About Grasshopper

Grasshopper is perfect for the small to medium sized business. We help you save with a Grasshopper coupon code. Grasshopper PBX is marketed as “The Entrepreneur’s Phone System,” and, in essence, it is exactly that. Grasshopper is an online phone service that allows entrepreneurs to set up a professional phone system that can be accessed from anywhere with a single mobile device. Here, we take a look at each one and evaluate what they can do for your company.

Good: Grasshopper Ramp
What you get: ​To begin, every Grasshopper PBX package comes with a set of “Included Features.” These Included Features include: A Custom Main Greeting, Unlimited Extensions, On Hold Music, A Name Directory, Unlimited Call Handling, Conference Calling, A Voice Studio, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, and Voicemail/Fax to Email.

With the Ramp package, you get all of these features for 500 minutes per month, plus access to 1 Toll Free/Local Number. That being said, the Ramp package is a great place to start for the home user and small business owner alike.

Better: Grasshopper Grow
What you get: ​The Grasshopper Grow package comes with all Included Features and gives you 2,000 minutes of usage per month. In addition, the Grow package will boost you up to 2 Toll Free/Local Phone numbers, giving you the freedom to expand operations at any time.

Best: Grasshopper Max
What you get: At 10,000 minutes per month, the Grasshopper Max package is designed for businesses with heavy phone usage, such as those that provide extensive customer support. This plan also gives you 1 additional phone number, raising your total to three.

Grasshopper PBX offers a creative and affordable solution to a system that every business needs. By linking professional phone service to the mobile device, Grasshopper PBX can allow entrepreneurs to remain both organized and in communiqué wherever they may happen to be. For these reasons, we give Grasshopper PBX a 4.3/5.

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