31 Low-Cost & Original Wedding Gift Ideas For Any Couple

Weddings. They’re a fun time to get together with friends and family to celebrate. They may involve some stress, but overall, it’s a joyous occasion.

If you’re planning on attending a wedding, you may be on the search for the perfect wedding gift to give your friends or family.

The lovely couple may have registered at a few stores to help guide you in your search. You’d love to go crazy and get them the crock pot, the immersion blender and the high-power vacuum.

But what if you’re on a really tight budget and can’t spring for those purchases?

You can still get them a great wedding gift even if you’re on a restrictive budget. Your gift will still show that you care about them.

Here, we share 31 low-cost wedding gift ideas that are sure to delight the newly married couple – and save you a few bucks at the same time.

  1. Juicer – If the happy couple is into juice cleanses and healthy eating, a juicer would be a great addition for their kitchen. While there are some juicer options that can have a fairly high price tag, there are more affordable options that work just as well.
  2. Journal with Notes – If you’re more of the sentimental person, a journal with personal notes can be a great idea for the newlyweds. You can fill the journal with advice, encouraging quotes or helpful tips in navigating marriage. A journal is a great add-on that adds a lot of meaning without hurting your wallet.
  3. Wall Art – Especially if the couple is moving into a new house or apartment, wall art can instantly add a pop of color and make their space more like home. Even better, wall art comes in a variety of styles, colors, designs and price points so you can find something they’ll love while still staying within your budget.
  4. Picture Frame – Like wall art, picture frames can add a touch of home to wherever they may be moving to. Especially with all their new photos from all the wedding festivities and the honeymoon, they’ll want a nice place to display all those memories. Picture frames come in a variety of styles and colors, so it can be easy for you to find one they’ll love.
  5. Dinner in a Basket – Save them a trip to the grocery store and pack up the ingredients needed for a meal. Spaghetti and pasta is an easy option that you can make beautiful – especially if the basket you use is a colander.
  6. Kitchen Gadgets – Although highly valuable when you need them, kitchen gadgets can be fairly inexpensive to purchase. Collect some of the more useful and handy kitchen tools and throw them together in a fun mixing bowl. The happy couple will be so thankful when searching around for that spatula.
  7. Home Cleaning Products – A fun wedding gift that can be both inexpensive and practical is a basket full of house cleaning products. While it may not be the most glamorous gift basket, they’ll be so grateful when they spill coffee on the kitchen counter or need some super glue to fix something.
  8. Cookbook – Whether the bride and groom know their way around a kitchen well or cooking is a new concept for them, a cookbook is a great wedding gift option. You can personalize the gift by selecting a cooking or baking style that fits them. Cookbooks are practical and encourage them to spend time together in the kitchen.
  9. Streaming Service Subscription – Plan a at-home date night for them with a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or other streaming service. A gift of a year long membership of one or more of these services can help save them money and have another opportunity to spend time together.
  10. Vacuum – While it may not win points for beauty or style, a vacuum is an essential every new family needs to have. It’s practical and is something they’ll be sure to use quite often. They come in a variety of price ranges with different features so you can find one they’ll love.
  11. Christmas Ornament – Christmas ornaments are a great homemade wedding gift idea perfect for a new couple. Whether you personalize it yourself or purchase it customized, an ornament is a thoughtful gift the couple will enjoy for years to come.
  12. Beach Bag – If the couple lives near water and are visitors at the beach, a collection of fun beach essentials can be a great, inexpensive wedding gift idea. Toss in some towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and they’ll be set to go for a beach date.
  13. Coffee Maker – If the couple requires a little bit of caffeine to get going in the morning, a home coffee maker is a thoughtful and useful gift they are sure to love. You can spring for a high-end fancy coffee maker or choose a more basic yet effective coffee maker.
  14. Personalized Mugs – Personalized mugs with their initials or “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or some other cute saying is a great gift idea for those coffee or tea drinkers. Each time they pour themselves a cup, they’ll think of you.
  15. Custom Towels – With just some fabric and thread, and some sewing skills, you can transform boring towels into personalized mementos for the new couple. Choose from a variety of towels and either sew or screen print their names, “Mr. & Mrs.” or some other cute saying.
  16. Magazine Subscription – Do the newlyweds have a favorite magazine they look forward to every month? Surprise them with a subscription to their magazines they can’t get enough of.
  17. Book of Stamps – You know they’re going to have to send out a lot of thank you cards. Help cover the cost of sending them by giving them a book of stamps. It’s a small yet practical gift that will give them one less thing to think about.
  18. Coasters – Whether their coffee table is brand new or made of the remnants of a wood pallet, they’ll want coasters. Get creative with the kind of coaster you could give them and how you can personalize them to make them unique to the bride and groom.
  19. Houseplants – Add some life to their new living space with a houseplant or succulent that’s easy to take care of. This simple yet thoughtful gift can add a pop of color and make their new space feel more like home.
  20. Meal Delivery Service – A meal delivery service, such as Plated, Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, can be a great wedding gift idea for those with busy lives yet want to start cooking. These services allow for them to select the types of foods they enjoy and plan their meals on their schedule.
  21. Frozen Meals – Especially for those with busy schedules when dinner is more of an afterthought, encourage dinner time together by providing frozen meals. Meals where all they need to do is heat it up and eat are super convenient and thoughtful.
  22. Blankets – Do you have a skill for knitting or crocheting? Put your talents to work in making a handcrafted blanket to keep them warm and cozy all year long.
  23. Make a Donation – If the couple has a passion for a particular nonprofit or ministry, consider making a donation to that organization in their name. Not only will you show you care about what they care about, but you’ll also be helping others.
  24. Wine – Does the couple have a favorite kind of wine? Find out what it is and wrap it up in a cute, decorative bag as a wedding gift. They’ll appreciate a bottle to open when all the champagne from the wedding is gone.
  25. Baking Supplies – Encourage the newlyweds to get their baking on with a collection of fun baking essentials like aprons, spatulas and measuring cups.
  26. Waffle Maker – If the couple loves breakfast foods, a waffle maker could be the perfect addition to their cooking arsenal. You can find these appliances fairly inexpensive yet highly useful.
  27. Gift Cards – While you may not see gift cards as the most exciting gift idea, you can get creative with including cards perfect for them to spend on a date night or a weekend away.
  28. Wine of the Month Club – If the couple is all about wine, a monthly subscription to a wine of the month club is a great way they can try new kinds and maybe find a new favorite.
  29. Tickets to an Event – Especially for the bride and groom who loves going out and doing things, tickets to events is a great way they can spend time together.
  30. Blender – A blender is a practical and highly useful kitchen appliance they are sure to get a lot of use from.
  31. Book of the Month Club Subscription – For the couple who loves to read, a subscription to a book of the month program can keep them reading all year long.

Even if your budget is tight for a wedding present, you can still get your friends or family a great gift they are sure to love.