The Ultimate Guide To The Top 50 Employee Discount Programs

When it comes to selecting the right organization for you, there are often many factors to consider. From location to wages to hours to management to opportunities for growth, the characteristics of the company you choose to work for can be greatly influential in your professional goals.

As you navigate and consider employment at a particular organization, you’ll want to get a sense of the company culture and the relationships between management and their employees. Such interactions can speak volumes to how you feel you’ll fit in with coworkers and those from other departments. This building of company culture can also come through social sustainability and environmental causes. It is also often evident through perks and benefits offered to employees to motivate, inspire and continue on in a positive work environment.

Often, organizations will implement benefit and discount programs specifically designed for their employees to use. These benefit programs often come through offering some sort of discount on the company’s products or services. While most companies are known for offering benefits such as health insurance, investment opportunities and commissions, discount programs are an additional way to promote business growth and help employees simultaneously.

Employee discount programs allow the company to stay profitable while continuing to invest in their team members. These programs also help management stay competitive and appealing to employees in an effort to reduce turnover. Through it all, these employee discount programs can boost morale and inspire company engagement, essential components of a thriving workforce.

Each company has its own method of going about providing an employee discount program. And often, each program is designed to provide employees benefits they actually really want while continuously adding value to the organization.

If you’re not aware of your employee discount program currently, it may be worth a look to see if you could be experiencing rewards just because of where you work. To help you get started, here we share a list of the top 50 employee discount programs below:

1. Hilton Employee Discount

Hilton hotels have employee benefit programs called the Go Hilton Team Member and Family & Friends Travel Programs. Designed to promote leisure, these programs are for eligible for discounted rates on hotel rooms as well as food and beverage discounts. These programs help both employees and their family and friends experience benefits as they travel within the Hilton family. Team members can track their room nights easily to know exactly what they can expect as they make reservations and check-in. With helpful discounts for employees and their loved ones, Hilton makes it easy to celebrate their teams.

2. Verizon Employee Discount

The Verizon Connections employee benefit program provides those eligible a $10 discount on a Fios Triple Play order as well as a $5 discount on a Fios or HSI Double Play. However you choose to bundle your phone, internet and TV, there’s a savings opportunity for employees. See if your state provides these discounts by visiting their website. With additional trade-in programs and other opportunities, getting your tech set with your employer is easy.  

3. Apple Employee Discount

Apple employees can get impressive benefits for their new tech purchases, including an annual 25% discount on several Apple products. And, every three years, employees can get an extra $250 off an iPad purchase or $500 off a computer. Most often, Apple employees can purchase software at 50% off. Apple also offers several other perks and health related-benefits such as maternity leave, gym credits and much more.

4. Best Buy Employee Discount

Best Buy offers its employees a typical range of 5-10% off certain items in store. While there are quite a few restrictions on what you’re able to purchase at a discounted price, using this benefit can help you save money on those products you want anyway.

5. Amazon Employee Discount

In addition to several other appealing benefits and perks, employees of Amazon receive an annual discount on products sold and shipped through Amazon. Typically, this discount is at 10% for purchases up to $1,000. Employees are also open to stock options that benefit you as the employee and the company overall.

6. AT&T Employee Discount

Get wireless service through your employer as a team member at AT&T. Through their Mobile Share Plus plan, you can enjoy helpful resources and features in all your digital and device needs. As an employee, you may also be eligible for discounts on purchasing new devices and other accessories through AT&T.

7. Foot Locker Employee Discount

Show off your new kicks while at work with the employee discount program offered through Foot Locker. Sales associates can receive a 30% discount on their shoe purchases in the United States. Whether tennis shoes, casual loafers or winter boots, this discount can get you that new footwear you’re looking for, and for less just because of where you work.

8. GM Employee Discount

The GM Family First discount program includes the whole family in offering the employee unique benefits for their work. The level of benefits you can experience increase with your years of service, too. This opportunity provides GM employees and their eligible family members at a discounted price that is below MSRP. Certain vehicles are eligible, and using this discount is an easy process.  

9. Target Employee Discount

Save some money as you go out on your Target run – that’s not work-related – with an employee discount at this popular retailer. Target employees can get a 10% discount on in-store and online purchases at With a Target Visa card, you can continue to save.

10. Walmart Employee Discount

Working at Walmart allows you a 10% discount with their associate discount card on items including fresh produce and regularly priced merchandise at Walmart stores and on Employees can utilize their discount to get the essentials they need and maybe treat themselves to what they want. 

11. Marriott Employee Discount

Stay in a luxurious hotel at a better discount because of where you work. Marriott International employees can receive discounts and specialized room rates during their stay at Marriott hotels. Employees can also receive a discount on retail items at hotels as well.

12. Sprint Employee Discount

As an employee at Sprint, you can be eligible for a simple 25% discount on your services. Their SprintWorks program for employees, students and organizations can help you get the savings you want because of how you’re associated.

