How To Get Companies To Text Exclusive Coupons To Your Mobile Phone

Your phone is essential for a lot of things.

With it, you can enter contests. You call your parents on the weekend. You waste time while waiting in line playing a game.

But did you know that your phone and text messages can get you exclusive savings? You’ve heard of cutting out coupons and finding online sales. But with text messages, all that work is done for you.

Whether you choose to shop online or in store, there are many ways that you can save even more on your purchases with text message coupon codes.

Here, we’ll share how you can use text message lists to get secret and exclusive coupons right to your phone.

Join the Club

In order to begin receiving text message coupon codes to save you money, you’ve got to join the club. Literally.

Once you submit your name, phone number and any additional information requested from the retailer, you’ll receive coupon codes.

Article from Torrey Kim from The Balance and The Krazy Coupon Lady note ways to get started in saving with your favorite stores. Below are just a few stores and restaurants with ways to enroll in their coupon club. If you don’t see your favorite store on the list, be sure to visit their website to find out how you can get savings right to your phone:

  • Applebees – Create an online account on the website
  • Chipotle – text “SIGNUP” to 888222 or enter your phone number on the website
  • Hy-Vee – download the mobile app to get coupons
  • Meijer – sign up for mPerks on the website and clip coupons
  • AMC Theaters – download the mobile app for savings
  • Kohl’s – text “SAVE” to 56457
  • Macy’s – text “JOIN” to 62297
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond – text OFFER1 to 239663 or enter your phone number on their website
  • Walgreens – enter your number online

And so many more opportunities to save. Check out your store’s website to find out what text message savings they may offer you for joining their club.

Use Your Coupons Right From Your Phone

Have you ever experienced cutting out paper coupons, plan to take them shopping with you only to arrive at the store and realize you’ve forgotten them?

With text message coupon codes, you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring along your paper coupons.

Most likely, you take your phone everywhere you go. Why not take opportunities to save with you, too?

When you receive a message on your phone from a restaurant or retailer, it will usually provide a code and a short expiration date for you to use the deal by. While these deals are often similar to the print and other digital coupons you can find, receiving them via text helps you not to miss them.

Since these coupons come through as texting, these coupons are most effective when you have unlimited texting. If extra fees come along with sending and receiving text messages, the added costs may not be worth the savings you find through text.

If you don’t have unlimited texting or if you’d prefer to not receive texts but still don’t want to miss out on any deals, most retailers have a reward program or a mobile app you can download to have the opportunity to save.

And, if at any time you want to remove yourself from the texting list of receiving offers, you can usually text back with the word “STOP” to cease future communication.

Check Out With Your Phone

An added bonus of utilizing your mobile device in finding savings is the opportunity for location services. Sometimes, when a retailer detects that you’re near a location or you’re in the store, you’ll get a notification on your phone with added ways to save.

Once you’ve selected your coupons and are ready to check out, using texted coupons is often just as easy as showing your phone to the cashier to scan.

If the coupon doesn’t read from your phone right away, try brightening up your screen. If it still doesn’t work, ask if the cashier can just type in a code.

Maximize Your Savings

Unlike paper coupons that can be easily lost, ripped or damaged, coupons you receive as a text message are digital and stay safe. These digital coupons may also offer additional opportunities to get the best savings possible.

For example, ask the cashier or look on the store’s website to find out if you can stack text coupons with other coupons. If you can use more than one coupon on an order or item, you can really start seeing the savings add up.

If a coupon code has expired, don’t delete it quite yet. Although rare, some retailers may still accept coupon codes even after their expiration date.

Savings is Just a Text Away

If you’re looking for a new, convenient and easy way to save more money as you shop, texting coupons is a great option.

So next time you see that notification on your phone with a new message, it may just be a new opportunity to save.