About PRWeb

Getting business is hard. PRWeb makes it easier with a simple and cost-effective way for you to get the news about your company. Take advantage of our PRWeb coupon code and save some money!

PRWeb is an online publicity and press release service owned by Vocus Inc. PRWeb is designed to boost online visibility for small business owners, and it does so through a simple, three step process, in which users create news, PRWeb distributes it; and users use PRWeb’s application set to track who has read their news, in order to target new customers. We detail the options PRWeb offers along with a few discounts for you to take advantage of.

What’s the difference between PRWeb’s press release packages?

PRWeb offers 3 basic packages for small businesses. We recommend PRWeb Advanced due to the increased exposure. Don’t forget to take your 10% off if you’re a new customer!

Good: PRWeb Basic
Cost: $99 per press release
What you get:
After you create your News, the PRWeb Basic package will place your it on: PrWeb.com, 5 Industry News Feeds, and 2 Regional News Feeds. The package will also make your News available to major search engines like Google and Bing, and allow for 1 embedded website link within your news piece.

Better: PRWeb Standard
Cost: $159 per press release
What you get:
In addition to what you get from the Basic package, the PRWeb Standard package will place your news on 1 additional Regional News Feed and 1 Media List. The Standard package also allows for Media Subscribers and Enhanced Blogger Visibility via Zemanta, and it gives you the Call-out Quote feature, which can help make your news article – and your business — stand out from the crowd.

Best: PRWeb Advanced
Cost: $249 per press release
What you get:
The PRWeb Advanced package will boost your distribution to 10 Industry News Feeds and 2 Media Lists. It will also place your news on Premium Business websites, such as Streetinsider and Scotttrade. Additionally, the Advanced Package will put your news on Local News websites and give you a plethora of advanced features, all designed to boost SEO.

Our take
PRWeb takes a unique and innovative approach to solving the century-old problem of press-release marketing. It may seem unconventional, but if you’ve got the right type of business, that generates enough interesting news – or you’ve got a great writer on staff – PRWeb might just work for you. For its innovative approach to marketing, we give PRWeb a 4.5/5.

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