About Norton

Use our Norton coupon code for promo pricing on purchases and renewals of Norton Antivirus, Internet Security or Norton 360! Symantec is a Fortune 500 level software company that provides anti-virus software solutions. Some of its most well known software goes by the name of Norton; and, to give you a glimpse of what Norton can do for you, we’ve chosen three of the most popular products for review.

Good: Norton Anti-Virus
Cost: $39.99/1 year/1 user
What you get: Norton Anti-Virus is by now just about a household name, and as such it comes with a very solid set of industry standard features. This entry-level package focuses mainly on PC Protection through scanning software which covers all basic Internet usage including: Browsing, Email, and Chatting. Norton Anti-Virus will also scan websites before you actually go to them, to make sure they are secure, in order to prevent malware. In addition, all of these features come with Symantec’s promise of being unobtrusive and easy-to-use.

Better: Norton Internet Security
Cost: $49.99/1 year/3 users
What you get: The Norton Internet Security package steps things up a bit by extending online protection to the realms of social media and e-Commerce, both of which are prime territory for identity theft. Norton Internet Security does this through its Identity Safe feature which prevents ‘clickjacking’ of passwords by helping you create and organize strong, effective passwords for your social media accounts. This software also includes an advanced anti-phishing application, which prevents websites from stealing your financial information.

Best: Norton 360
Cost:$59.99/1 year/3 users
What you get: The Norton 360 package is advertised as Symantec’s most comprehensive package. This software does everything the abovementioned packages can do and in addition includes performance enhancing and restoration features. Namely: Norton 360 comes with a tune-up feature that allows you to optimize PC performance by choosing which programs to run when, and also 2 GB of online cloud storage in which to harbor your most personal files for backup.

For its longstanding success as an industry leader, and also for its affordability which extends protection from one purchase to multiple users – a benefit that is rare to find in competitors of this caliber – we give Norton a 5 out of 5 stars!

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