22 Most Popular Gift Card Brands (And How To Get Them At A Discount!)

Whether you shop online or in-store, gift cards can come in handy as a quick and easy gift – both for others and for yourself. Think of any occasion – a new baby, graduation, a birthday, anniversary, you name it – a gift card can be a perfect fit. Discount gift cards can especially make great gifts for yourself that can help you get some extra savings on what you purchase anyway.

With a few searches on your phone or computer, you can be just a few clicks away from getting some additional savings from your favorite retailers. From restaurants to clothing stores to electronics to a host of other services, getting a good discount on your gift card selection is a quick and easy way to stack on your savings.

Platforms that have discount gift cards may have certain restrictions and things to keep your eye out for as you sell or purchase discounted gift cards. But with customer protection features and guarantees, it’s easy to make a purchase that you can be confident, whether you spend the gift card yourself or make it the perfect gift for a friend, spouse, child and so many others.

When you think of getting good discounts on gift cards, you may think that selections may be limited. However, the rise in popularity of gift card sites has promoted hundreds of gift card locations you can use in-store or online. Think of your favorite store or most frequently shopped location and chances are, you can probably find a gift card and even a discounted gift card to help you save a little bit of extra money.

When looking for gift cards, be sure you select a respected and reputable site that offers buyer protection so you can buy and sell with confidence as you look for ways to save and generate a little extra cash.

Despite the popularity in discounted gift card usage in both selling and buying, not all retailers and restaurants even offer gift card opportunities or discounts on gift cards for that matter. But generally, major retailers will most often have both gift cards and gift codes you can use in your purchases.

With so many different locations to find discount gift cards, it can be overwhelming to start thinking about where you can find your next discount. To help you find the deals you want, we’ve compiled a convenient list of 23 places where you can find discount gift cards. Be sure to read all the rules and purchase wisely as you save money on what you purchase everyday.

