25 Places You Can Get Free Stuff Online

Getting things for cheap with discount codes and coupons is amazing. But do you know what could be even better than purchasing items at a discount? Getting those items for FREE! That word probably caught your attention.

Yes, getting those things that you would have to pay for for free is a great way to go. But how is this possible?

Some companies use their online space to draw in new customers by offering free samples. Encouraging a new customer to try something may be the most challenging part of the marketing and selling process. So, companies want to make it easy for you to try new things by offering them for free in the hopes that you’ll return and buy it for yourself later on.

Here, we share 25 places you can get free samples and stuff online. Most places have a very easy and simple sign-up process.

  1. SlickDeals Forums – You’re probably not the only one who loves to save money. SlickDeals is a money-saving community where people can post opportunities for you to save, too. Here, you can get alerts of giveaways posted by other users.The site is also carefully monitored for scams and fraud, so you can be sure the freebie you find is indeed free. And, for some freebies, you don’t even need to complete any surveys or do extra work. Simply follow the easy directions and get free stuff.
  2. Target – You love shopping at Target. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get stuff from Target for free!? By ordering a sample box and paying shipping and handling, you can get a box every month of different types of beauty products. Go to target.com and search for samples to find out how you can get your box today.
  3. P&G – When you become a BzzAgent with Proctor & Gamble, you’ll get free samples and get to share your opinions about the products. They want to know what you as the consumer think, so they’ll get you free stuff to get that opinion. Find out how you can be a BzzAgent today.
  4. NatureBox – Love healthy snacks? Nature Box has got your fix for free healthy snacks! Before jumping into a subscription plan, NatureBox will let you sample a box for cheap. While it’s not quite free, you can get great snacks for a low price.
  5. AllYou – If you read AllYou magazine, you know that they’re a great source for all things deals and savings. Get alerted of their “freebie of the day” by signing up with your email address. Free things are just a few clicks away.
  6. Freebie Shark – Find new deals everyday and get text alerts from Freebie Shark. Here, you can find freebie opportunities from a variety of stores and restaurants.
  7. PinchMe – If you’re willing to spend a little time filling out surveys in exchange for some free products, PinchMe’s survey program is a great option. By answering just a few questions on your profile, you’ll receive products you want. Then, provide your feedback of what you think of the products you received.
  8. Sephora – Love the stuff you can find at Sephora? Get them for free by joining their Beauty Insider program and getting free samples. Get samples and extra deals by joining today.
  9. Spoofee – Like SlickDeals, Spoofee.com is also a money-saving community where users can post deals they find online. On the forum, you’ll find deals and coupons but also ways that you can get stuff for free.
  10. Amazon Vine – By offering your feedback on products, you can get free stuff through Amazon Vine Voice. While you have to be invited in order to join, it’s an easy way to get and test great products.
  11. Walmart – Not only does Walmart have great prices, they also have great opportunities to get free samples. By signing up to get a sample box, you can get a variety of products to try and love. Choose the personal care items that best fit your lifestyle and order a free box through walmart.com.
  12. Swaggable – Get free samples catered to your lifestyle with Swaggable Product Samples program. Companies want to hear what you think and are willing to offer you a free sample to hear your opinion.
  13. Betty Crocker – Want to satisfy your sweet tooth for free? Discover coupons and freebies at bettycrocker.com and by subscribing to their free email list.
  14. L’oreal Paris – When you sign up with their Worth It Rewards Program, you’ll have access to exclusive deals and savings opportunities. Earn cash back for spending and be alerted of ways to get free samples and other deals.
  15. Kindle Books – Love to read? With Amazon, you can get free Kindle books you download right to your device. Find something new or re-read an old classic right now for free.
  16. Vocal Point – Complete surveys and get free stuff with VocalPoint. Some samples you’ll get aren’t those small trial-size, either. By providing feedback on your samples, you’ll get full-size products and samples.
  17. Pillsbury – Can’t get enough of those sweet rolls and treats? Check out their coupons and deals to find opportunities for you to get those quick and easy foods for free or for cheap.
  18. FreeStuff.com – Like the name implies, you can get free samples of everyday household items. Get more of what you love or try out something new.
  19. FreeSamples.org – Get an updated list of daily freebies, coupons and deals from freesamples.org. Get what you want with little hassle.
  20. Woman Freebies – Looking for a site that caters just to the needs of women? Woman Freebies is an easy way to get things like makeup and personal care items for free.
  21. Sweet Free Stuff – Sign up for their free e-newsletter to stay up on great deals and giveaways for free stuff.
  22. Celebrate Your Birthday – A lot of places want to join in on celebrating your birthday. Check out Penny Hoarder’s list of birthday freebies you should check out on your special day.
  23. Freeflys – Get free samples through Freeflys. Here, you can get food and personal care items free.
  24. HeyitsFree.com – With a great title, HeyitsFree.com is a great source for free samples and ways you can get rewarded for what you buy.
  25. Shop4Freebies – Updated daily, Shop4Freebies gets you product samples you use everyday or new things to try.

Check out these great ways you can get those items you use or want to try for free.