About Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best places to host HD online video. Not only are their Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Plus plans cheap but they're better than more expensive video hosting! With the ability to customize your video player to your site colors and upload a ton a high-def video, Vimeo is a good overall choice for online video hosting. Use our Vimeo coupon codes and save up to 50% when checking out with their online store.

When you sign up for Vimeo there are a variety of membership options that you can chose from. You will be joining over 45 million businesses and people when you trust them with your videos. The basic plan is free but if you want some better features, you can go with one of the paid options. You can try these options without any risk for a month. If you are wondering what the differences between all of these plans, this article will help you understand so that you can decide which one is best for your needs.

What is Vimeo Basic plan?
The basic plan is the option that you get for free. This can be a great option if you are unsure if Vimeo is something that you really want to take advantage of. With the basic plan, you get 500MB a week of storage up to 5GB a year. You can get unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player as well as basic video conversion. For free with the basic plan, you will also get basic privacy and password protection in addition to the basic stats via the dashboard. The basic plan also gets you the basic support, which includes email responses within 3 business days.

What is Vimeo Plus?
The next plan up is the Vimeo Plus plan. This plan costs $7 per month, which is billed annually or you could pay $9.95 every month. With this plan, you get 5GB every week up to 250GB a year. Much like the basic plan, you do get access to the unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player. You will get priority for video conversion. You can also get advanced privacy through amazing features like password protection, domain-level privacy, and private link sharing. This plan opens up features like advanced stats like the standard dashboard and custom reports and filters. It can also help you with priority support, including email responses within 4 hours on business days and 24 hours on the weekends. Finally, you get advanced customization features like the ability to customize your video player and a custom outro.

What is Vimeo Pro?
Vimeo PRO is $20 per month when it is billed annually. With this plan, you can get 20GB of storage with up to 1TB a year, though you can get up to 3TB for $34 a month. It includes what you would get with the Basic plan, like unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player and priority video conversion. You will get professional level privacy settings such as password protection, domain-level privacy, private link sharing, and private, unlisted review pages. You will get Pro stats in the form of the dashboard, custom reports and filters, and engagement and duration graphs. Those with PRO membership have access to VIP support, which means email support within one hour during business hours and 24 hours on the weekend. You are able to get customization like you can with the Plus plan as well as adding a logo to your video player and third-party player support. These are just some of the features that you can get with this plan.

What is Vimeo Business?
The next plan is the Vimeo Business, which is $50 every month that is billed annually. There are no weekly limits with this plan, with up to 5TB in total. This plan gives you everything that you can get with all of the other plans, along with some incredible perks. You can get Google Analytics integrations and engagement and duration graphs. You will get team collaboration of up to 10 members. Lastly, you can get video production help and lead generation, which will really help you on a professional level.

What is Vimeo Premium?
The final plan is the Vimeo Premium, which is $75 every month that is billed annually. There are no weekly limits with this plan, with up to 7TB in total. However, this plan is the top of the line because it includes unlimited live 1080p streaming, allowing you to stream to social media, live chat with viewers and automatic archiving.

This is only some of the information that you may need in order to decide whether or not Vimeo is the right solution for your needs. Vimeo is the best company in the industry for video sharing.

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