximizing their potential savings at checkout.

We’ve listed fifteen our of favorite coupon bloggers who can help you find the deals that you’re looking for and hopefully cut some frustration out of your trips to the store.

And for the parents — who know first hand that getting out of the house with a little one is three times as difficult as getting out of the house without one — we’ve included a few coupon blogs just for children’s items.

  1. Frugal Living Mom – This site is amazingly diverse, not simply sticking to coupons, although yes, those are here as well. There are also tips for your home life, recipes for those who want to make it a habit to cook more often, tips on learning to be a couponer, notifications on giveaways and price reductions and more. There is actually not much that you can’t find here, a one stop shop for everything that you might need to save a little money and diversify your home.
  2. Bargain Briana – Miss Briana has found her claim to fame finding bargains for those of us who don’t have the time to find them ourselves. This is super helpful for say, single parents that have full time jobs and little people at the same time. She updates daily with bargains found on all sorts of places (for example, CVS and Amazon were two of the locations on the front page when I visited). She also has an option to sign up for her newsletter, so that the bargains can be delivered to your inbox and you can simply pick the ones that you want to take advantage of and click!
  3. The Pennywise Mama – This site has everything: food recipes, drink recipes, coupons, money saving tips. It’s run by a fun sounding mother of three names Marisa who posts all the blogs herself. She seems like someone you’d love out hang out with.
  4. Saving The Family Money – This sit covers all coupons and discounts, but seems to have more in person deals for Florida. I’m pretty sure that’s where the author is from. Regardless, this blog is still worth the time, as she does cover on line discounts as well.
  5. Living Richly on a Budget – This site is run by a woman names Fanny, who posts a lot of really good and tested information. A lot of her posts are about how she has tested these out, which makes it really relatable to me. A definite good resource.
  6. Savings Mania – This site has all of their deals organized at the top of the page, so what you are looking for is easy to find and get to when you need it. Coupons, Amazon, Disney, it’s all here at your fingertips. Plan your grocery trip and your family vacation all at once!
  7. The Peaceful Mom – This site covers a lot of ground, but puts all of its savings at the click of a heading for everyone looking for help with coupons and saving money.
  8. Moms Need to Know – This site’s coupon section is wonderful. It’s categorized by store, by type of store, by online or in person, there is no reason that it should take anyone more than a few moments to find the stores they’re visiting that day, push print and be on their way. Great for moms with little ones, due to the easy nature, one less thing to worry about on your way out of the door.
  9. Coupon Connections – Truth in advertising. It’s exactly what the name makes you think it is. Everything, all together in one place.
  10. The Krazy Coupon Lady – Goodness, these ladies know their stuff! They have videos on how to get certain deals in certain stores, daily posts about where to go to get this thing for this little bit of money. It’s all the leg work you wish you had time to do but don’t!
  11. The Grocery Game – What I like most about this one are two of the features that the founder has listed at the bottom: A Coupon Tracker & a Coupon Center. In fact, the tracker is touted as the largest free coupon database on the web. How can you beat that?
  12. My Dallas Mommy – This wonderful blogger updates all day, it seems like, with great deals, coupons and codes that she finds on everything from beauty supplies to photographs. This looks like the site that you’ll end up checking all day long just to find out what she’s found since the last time you were there for you to take advantage of!
  13. The Life You Live – This blog actually has a sprinkle of everything on it, but if you click on the “save” link at the top, it will take you to a page filled with coupons for free items, discounts, sam’s club memberships, everything that you could ever want. And, bonus, should something that she posted happen to have expired, it’s clearly marked so you won’t waste your time.
  14. The Frugal Girls – This site doesn’t just point you in the direction of coupons, it gives you tips on how to stay organized with it too. From baskets to binders and where to get them, these ladies won’t let you have your coupons all over the place, hard to find what you need and the like. They teach you couponing and organizing, helpful in more ways than one!
  15. Baby Savers – Geared more towards people with little ones, this site comes in handy on the coupons portion of the site because it already layers the coupons for you. It gives you the list of all the coupons that you’ll need to get the price as low as possible, and then links to them all for you. There is no more leg work for you to have to do on this one. It’s all done!

There you have it! Not only can you save money on groceries easily, but you can do it easily just by subscribing to all of the blogs listed on this page. Stop making excuses and start saving money!