13. T-Mobile Employee Discount

Get the services you need for less as a member of the T-Mobile family. Their benefits overview include a Mobile Service Discount that gives you a special T-Mobile ONE rate plan that provides you access to the connections you really want. You’ll also get a 25% discount on products and accessories. Your family can also enjoy the benefits of your discount within reason as well.

14. Lowe’s Employee Discount

At Lowe’s you can really get going on your home renovations with an added employee discount of 10% for Lowe’s products. This discount is on top of other benefits like insurance and retirement plans as well as vacation policies. With this helpful discount, getting going on those home renovations or clean up projects is even easier. 

15. GameStop Employee Discount

Employees at GameStop can try out the games and products they sell with a discount on their products usually somewhere between 10-20% depending on location and the products purchased.

16. Lululemon Employee Discount

If you can’t get enough of Lululemon clothing items, you might just want to get a job there. Employees who work full-time can get a 60% discount on products. Part-time employees can get a discount too, of 40% off products. While this discount can’t be shared with friends and family, it’s a great opportunity to get the clothing you crave at a price you can better afford.

17. Nordstrom Employee Discount

At Nordstrom, employees can use their discount to get 20% off their purchases for both themselves and their eligible family and friends. With such a wide selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and much more, employees can dress for success at a discount because of where they work. For employees who receive additional recognition, their discount can be up to 33% off their purchases.

18. Sephora Employee Discount

Save on the beauty items you’re surrounded with at work with a 40% discount on Sephora brand-name items as an employee. You’ll also get an extra 20% off on other brand name products in the store.

19. Ulta Employee Discount

As an associate at Ulta Beauty, employees can receive a 25% discount on all their retail product purchases with Ulta. When employees take advantage of their specialized salon services, they can receive a 50% discount on those services.

20. Costco Employee Discount

If free samples and affordable bulk items weren’t enough, employees at Costco can receive discounts on their pharmacy services through their location. They also have the opportunity to invest in company stock and additional health and wealth benefits.

21. Ford Employee Discount

Employees at Ford Motor Company can take advantage of their AXZ Plan to help support current or retired employees and their friends and family members. Those eligible can receive special pricing on their vehicle purchases.

22. Kohl’s Employee Discount

Eligible associates at Kohl’s can receive 15% off their purchases of clothes, accessories, toys, shoes and much more. Kohl’s even offers additional discount and savings opportunities throughout the year to spend and save with their friends and family members.

23. Macy’s Employee Discount

This retailer of clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products and much more offers their employees a discount of 20% off their purchases. Some merchandise items may be eligible for a 10% discount, such as electronics. This discount is available at both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s locations as well as online.

24. Nike Employee Discount

Employees can get the latest and greatest in workout apparel with a generous discount at their Nike stores. In addition to other great company perks, this discount can help save employees money and represent the Nike brand.

25. Chase Employee Discount

Employees of Chase can get rewards and discounts on many of their regular purchases including things such as banking services, electronics, travel and much more. Employee health and satisfaction is highlighted through entertainment and fitness programs discounts as well.

26. Chrysler Employee Discount

The Chrysler Advantage Program allows eligible employees and other participants to purchase or lease new vehicle brands and get helpful benefits and discounts. The process is easy to navigate and designed to provide value for the employees and their friends or family.

27. Urban Outfitters Employee Discount

Employees at Urban Outfitters can enjoy a regular 25% discount on their purchases year-round at Urban Outfitters. However, employees can also take advantage of special employee appreciation events throughout the year to get a 40% discount on their clothing and accessory purchases. This offer is also available to family members and a significant other of employees.

28. American Eagle Employee Discount

Team members can get the latest styles and trends in clothing and accessories with a regular 40% discount on their purchases. Their discount percentage may also increase depending on inventory levels and putting out new merchandise. Employees can use their discount to help them get the hottest new looks and represent the American Eagle brand. 

29. Cabela’s Employee Discount

This retailer of outdoor and recreational activity equipment offers its employees a discount on their purchases depending on the length of time they’ve been with the company. While the actual percentage varies from employee to employee, all can experience savings on the great products they help sell.

30. Dell Employee Discount

Dell’s Employee Purchase Program allows employees to purchase devices at an additional 17% discount. The discount is available for a variety of products and services to help get the employees what they need.

31. Enterprise Employee Discount

Car rental service Enterprise offers its employees several discount, benefits and rewards opportunities for those working both full-time or part-time. These benefits come in addition to health insurance coverages, paid time off and other financial benefits.

32. IBM Employee Discount

The IBM Employee Purchase Program allows IBM contractors, employees and other qualified friends and family to receive up to 25% off their PC purchase. They’re also eligible to receive other benefits like free shipping and extended warranties so they can continue to reap their benefits.