  1. Amazon Gift Card Discount – Add to the savings you already find on one of the most popular online retailers by using discounted gift cards on Amazon.com. Amazon has something good for all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for a textbook for school or a new pair of boots for the winter season, you can find it on Amazon. With opportunities like Amazon Prime and selling your own stuff on the platform, there are already many ways to get savings by visiting this popular online retailer. Get those common – and rare – products with even greater savings by discovering discounts through using a gift card.
  2. iTunes Gift Card Discount – For many people, music is an essential part of their day. It gets them up, gets them going and can bring on the right mood for your day. When you’ve got that song or album you need to add to your library, you can do so at a discount with discounted gift cards for iTunes. While songs and albums on iTunes are already offered generally at a great price at a little over a dollar per song, wouldn’t you want a way to save even more with gift cards purchased at a discount?
  3. Disney Gift Card Discount – With finding discounted gift cards, you can save even more when you plan your trip to the “happiest place on earth.” Setting up that family vacation your kids have been asking about for years doesn’t have to cause you pain in your wallet. Through a variety of ways to save, including finding discount gift cards at places like the links below, you can take the opportunity to treat your family to an experience and adventure they’ll never forget. Discount gift cards for Disney don’t all work the same, so be sure to read all the terms and conditions prior to making a purchase on a gift card to Disney. Some might only be valid on park ticket entrances while others you’ll be able to use on merchandise and other fun treats.
  4. Starbucks Gift Card Discount – It may be part of your morning routine. It may be a weekend tradition you spend with loved ones. However you spend your visits at Starbucks, saving money using discounted gift cards for this popular coffee shop is a great way to go. That caffeine habit can get expensive, so you may already be looking for ways to save on that cup of joe. While they do offer a great rewards program to gain additional benefits and perks from, it’s also worth checking out how you can purchase gift cards at an impressive discount.
  5. Target Gift Card Discount – For the store that has all those essentials you need – and a few surprises you add to your cart – get them with a discounted gift card. With bonus opportunities to save including Cartwheel and a Target Red Card, discounted gift cards can get you that extra boost of savings on what you use everyday.
  6. Home Depot Gift Card Discount – For that next home project or appliance that finally broke down, check out how you can get that extra level of savings by checking out discounted gift cards from The Home Depot. With frequent sales and special offers, you can combine using discounted gift cards with the ways to save you use anyway.
  7. Lowe’s Gift Card Discount – When you’ve found the shelving unit you’ve been looking for or that replacement for your front door, get that discovery with a discount using discount gift cards. As a well-known home improvement store, gift cards for Lowe’s can often be found in abundance.
  8. eBay Gift Card Discount – This online auction platform is a great way to save money on those rare items you can’t find anywhere else. You can also find used or new furniture for cheap. Save even more by discovering great gift card discounts for eBay. With gift cards you purchase for less than their retail value, you can save an added amount on top of the discount you see on the price. Use this opportunity to save to its full advantage by discovering discounts on gift cards for your next eBay find.
  9. Discount Walmart Gift Cards – From groceries to clothing to cleaning supplies to health and beauty products, Walmart is your one-stop-shop for all your household essentials. Walmart’s prices are often highly competitive and are even more on sale when you use retailer and manufacturer coupons. Add discount gift cards on top of that and you have a mega discounted shopping list.
  10. Google Play Gift Card Discount – With apps, movies, books, music and much more Google Play is a great source to stock your phone with all your essentials. Why not add some extra savings on your Google Play purchases by finding discounted gift cards you can use to add to your account. With these discounted gift cards, you can get what you need on your phone at an even better price by getting a card worth more than what you paid for it.
  11. Best Buy Gift Card Discount – For your next electronics purchase, check out a discounted gift card first. Add on the opportunities to save for your next laptop, television or other techy purchase by getting a gift card for it first. In addition to their rewards program, checking out their sales and other coupon codes and deals, using discounted gift cards can bring on an extra layer of savings for that important purchase.
  12. Carnival Gift Card Discount – In need of an all-inclusive vacation? Check out Carnival Cruise Lines. Even better, check out what discounted gift cards you can snag to save even more on your next vacation. These sites offer great deals on bringing you greater savings on a trip to treat yourself or your family.
  13. Costco Discount Gift Cards – There’s much more to love about Costco than just the free samples. From tires to household products to furniture and clothes, Costco is a great spot for stocking up on all your essentials your family needs. And with the opportunity to find even more savings with discounted gift cards, your trips to Costco can be that much more exciting.
  14. Discount Xbox Gift Cards – With new games coming out all the time, you may want to stay up to date on all the new Xbox entertainment features. Get upgrades and new gaming experiences at a better discount by checking out what gift cards you can purchase at a deep discount.
  15. Cabela’s Gift Card Discount – For your next outdoor adventure, check out what Cabela’s has to offer. This popular retailer carries a variety of products perfect for whatever outdoor thrill you’re seeking. Now you can be equipped for the outdoors at an even greater discount by checking out gift cards at a discount before you shop. Whether you buy in-store or online, using gift card discounts can help you get that extra level of savings on those fun purchases.
  16. Discount JCPenney Gift Card – Love the style you can find at JCPenney? Get that great style and an even greater price with using discounted gift cards. Stack on the savings with their other deals and promo codes and use a discounted gift card while you’re at it. Check out these sites to discover that gift card to treat yourself to a new, or updated, look.
  17. Uber Gift Card Discount – Need a ride? Getting discounted gift cards isn’t limited to just online shopping or in-store finds. With gift cards at a discount through Uber, you can get around town and where you need to be at a better price. These gift cards are easy to use and can help you save on your next trip or last-minute outing.
  18. Sephora Gift Card Discount – Find ways to save on all your beauty and skincare essentials by checking out what gift cards you can find at Sephora. Don’t settle for paying full price for your beauty needs. Check out how you can find deals and coupons and combine them with using gift cards you’ve purchased at a discount.
  19. Airbnb Gift Card Discount – If you’re looking to travel for cheap, booking through AirBnB is a great way to save a little cash on your trips. Rather than staying in hotels, you partner with hosts in cities where you’re able to stay the night, or two. But with getting discounted gift cards to AirBnB, you can rack up the savings even more. Traveling doesn’t need to break the bank when you can purchase discounted gift cards for AirBnB.
  20. American Eagle Discount Gift Card – Revamp your look with the style at American Eagle, and get it at a helpful discount, too. By using discounted gift cards in-store or online, you can add savings to your style. Check out the sites below to find great deals on your look.
  21. Apple Gift Card Discount – From computers to laptops to phones to watches, Apple has changed the way many people communicate and interact with others. If you’re looking for a replacement or addition to your Apple product collection, check out discounted gift cards before you buy. Use in-store or online for an extra level of savings on those new products you just have to have.
  22. Discount Visa Gift Cards – If you’re looking for a gift card you can use almost anywhere, a Visa gift card is the way to go. Visa gift cards are like cash and can be used as a credit card. But instead of a regular credit card, you don’t get a statement at the end of the month — it’s a prepaid card.

So whether you shop in-store or online, or a combination of both, a discounted gift card can be closer than you think. With these 22 retailers and experiences, you can be easily on your way to saving on what you normally spend every day anyway. These opportunities aren’t restricted to just one or two retailers but expand across industries, locations and experiences to provide you versatility in where and how you shop. And, if you’re looking for great gift ideas, getting a discount on that gift card is simple enough, and the recipient won’t even know the difference.

With so many options for saving money on gift cards, you shouldn’t have to pay full price when you shop for yourself or for someone else. Pick out your favorite retailers and see what discounted gift card opportunities you can discover through the variety of discount gift card platforms.