4 ways millennials use Instagram to find fashion steals

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. With value and opportunities to connect for businesses, organizations and the general user, Instagram has grown in purpose and functionalities.

Being able to share great photos on this social network is just the tip of the iceberg of what Instagram can offer you. Businesses use Instagram to appeal to their customers and promote their products. Users post photos and clever captions to share about what’s happening in their lives and to contribute to the community they’ve created on the platform.

But did you know that Instagram can also give you the inside scoop on great deals, coupons and fashion steals that you want? By following some simple strategies, you can let the deals come to you just by taking part in social media – something you probably do every day, anyway.

And, finding these deals can even be a lot of fun in tracking with great fashion, shopping, money and style advice.

Here, we share four easy ways that you can use Instagram to find those great deals, coupons and fashion steals to save you time and money.

  1. Follow Affordable Fashion Accounts

Who do you follow on Instagram? Your friends and family have hopefully made the list of your following. You love seeing your friend’s cute cat pictures or the latest creation your mom has managed to cook.

If you’re looking to use Instagram to help you save money, you can also add some affordable fashion social accounts to learn from.

Of course there are those high style, fancy fashion bloggers, writers, columnists on Instagram. They may share of how to copy their exact look – although it may cost you a few paychecks to get it. Sure, they look great and you want their style. But you may also not have the same budget or opportunity to spend as much on clothing and accessories as these professional and popular fashion stylists.

Good thing there are affordable yet highly stylish fashion Instagram users who can show you how to combine both a great look and a modest budget.

Instagram such as these feature clothing from stores that the average person can actually afford – think retailers like Target, Kohl’s or T.J. Maxx. Chances are, you’ve probably shopped at one of those many stores and aren’t utterly offended or shocked at the price tags.

These Instagram stylists prove that you don’t need thousands of dollars in your budget to have a great look.

An article from Bustle.com shares 20 amazing Instagram accounts that can get you the style you crave yet include clothing items you can actually afford. Get to your ‘gram and check them out. Here’s just a sampling of these great accounts:

Ana Budget

With a clever name and thousands of followers, the anabudget Instagram account is your stop for adorable outfits that don’t cost you an arm to get. She states that all the outfits she shares are under $50. With a mission to “spend less but still look fabuless while on a budget” Anna leads great conversations and style topics that are on trend yet are affordable.

Budget Babe

When you want those same outfits by expensive designers but don’t want to pay that much, the Instagram account Budget Babe is your feed. In this account, Dianna Baros discovers new ways to wear popular designer outfits with articles of clothing that the average person can afford. From dressy to casual, Dianna shares great ideas to match the style you want with the budget you have.

Penny Chic

Are you into fun, lively outfits? Shauna Miller from PennyChic has your solution to getting that look for a great price. Her feed shares of real life and ways to embrace fashion and style in a great way.

Style on Target

Can’t get enough of Target? Katie from her Instagram page Style on Target agrees. In her fun and realistic photos and posts, she shares outfits that incorporate at least one item from Target. While her outfits may include some more elaborate elements, her inclusion of a style sense that’s affordable goes a long ways.

Tracy’s Notebook of Style

The fun thoughts and advice from a girl who loves to shop, the Instagram page tracysnotebook shares great options for looking and feeling good on a reasonable budget. She shares her exciting finds from stores you’ve probably heard of and have shopped at, such as Target, Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, Old Navy and many more. Not only does she share style ideas, but she also loves to point out her exciting finds of home decor products as well. You’ll sure to find something you love scrolling through her Instagram feed.

Simply Raquel Collette

For those who want a realistic take on fashion, Raquel Hiltz from simplyraquelcollette is your girl. She shares her trendy finds that are perfect for a budget. While not overly glamorous, Raquel shares fashion styles that you could wear anywhere and for many occasions. Her photos display life and are often very colorful.

Karla Reed

Are you a thrifter? So is Karla Reed. Her Instagram account, karlareed, shares fun new finds, many from thrift stores. When you don’t know what to wear, her photos will bring inspiration and life into your wardrobe, all without having to spend an excessive amount on an outfit. And, her photos with her children will also melt your heart.

The Frugal Fashionista

Have you ever seen a great outfit but couldn’t figure out where the pieces came from? Hanna from thefrugalfashionista Instagram account has your fix. She shares great bargains she finds at popular stores you may often shop at. Her photos encompass real life by including those of her family and friends – providing an inside scoop into the life of a bargain hunter.

Just Some Girl 8899

The finds at justsomegirl8899 are far from “just something.” With great deals and finds, you’ll be inspired by the posts and photos she shares on her feed. Discover great deals for accessories and clothes, especially handbags, in preparation for your next shopping trip.