33. Old Navy Employee Discount

Employees of the Gap Inc. brand can receive 50% off their regular-priced merchandise at major stores including Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. When shopping at the Outlet, employees can receive a 30% discount and additionally save 25% when shopping at the Athleta brand. The discount can be shared with spouses or domestic partners as well so employees can pass on the savings.

34. Victoria Secret Employee Discount

At Victoria Secret stores, employees receive a 20% discount initially upon hire. However, that savings opportunity increases to 30% after two months working part-time and up to 40% for those who work full-time.

35. Walgreens Employee Discount

Employees at Walgreens can get their essentials for less with using 25% off Walgreens brands such as Well, No7 and Nice!. Employees can continue to save with an extra 15% off other national brands, as well. While there are some limitations, this discount provides a great opportunity for employees to get what they need with the benefits of where they work.

36. Whole Foods Employee Discount

Employees can get groceries for less when they do their shopping where they work. At Whole Foods, employees can get the benefits they want like a 20% in-store discount for each and every team member. After employees are there for over six months, their percentage of savings can increase to 30% to get to saving even more.

37. CVS Employee Discount

CVS offers its employees opportunities to thrive in their physical, financial and professional health through benefit packages and savings opportunities. Actual package details vary based on location and other factors. This employee discount is just another way CVS helps to promote the health and well-being of the community.

38. Starbucks Employee Discount

With a commitment to investing in their teams, Starbucks offers its partners, or employees, a 30% discount on their beverages, food and other merchandise purchases. Partners can also receive one pound of coffee or tea for free each week they can take home and celebrate the quality of Starbucks coffee. These generous discounts come alongside numerous other perks the corporation offers including tuition benefits, health insurances, affiliate discounts and so much more.

39. Adidas Employee Discount

Employees at Adidas can follow the latest trends in athletic wear easily with a generous discount on both online and in-store purchases. While the exact discount percentage may vary, employees can utilize their discount with their friends and family to get the look they want and sell.

40. Anthropologie Employee Discount

Employees at Anthropologie can receive a 40% discount on all their clothing apparel at the trendy and popular retailer. When decorating for their home or buying gifts, employees can also take advantage of a 25% savings opportunity on home products and other decor items. This discount is not eligible on sale items but can be a great perk for team members.

41. Dick’s Sporting Goods Employee Discount

At this popular sporting goods store, employees can receive a 10-25% discount on their purchases. This includes items such as apparel, workout accessories and even larger recreational items. While certain items are excluded, it’s a great savings opportunity to help employees get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

42. Disney Employee Discount

As part of the Disney team, employees can receive beneficial discounts on parks and resort outings including hotels, dining, merchandise and much more. After two weeks of employment, employees can also receive main entrance admission and celebrate new attractions early.  

43. Microsoft Employee Discount

Employees at Microsoft provide several benefits including an employee discount that provides impressive savings opportunities on Microsoft products through the store. Employees can also join the Microsoft PRIME discount opportunities that provide savings on common, everyday purchases designed to add value to employees.

44. Barnes & Noble Employee Discount

Barnes & Noble bookstore offers its employees a 50% discount on all cafe items in-store. Additionally, employees can receive a 30% discount off merchandise on the book floor so they can get the new books and products they are interested in. They can also receive a 20% off their music purchases. This discount excludes sale items.

45. Bath & Body Works Employee Discount

Employees at Bath & Body Works stores can receive a 20% discount when they first begin working. After they work two months, part-time employees are eligible for a 30% discount on their purchases while full-time associates can receive a discount of 40% off their purchases.

46. Express Employee Discount

Employees at Express can reap the benefits of a helpful employee discount on their clothing purchases. While the exact percentage may vary based on position, location and time worked, employees can savor the style of Express for less with this helpful benefit.

47. Finish Line Employee Discount

At Finish Line, employees and their family can receive a helpful and generous discount on their purchases. This benefit comes in addition to other employee perks like education reimbursement, wellness programs and insurances.

48. Forever 21 Employee Discount

Employees can enjoy the latest clothing trends with a 10% discount on their merchandise purchases at Forever 21. While there are some limitations, using this discount can help employees get the look they want for less. Additional benefits and perks may vary based on location and employment position. 

49. Ikea Employee Discount

Ikea stores offer their employees a 15% discount on their purchases. This generous discount is in addition to other great perks that reward employees for their work and contribute to a positive company culture.

50. JC Penney Employee Discount

Employees at JC Penney retailers can receive a 20% off discount on most of their purchases. On appliances and furniture purchases, employees are eligible for a 10% discount. Special sale opportunities for employees can boost their savings opportunity up to 30% as well. These discount opportunities can help employees get dressed for less and represent the JC Penney brand they love. 

Get the Discounts from Where You Work

Is your employer on this list? If so, take advantage of the benefits and perks that you deserve for all your hard and committed work. Connect with your management team or human resources to be sure you’re engaging with all your company has to offer. You could be saving a lot on the merchandise you help to sell. Engage in the positive company culture you can help to build by utilizing these great benefits and discounts designed to empower you.