About Panda Security

anda Security has been in the antivirus software business for over 23 years and has by now accumulated an impressive 10.5 million users. Through all this time, Panda has claimed a 97% Customer Satisfaction rate and the detection of 102 million viruses in all. Below, we take a look at a few of Panda’s basic consumer offerings to provide an objective viewpoint of exactly what you’ll get if you choose this company for your home computer protection.

Good: Antivirus Pro
What you get:
Panda’s most basic offering, the Antivirus Pro 2013, is a cloud based security solution, which means that its effectiveness is in no way hampered by the base level performance of your PC. Cloud based software operates remotely, and in its operation Antivirus Pro 2013 provides users with a long list of essential features. This package includes protection against spyware, phishing, rootkits, and Trojans, a Web Filter for safe web browsing, a rock-solid firewall, and the ability to vaccinate USB drives against infection. And, as expected from any industry leader, Panda’s entry-level software does all of this in a fast, non-intrusive manner.

Better: Internet Security
What you get:
Panda’s Internet Security 2013 package is a more family oriented version of its Antivirus Pro. By this, we basically mean to say that the package includes Parental Control Features, as well as eCommerce Protection, Identity Protection, and Anti-Spam. As an added benefit, this package also includes file backup features and the ability to be accessed remotely by Support Tech’s from Panda, who can help you at any time, from any place.

Best: Global Protection
What you get:

As Panda’s most comprehensive home user package, the Global Protection offering brings a few more useful features to the table. Of note are this package’s Password Manager, which can be very useful for a large family with numerous online accounts, and the File Encryption application, which essentially makes it impossible for prying eyes to pry. In addition to Anti-virus protection, this package also comes with an Optimization Wizard, which will remove all non-essential files from your computer and restore it to a like-new level of functionality.

While Panda Security has been around for some time and has accumulated quite the impressive consumer base, we’re not in any way all that impressed by its offerings. Panda’s three, basic home consumer packages are adequate, but they’re not anything you can’t find elsewhere for perhaps even a lower price. For these reasons, we give Panda a 4/5.

An international provider dedicated to cloud-based security solutions and on-premise solutions, Panda Security is one of the leading players in the online security business. With products available in about 23 languages and users in 195 countries running into millions, Panda Security is the premier IT security company to integrate cloud computing with its Collective Intelligence technology. This innovation guarantees you the most effective defense against Internet threats with least impact on system performance. Panda Security was described by Gartner as “The first Endpoint Protection Platform vendor to fully embrace cloud delivery of security services.”

With Panda Security, you have everything you need to enjoy the Internet with peace of mind as a home user or as an enterprise; you are also provided round the clock tech support by experts if you need them. Their award-winning Collective Intelligence technology allows you to promptly share malware-related information, thus spontaneously ensuring protection across all connected devices. If you are looking for real time protection with minimum impact on your PC, join the Panda community to protect your online world!

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