With engaging, professional and eye-catching Instagram accounts as these fashionistas, you can get that look while saving your budget easily.

  1. Follow Your Favorite Brands

Can’t get enough of your favorite retailers? You might want to check out their Instagram account.

Most major stores, restaurants, retailers and other locations want to create connections with their customers and potential customers, and Instagram is a great way to do that. Not only can you glean some great shopping and style advice from your favorite accounts, you can also discover great deals, coupons and freebies to make you want to shop right then and there.

With such popularity of Instagram, there’s a good chance that your favorite retailer will have an account. An easy way to find out is to search the name of the retailer in the search box on your Instagram search page.

Some retailers may even have several Instagram account. Target, for example, has a main account, a Target Style page, a Target Life page and a Target Deal Finder page. There’s so many ways to discover deals and get inspiration for your next outfit, home decoration or dinner dish.

Finding coupon codes online, such as through Instagram, has skyrocketed in popularity. A study by Deal Nerd found that online coupons are having a large effect on purchase decisions as well. According to this study of 3,000 online shoppers, 71% of consumers followed their favorite brands on social media accounts, such as Instagram, in order to get online coupons. 68% of people said they wouldn’t even shop online without coupon codes. And, while advertiser email took the top channel for sharing and finding coupons, 66% receive coupons via social media.

If you haven’t been using social media for couponing, you should check it out.

  1. Track Coupon Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram help contribute to your photo or post by adding levels of meaning with just a word or a phrase. They can be funny or meaningful, random or part of a series. Hashtags help categorize posts so that you can find similar and related posts that you may enjoy. It seems that no Instagram post is complete without that hashtag and a word to accompany it. The hashtag is no longer just for Twitter.

Following hashtags can also help you discover great deals and coupons when you shop. Since all the posts are categorized when you follow a hashtag, finding deals can be a quick and easy process – and as simple as just checking your Instagram feed.

According to a helpful article from The Krazy Coupon Lady, there are several valuable hashtags that are worth following along with.

These hashtags include common words and phrases such as: #clearance, #sale, #discount, #coupon, #deal, #coupons, #freebies, #freestuff, and many more. When tracking coupon hashtags, you want to be sure to not specify your search language to narrowly. Keeping the terms general will increase your chance of being able to find a deal for where you shop and for what you need.

Expand from your normal hashtag finds and discover some great deals by using easy, simple hastags that can bring you serious savings.

  1. Follow Apps and Coupon Stores

In addition to following top fashion bloggers who know how to style for cheap and your favorite retailers, it’s also helpful to follow money-saving apps and other coupon sources. The opportunities for savings doesn’t stop at their websites. Rather, many couponing sites have expanded to share their deals on other social media sites. Have you followed them on Facebook? Perhaps they have an Instagram account as well.

These sources can be of great value in finding information on saving money, notifications of upcoming sales and deals and other ways to get cash back when you shop.

Here we share just a few of the popular websites that share their savings through their Instagram account as well.

Ibotta App

When you’re looking to get a little more cash back on your purchases, check out Ibotta. This smartphone app allows you to receive cash back on what you buy everyday. They share their great savings opportunities on their Instagram account as well.

On their feed, they share great opportunities for savings, as well as money and style advice. It’s a great opportunity to connect with others who love to get cash back on their purchases as well.


With their popular website and smartphone app that gets you coupons and deals on those items you always seem to run out of, check out Checkout51’s Instagram account. Learn great ways to save everyday and connect with others who are all about saving money on the brands they love.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

With a passion for saving money, The Krazy Coupon Lady’s Instagram is filled with intriguing posts and helpful tips in saving money when you do your shopping. You’ll find helpful, practical advice from shoppers just like you. You’ll be able to engage in the conversation by adding your own comments and thoughts on a deal or coupon – and also share with your friends and followers about the deals you’ve found at The Krazy Coupon Lady.

Following apps and sites that are focused on saving you money is a great value-add to your Instagram account. If you don’t have a particular couponer in mind, you can also search “couponers” or “coupons” and you’re sure to discover an ever-changing list.

Instagram as So Much More Than Just Photos

As a unique platform, Instagram offers users the opportunity to highlight photos as they post and share their stories. Retailers and companies have also tapped into that opportunity to connect with their audiences in sharing with them what they want to hear – inspiration and ways to save money while shopping.

By following affordable stylists, your favorite brands’ accounts, tracking deal-finding hashtags and following coupon sources, you can use Instagram to save money in a big way. Discover how you can make social media work for you by adding some new followers to your account today.