Best Cheap Coffee (And Where to Find It)

For many, the day begins with the delightful brew of fresh, hot coffee. Whether you brew at home or stop by your local shop on your way to work or school, that morning cup can make a difference. Even if you don’t rely on it for energy, that rich flavor is a tradition few would give up. 

But stopping by your local shop or getting high-end specialty roasted beans for every cup can add up. Coffee is important, but you still want a good deal on it. From k-cups to whole bean to roasted grounds, you’ve got choices when it comes to selecting your at-home brew. 

Before exploring your coffee options, know what types you like. Do you demand a strong dark roast to wake you up or do you prefer a light roast to warm up to. Do you like flavored coffee varieties or prefer to appreciate the flavor of the roast. Do you buy whole bean or ground? These questions are important to know before making your decision. 

If you’re looking to make a change from spending $5 on that everyday latté, you can get great tasting coffee to brew at home for a fraction of that cost per cup. And you don’t even have to sacrifice great flavor for a lower price. To help you save on that cup to kickstart your day, here we share some of the best options for cheap coffee, as well as where you can pick some up today. 

Tim Hortons 

This brand isn’t just for donuts and breakfast sandwiches. Their coffee selection brings great flavor at a great price. Choose from a variety of options from whole bean to ground to coffee pods. Ground coffee is just about $0.62 per ounce. Partnership with coffee farmers ensures high quality and sustainability for their environments. You can find these varieties on Amazon, at many grocery retailers as well as online

Seattle’s Best 

A Starbucks brand, Seattle’s Best coffee varieties are a great option when you can’t quite splurge on high-end blends. They offer a wide variety of roasts so you can pick and choose which flavor profile delights your tastebuds. Choose from light, medium and dark roasts that are roasted and crafted with excellence. Find it in both coffee pods and ground varieties to meet your caffeine cravings. Find it in your favorite grocery store, add it to your cart on Amazon or order it online right from Seattle’s Best

Eight O’Clock 

Perfect for any time of day, this coffee brand comes in coffee pods, ground and whole bean varieties so you can get what works or you. At just $0.42 per ounce, their ground coffee is a great choice for a cheap yet delicious blend. Get it on Amazon, the grocery store or online.

Peet’s Coffee 

Choose from a variety of blends and roasts from Peet’s Coffee at a great price. Satisfy your tastebuds in your morning cup. You can also get your whole bean, or ground coffee or coffee pods to help you craft your cup just the way you like. Whether you like your coffee bold in a dark roast or softer in a lighter roast, you can find what you like with Peet’s Coffee. And at $0.54 per ounce, you can keep your coffee habit going all day long. Find it at your grocery store, on Amazon or online, along with other great coffee-inspired merchandise. 


When you think of affordable coffee brands, Folgers is bound to be included. This common brand has become the largest selling ground coffee in the United States and is a great option for buying in bulk or coffee pods. Choose from a variety of roasts to match your flavor preferences. This standard flavor comes at a great price of just $0.44 per ounce, depending on your buying choice. Pick some up while you’re out at the grocery store or shopping online.  


Rather than venturing through the drive-thru, brew your own cup of MickeyD’s at home. McDonald’s brand of coffee, McCafé offers a variety of blends and flavors that are sure to help wake you up. Choose from coffee pods or ground for a quick cup to get you ready for work or school. At just around $0.30 per ounce for ground coffee, you can find this selection in your local grocery store or on Amazon

Archer Farms 

If you do a lot of your shopping at Target, try out their brand of coffee, Archer Farms. Choose from whole bean, ground and coffee pods in a variety of roasts. You can also find flavored favorites like pumpkin spice, mocha, french vanilla, hazelnut and many more. Try their wide selection to discover what you love, for less. At around $0.83 per ounce, these flavored varieties are affordable enough for you to try them all. Find them at Target in-store or online and on Amazon.

Maxwell House

For a truly cheap brand of coffee, Maxwell House’s price point of around $0.24 per ounce is hard to beat. But keep in mind that with a lower price may also come with a lower quality taste. It’s a great option for the occasional coffee drinker who wouldn’t consider themselves a coffee connoisseur. Find it at your grocery store and on Amazon.  

Dunkin’ Donuts 

Find a bright and delicious blend to go well with your breakfast with a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee drink. Choose from a variety of roasts and flavors at a great price. Their medium roast ground coffee is just $0.49 per ounce, making it a great option whether you stick with just one morning cup or drink all day. Find it on Amazon, at the grocery store and online

Start Your Day With a Delightful – and Affordable – Cup 

Getting that morning cup of coffee doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your budget. With these great coffee brands, you can brew your own coffee right in the comfort of your own home. When you brew it yourself, you can choose exactly how strong to make it and add in the creamer and sugar you prefer. Save money on your pick-me-up and try out a cheap coffee blend.