About Blue Apron

Opening up the door to your house, you’re greeted by your kids whining and wondering what’s for dinner. Between your picky eater, your health nut and your meat-eater, you often struggle to find a meal for your family that’s healthy, delicious and something you can quickly make at home.

No need to run to the grocery store to pick up a frozen pizza to throw in the oven - for the third night in a row. You can have healthy, wholesome meal ingredients delivered right to your door through Blue Apron. And with our deals and coupons, your healthy meal is even more affordable.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Blue Apron on well-known podcasts such as NPR, Rooster Teeth, Elvis Duran, Radiolab or This American Life. Blue Apron cares about providing meals that are not only easy and quick to prepare but are also made of nutritious ingredients essential to a healthy, balanced diet. Through their efforts in sustainable work, the ingredients they share in their meal kits are high quality, good for the land, fresh and lessen food waste.

Through a Blue Apron subscription, you’ll have access to a wide selection of delectable recipes featuring good-for-you ingredients. Choose from a 2-person or family menu plan that is customized to your and your family’s dietary preferences. Two-person plans are about $60 per week while the family plan is about $140 per week. To order your menus online, simply select the recipes and dishes that you’re craving to make and eat. No need for quick trips to the grocery store.

Receiving the food is easy. You can select when you’d like to receive your food at your front step, with the option to skip or cancel at any time. The wholesome ingredients are carefully packaged and stored in a specially-designed refrigerated box so your food stays fresh and delicious.

With Blue Apron, you’re just a box away from a healthy, wholesome meal the whole family will love.

How many times have we wasted time while trying to come up with an idea for tonight’s dinner? And sometimes when we do want to cook something we end up with some key ingredient in pantry and we are back to square one! Blue Apron is the answer to all these and other cooking problems.

Blue Apron is a novel idea which delivers recipes, fresh ingredients to your door and helps you to cook tasty and quick every day for yourself and for your family. Blue Apron is worn by trainee chefs in France and has been globally attributed as a prestigious learning symbol.

One of the biggest factors that set up apart from other providers is our plans! All of our plans are have no commitment. All of the plans are pay as you go and you have the option to skip a week or two (as long as you tell us a week ahead). All pf our plans are always tailored to your dietary restrictions and requirements. We have flexible plans made for one, two or family of four.

All of our ingredients which are delivered to your door are seasonal and fresh items. Also in our plans we include speciality items which you cannot normally find in your supermarket. With Blue Apron you have a chance to not only enjoy freshly cooked meal every night you also get to enjoy culinary delights from all over the world.

Our entire prepared dished are less than 700 calories. Our ingredients are fresh and recipes very easy to follow. Come and experience the Blue Apron difference!

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