About Nolah Mattress

If you are someone who sleeps on one side or the other at night, getting comfortable enough to fall asleep may be challenging. Not all mattresses are designed for the pressure points specific to side sleepers, so chances are that your bed is responsible for long nights of tossing and turning or chronic wakefulness. The answer to getting a good night’s sleep might be as simple as changing your mattress to one that is designed to distribute pressure more evenly for side sleepers.

Introducing Nolah Sleep, the perfect mattress for side sleepers that cradles each stress point on your body with comfort so that you can get more rest. Technologically designed to relieve pressure from the various points where side sleepers are known to lay, the Nolah Sleep mattress offers ultimate comfort with responsive layers crafted specifically for side sleepers. With a one-inch layer of supportive foam, this mattress is stronger and more durable than other materials used for more traditionally styled beds to give you the most cushion in all the right places.

Nolah Sleep also provides a two-inch cooling layer that, unlike memory foam, is not sensitive to temperature so it disperses your body heat much faster than competitors’ mattresses. This highly specialized air foam layer also conforms to your body with less resistance than traditional memory foam for lasting comfort and responsive bounce.

With the thoughtful design and careful considerations demonstrated by the creators of the Nolah Sleep mattress, side sleepers can now rest comfortably without having to break the bank or scour sales at sleep stores. You can conveniently shop for your specialized bed around the clock and take advantage of unique payment options, including a 120-day trial period and special financing for those that qualify. In all, this revolutionary company makes getting a better night’s sleep simple as clicking your mouse.

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