Best Android Coupon Apps

Everyone likes to save money.

You may opt to cut out coupons from the daily or weekly newspaper to save those extra dollars. You may subscribe to your favorite brands’ emails and special membership lists. You look for deals and are wise with your money.

On your phone, you can purchase your next outfit in just a few taps. You can put your groceries on order with a few swipes. Most people seem to always have their phone with them, so the opportunity to shop is constantly around them.

But in addition to making purchases, your Android smartphone can also help you save money in a big way. With a plethora of applications you can download on your Android phone, savings on the purchases you make are now also just a few taps away.

Here, we share what couponing apps are and some of the best apps that you should download on your Android right now.

Why Couponing Apps?

Couponing apps save you from having to fumble around with paper coupons or missing out on savings because you forgot to print out your online offer. Many phone apps allow you to look through a large list of available coupons and “clip” them right there in the app. You can then use these apps to save money at checkout.

Using your phone to collect coupons is a quick and efficient way to get savings on the purchases you make everyday. There’s no need to remember to bring along your collection of paper savings. As long as you’ve got your phone on you, your savings are right at your fingertips.

So what are some of the best apps to get to save money with just your Android phone? Not all apps have the exact same features that you should be looking for in a quality application to download. Thankfully, articles from MoneyCrashers and AndroidAuthority provide insight into the most efficient and user-friendly apps out there. Here, we share 11 of the best Android apps for coupons to get you saving money today.

1) SnipSnap

When you’re looking for quick coupons from a variety of retailers, check out SnipSnap. With this app, you can carry your coupons with you wherever you go. SnipSnap acts as like a large collection of usable in-store coupons that you can easily find.

How does it work? All you need to do is take a picture of a printed offer and the app transforms the photo into text, images and barcodes that can be scanned at a store. The app is free and great for people who want to get coupons quickly and easily without having to excessively scroll through long lists of available coupons.

Great features in the app include things such as a coupon finder that notifies you of deals when you walk into a store, scannable coupons, a coupon database and an expiration date alert that lets you know when you have a deal that’s about to expire.


When you need coupons right at the tip of your fingers, check out the application for Android. The app works by getting you money when you take a picture of your receipt. It’s like getting paid to shop. You can find hundreds of coupons and enhances convenience of having savings quickly and easily.

3) Ebates

When you’re looking for an app that gets you rebates on what you purchase all the time, Ebates is a great way to go. This app works by getting you cash back on the things you buy. Ebates also offers coupons, giving you two easy ways to save while shopping. Like the popular website, the Ebates app for Android allows you to take your savings on the go with a convenient app you can access while shopping online or in store.

4) ShopKick

Wouldn’t you like to be rewarded for shopping? With the app ShopKick on your Android, you can rack up reward points while also getting deals at the same time.

The app works by using your location to provide you with deals and savings opportunities when you need them. With the deals coming directly to you, you can save a lot of time without having to scroll through lists of available coupons and deals.

5) Yowza

Unlike other coupon apps that are based off users uploading and sharing coupons, Yowza takes a different approach. Yowza’s platform allows retailers to post their own coupons and savings opportunities.

Yowza also has a large selection of coupons from leading restaurants and retailers so you can find a deal for wherever you go and whatever you do. You can save time by being able to download and scan your coupons and deals right from the application on your Android device.

Although this free app may not have as extensive of a collection of other coupon apps, it may have greater opportunities to save at your particular store as retailers are the ones who submit the coupons.

6) GroceryiQ

When you hit up the grocery store to get those essentials, Grocery iQ is a great app to check out as you shop. With Grocery iQ, you won’t need to collect all those paper coupons from the newspapers. With this free app, you can create your grocery lists and find coupons that match your purchases.

This app also allows you to connect your rewards and loyalty cards so that you can have all your savings opportunities in just one place. While some coupons won’t be able to scanned directly from the app, this app does make it easier to find those savings on your grocery runs.

7) Checkout51

In addition to couponing, apps can also get you cash back on things you’ve already purchased. One such app is Checkout 51. This app gets you money for the things you buy anyway. With this method, you don’t even need to bring coupons to the store with you. Instead, you earn cash back by taking a picture of your receipts.

The Android app Checkout 51 scans your receipt when you upload a picture of it. It will find offers and rewards based on what you’ve purchased with little effort. Then, you can cash out once your account reaches $20. It’s a quick, efficient way to get a few bucks back from what you’ve already purchased.

8) Coupons App

With new deals each day, the Coupons App for Android is your place to find quick deals right on your phone. No need to print off coupons – simply search through coupons and claim them to scan right from your device.

Other features include the opportunity to get notifications of things you want to know about such as cheap gas prices and new deals you’re interested in. Coupons App houses a lot of coupons from a variety of stores, which makes it easy to find a deal that will come in handy when you’re shopping.

9) Coupon Sherpa

When you’re looking for coupons for both online and in-store, Coupon Sherpa is your app for your Android phone. This app works by searching product-specific coupons and those for in-store and online retailers to get you the deals and savings you want.

Search coupons from the app to save to your wallet. While you may need to print off select coupons in order for them to be valid, many of the coupons you can keep right on your phone. When you’re in checkout, then scan the coupon to get your savings right then and there.

You can even customize the app to save specific stores that you frequently visit. Make your shopping experience easy and efficient with applications such as Coupon Sherpa.

10) Groupon

Whether you’re looking for deals on products or experiences, Groupon is your answer. Groupon is a well-known site that has a convenient, user-friendly app you can access right from your Android phone.

With new daily deals and savings on everything from trips to clothing to restaurants to new adventures, it’s worth checking out Groupon before planning your next outing. You may just find a deal you won’t be able to pass up.

11) CardStar

Loyalty cards are a great way to go when looking to earn back a few bucks while shopping. With the app CardStar for your Android phone, you can keep all your important loyalty cards right in your phone. No need to fumble around with physical cards at checkout. Instead, the cashier can scan your card on your phone through the CardStar app.

Another feature of CardStar is the ability to store information such as phone numbers and login information for your rewards or loyalty membership with a particular store. Stay in the know with rewards by getting the CardStar app.

Move Beyond The Printed Coupons

Getting coupons from the newspaper is a way to save money while shopping. However, it’s not the only way. With user-friendly and convenient apps for your Android phone, saving money with coupons can always be at the tip of your fingers. WIth these apps, you won’t need to carry around your binder full of coupons. Instead, check out these free apps and start saving wherever you go.