About Network Solutions

Network Solutions is owned by Web.com, which is one of the largest domain name registrars and web hosts in the world. Like Web.com, Network Solutions offers domain name registration, website building tools, and web hosting. Here, we analyze exactly what Network Solutions is offering, and determine whether they’re a company worth using. As always, we keep the small business owner looking to get online in mind.

Network Solutions Product Review

Domain Name Registration
Network Solutions does register domain names, however they are one of those registrar’s that require you to give out your information before you can see the price. You can search for domains and see if they are available; however, pricing doesn’t come into the equation until your potential domain name is already in your cart. As result, budget conscious small business owners may want to look elsewhere for registration.

Website Building
Unlike their domain name registration process, Network Solution’s website building service is very open and honest. Interestingly enough, it is also affordable. Small, basic websites can be built for only $6.95/mo and large, more content heavy sites cost $9.95/mo. Each builder comes with a free custom domain, and plenty of other features. These website building packages are Network Solutions’ best deals for sure.

Website Hosting
Network Solutions can also host your website. For only $4.99/mo, small business owners can purchase hosting, marketing, and a store – everything they’ll need to dive right into eCommerce. Combined with Network Solutions website builder, this hosting package is actually a very affordable deal.

Were it not for their less than honest domain name registration method, we’d rate Network Solutions a perfect 5. That being said, there’s a good chance they’re just trying to funnel business to their parent site, Web.com. Network Solutions does offer pretty affordable and comprehensive hosting/building, however; and, for this reason, we rate them a 4.0/5.

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