About Speedify

You’re watching your favorite show on your phone and all of a sudden, it pauses right in a crucial scene. You see the dreaded loading circle appear and spin around over and over again. You lose a bar on your Wi-Fi - and then another. All you want to do is just finish that one episode without losing your connection.

Speedify supports your connection through their Connectify software. With a priority on safety, Speedify lets you combine your Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and wired networks to establish a super-connection that’s fast, smooth and reliable. And now, with our deals and coupons, you can start saving on getting better connected.

With the opportunity to switch between internet connections, Speedify is a mobile VPN that emphasizes speed, security and reliability. They distinguish themselves with their elevated encryption for mobile devices, use of channel bonding and support of connection failovers. It works with all programs and applications that require Internet. Their channel bonding technology allows your work - whether streaming, uploading, downloading, etc. - can be at maximum speed.

This VPN service incorporates a variety of features so you can be at your best. Automatic failure lets you seamlessly transition from different Internet connections so you don’t lose where you’re at. You’re protected through secure features such as military grade encryption and no logging of IP addresses. Your travel can be easy by being able to access your emails and programs wherever you are with no worries of local network restrictions.

Starting a subscription of 1GB of internet optimization is free. For unlimited data on a monthly basis, plans are just $8.99 or just $4.17 per month when you commit to a year.

Don’t be stuck with that spinning loading circle. Find out how Speedify can improve your work performance with a VPN built for speed, security and reliability. And, be sure to use our deals and coupons to save! Speed up your internet and save in your wallet.

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