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We’ve worked with the services team to create a special Volusion coupon code for our customers. You can now save up to 25% or $100 with these offers! Volusion is a software company that provides home and small business users with eCommerce solutions. At present, Volusion has over 450 employees, services over 40,000 online stores, and has enabled, in total, over $11 billion in online sales worldwide. Here, we take a look at three of Volusion’s most popular offerings, and evaluate what they can do for your online store.

Good: Volusion Mini
Cost: $15.00/mo
What you get:
​The Volusion Mini package is the perfect place to start for any home or small business user who has up to 100 distinct products they’d like to sell online. Along with Volusion’s easy to use design templates that allow you to begin sales from an attractive looking market-front from day one, the Mini package comes with 1 GB of Data Transfer, a Mobile Store, and a Facebook Store. These latter two are simply Mobile and Facebook replications of your online marketplace that will help you spread your reach and increase your sales.

Better: Volusion Plus
Cost: $35.00/mo
What you get:
​Volusion Plus comes with everything the Mini package does, but doubles your feature-set and Data Transfer and multiplies your product line by ten. That’s 2 GB of Data Transfer, 1000 potential product listings, and three more features, which include: Abandoned Cart Reports, Shopper Ratings and Reviews, and Email Marketing Newsletters. In essence, the Bronze package will enhance your statistical feedback and increase your marketing presence.

Best: Volusion Pro
What you get:
​Volusion Pro gives you 2500 product listings and 5 GB of Data Transfer – more than enough for even the most ambitious small business owner. Additional features with this package include: the ability to take Phone Orders, an Import/Export Data Spreadsheet app, and a Customer Relationship Management tool, which is designed to aid your company’s Customer Support.

[NEW] Our Pick: Volusion Premium
What you get:
​Volusion Premium gives you unlimited storage, no transaction fees (HUGE if you are selling a lot) plus unlimited products and priority support. Perfect for a true web entrepreneur!

​Volusion offers a convenient and affordable solution to those who want to begin eCommerce but don’t want to take the time to set up a store on their own, by offering a pre-packaged-yet-customizable application. For this reason, we give Volusion a 4.4/5.

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