Moo.com creates unique business cards and branding collateral. Make the most of your hard earned cash and use a Moo.com coupon code and save a few bucks! The Moo.com motto is simple: ‘We love to print.’ That’s probably because Moo.com helps small business owners boost marketing efforts by designing, creating, and printing business cards. Moo.com can do more than just business cards though; and so below, we take a look at their unique line of offerings.

Moo.com Product Review

The folks at Moo.com believe that a business card should be a conversation starter – an ice breaker, used to turn a stranger into a client. Moo.com can help you get those conversations-turned-conversions with its web based card designer, which allows you to choose from thousands of pre-made designs or upload one of your own. With Moo.com, you can make:

Business cards
Stickers and Labels

Flavors.me: The Digital You
In 2012, Moo.com purchased Flavors.me. Flavors.me is what can be described as a ‘personal identify site,’ and the folks at Moo liken it to an online business card. Small business owners can use Flavors.me to create quick and simple identity web sites, and in doing so enhance their online presence and marketing.

Luxe by Moo
Luxe is Moo’s premium printed business card line. Small business owners can use Luxe to create what Moo calls a “sumptuous, tactile experience.” Luxe cards use Mohawk Superfine paper and Quadplex printing technology to render business cards that are a step above the rest. Great for small business owners who offer luxury goods/services, or artists.

With an unconventional name, and an unconventional approach to marketing – that is, focusing on paper products in an increasingly digital marketplace – Moo.com is the kind of company that kind of makes you stop and scratch your head. Unconventionality and head-scratching are great things in the world of marketing, though; and, applied to your small business, Moo.com’s approach is one that could prove extremely useful. For this reason, we rate Moo.com a 4.0/5.

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