31 Places With Free WiFi In Every City

If you’re a true penny pincher, you might hate the thought of paying for overpriced wireless internet at home. Not to worry – this luxury is available for free in many public places. Read on to find 31 places near you that offer free WiFi, and never pay for wireless internet access again!

1. McDonald’s

You might think that public WiFi networks are congested and slow, but McDonald’s offers WiFi that’s actually twice as fast as other public networks.

2. Burger King

Burger King wasn’t far behind McDonald’s in offering free WiFi.

3. Wendy’s

Wendy’s has also jumped on the free WiFi bandwagon.

4. Arby’s

Competing with the big boys, Arby’s is yet another fast food chain that offers free WiFi.

5. Chick-fil-A

The fast food chain built on Christian values offers free WiFi alongside great customer service.

6. Taco Bell

Tacos and free WiFi! What could be better?

7. Subway

Escape the office for a lunch break without compromising your work with Subway’s free WiFi.

8. Starbucks

Our suggestion: buy a tall coffee (the cheapest drink on the menu) and make it last while you browse for free.

9. Dunkin’ Donuts

 “America Runs on Dunkin’,” and it’s free WiFi – perfect for some early morning email checking.

10. Panera Bread

To access Panera Bread’s free WiFi, available in most of its stores, you first must enable a wireless adapter on your laptop through the Network and Sharing Center in your Control Panel.

11. Buffalo Wild Wings

Cut out the pricey sports channels from your cable bill and head to Buffalo Wild Wings for free sports, free WiFi and affordable happy hour specials.

12. Target

If the Target near you has a café (which many do), take a seat and hop onto Target’s free WiFi network.

13. Kohl’s

Sometimes Kohl’s will offer you a coupon just for logging onto their WiFi – couponers, rejoice!

14. Walmart

Walmart was a bit late in the game to join the others in the free WiFi movement, but they finally offer it in many of their over 5,000 stores nationwide.

15. Whole Foods

We know… not the most frugal of grocery stores. But most Whole Foods locations have a café where you can sit and browse for free!

16. Staples

Not the most relaxing environment, but if you’re near one and need to send a quick email or jump on the internet for a few minutes, pop on in.

17. Office Depot

Again, it’s not a comfy café, but it’ll do.

18. Best Buy

Another place that’s good for a quick use of the internet. Be sure to take advantage of the computers, smartphones and tablets on display! Like McDonald’s, Best Buy has one of the fastest public WiFi networks.

19. Lowe’s

Access your home improvement Pinterest board without wasting cellular data.

20. Barnes & Noble

Most Barnes & Noble stores have a Starbucks inside with free WiFi. Curl up near the coffee shop and browse away!

21. Apple Store

The Apple Store has fast and free WiFi due to the need to test mobile apps. Since most Apple Stores are located within a mall, take a seat outside of the store and jump onto their WiFi without being bothered.

22. Hotels

Most chain hotels offer free WiFi in both their guestrooms and social spaces. If you aren’t staying at the hotel but want to use their WiFi, nobody should bother you if you hang out in the lobby or coffee shop of the hotel.

23. Public Libraries

If you don’t want to feel pressured to spend money while surfing the internet, head to your local library.

24. Gyms

If you decide to pay for a gym membership, be sure to take advantage of their free WiFi if they offer it.

25. Hospitals

Nobody really chooses to spend time in a hospital. Whatever the reason you’re there, pass the time on the hospital’s free WiFi network.

26. Airports

Not all airports offer free WiFi, but many do either throughout the entire airport or within a specific waiting area. 

27. Public Parks

Some public parks, especially within big cities, now offer free WiFi so you can get some work done while enjoying the fresh air.

28. Public Transportation

Buses, trains and ferries all over the U.S. continue to add free WiFi for travelers.

29. Malls

Some malls offer free WiFi throughout, while others only offer it within their food courts.

30. Museums

Going online is probably the last thing you’re doing at a museum, but if you need WiFi for some reason, most museums offer it for free.

31.  County Courthouses

Hopefully you don’t have a need to visit your county courthouse, but if you find yourself there you’ll likely discover free WiFi.