3 facts about Yelp’s secret cash back program

When you’re visiting a new city – or playing tourist in your hometown – you may ask around of what great restaurants to visit or local shops that you can’t miss out on. You may inquire about the best hotel you should stay at during your visit.

To find such answers, you may also head to the Internet to find that delectable restaurant or high-end hotel. While a few key words or phrases in your search engine may get you some quality results, using Yelp.com is a surefire way to discover quality businesses quick and easy.

Yelp.com is a useful search website that allows you to narrow down your findings to the type of restaurant, hotel or service you’re looking for in the location where you’re at or planning to visit. Within seconds, you have a list of worthwhile businesses to check out.

But how do you know if these businesses are up to your standards? Search results on Yelp incorporate customer reviews. You can hear from your peers about their experience and learn from their unfortunate stories.

Yelp isn’t a new platform. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Yelp has been helping customers and visitors since 2004. Along with its mobile app, Yelp is a crowd-sourced platform that relies on the comments of other users to share helpful tips of where to go – and perhaps where not to go.

When you’re on the hunt for great places to visit and services to use, you probably also want to find the best deals on such businesses. Yelp can help with that, too.

Here, we share three simple and easy ways you can use Yelp to find the best deals at restaurants you want to visit.

  1. Look for Savings Using Check-in Offers

Restaurants listed on Yelp want your business. And they may be willing to throw out an offer to intrigue you. Through Yelp’s Check-In Offer features, you can discover extra savings just by checking into a restaurant.

Some restaurants may offer a discount off your purchase, such as a 20% off your first visit. They may also offer additional coupons or free items for checking into the location. The restaurant or retailer will advertise this on their Yelp listing to encourage you to give them a try. When you use the Yelp app to check-in to the location, you’ll receive the reward. And, you’ll also communicate to your friends on Yelp that you’re visiting this particular restaurant or business.

These check-in offers are great for businesses to provide another way to connect with their audience. However, it also brings you as the user great benefits in the opportunity of great deals and ways to save on your next visit.

  1. Get A Discount With Yelp Certificates and Deals

Another way that restaurants can offer you unbeatable deals is through offering certificates and specials through Yelp. With these offers, you can get more for your money in getting prepaid vouchers worth more than what you pay for. For example, a restaurant might offer a voucher worth $50 but you only have to pay $40 in order to get it. That saves you $10!

And who wouldn’t want to save $10?

These deals inspire new customers to stop by and encourage existing customers to come again. When you’re deciding between a few restaurants of where to eat for dinner, this opportunity for additional savings may just make you choose one restaurant over the other.

Getting the deal or gift certificate is also a very quick and easy process and something you can do right through the Yelp app on your phone or mobile device. Simply find the deal, click “buy now” and you’re on your way to greater savings. These deals will often show the regular price, the discount you’re given and the price that you’ll pay for the deal. It’s clear, easy and convenient for when you’re having to choose a restaurant quickly.

  1. Earn Money With Yelp Cash Back

Another feature that you need to be aware of as a Yelp user who wants to save money is Yelp’s cash back program. That’s right, it’s earning cash just from shopping through Yelp and visiting participating locations.

According to an article from NerdWallet, Yelp’s Cash Back program launched in 2014 and has been popular ever since. When users link their debit or credit cards to Yelp and create an account, they can participate in the program.

So how do you earn cash back? When you make a purchase at a participating restaurant or business, you can earn up to 10% cash back of your purchase back into your account. It’s that simple. The program is free to participate in and easy to use. You’ll get a credit amount put back into your account each month. It’s like getting paid to shop.

The key to the Yelp Cash Back program is to purchase through businesses that are a part of the program. While these businesses are more popular in larger cities, it is still common to find restaurants and retailers who participate in the program.

Chanelle Bessette from NerdWallet suggests to include the phrase “cash back” when you search for restaurants on Yelp. This will ensure that the results that come up are restaurants and businesses that participate in the cash back program.

Find Restaurants, and Savings, with Yelp

Yelp has become a top resource in travel planning and finding other great locations even within your own area. With Yelp, you can find your next favorite restaurant or a team of movers who will help you transition from one home to another.

With Yelp, you can also discover deals and savings opportunities while looking up restaurants and businesses. Yelp helps to take the work out of scouring the Internet for deals and brings them right to you.

And by reading the reviews provided by customers and visitors on the business’s Yelp page, you can be sure to find the restaurant – and deal – that you’ve been looking for. Discover how Yelp can help you find your next place to eat and a great deal at the same time.