About Mohu

Dedicated to providing customers with unrestricted entertainment minus the costly cable and satellite bills, Mohu is a company that sells the “highest-rated and best-selling HDTV antenna in the world”. Mohu lets you watch all the TV networks and programs within your area for free through their innovative line of HDTV antennas. This process, called cord-cutting, is what makes Mohu extremely popular among customers, helping them save more than $300 million by cutting back on their cable and satellite subscriptions. Below, we will discuss Mohu’s line of products and their special features.

AirWave Antenna. With the AirWave antenna, you can bring over-the-air broadcast television and online streaming channels to your streaming devices. Watch your favorite TV shows on your Apple TV, iOS, Android, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV devices by downloading the free Mohu TV app. Simply set up your AirWave antenna, connect your devices to your home network, and watch free TV shows using the Mohu TV app.

Leaf Antenna. A paper-thin indoor antenna that can be mounted on a wall, the Leaf series enables you to receive over-the-air broadcasts for free. The smallest antenna is the Leaf Metro with a 25-mile radius digital signal range. The Leaf 30 has a 30-mile radius digital signal range, while the Leaf 50 has a range of 50 miles and includes an amplifier. The Leaf Glide-65 is the largest and most powerful antenna that has a 65-mile range and is equipped with the most sophisticated amplifier on the market. All antennas are reversible, multidirectional, and can be painted.

Curve Antenna. Much like the Leaf antennas but with a sleeker and more modern look, the Curve antenna also enables customers to access over-the-air HDTV. The Curve 30 has a 30-mile digital signal range, while the Curve 50 has a signal range that can reach up to 50 miles in radius. This indoor TV antenna can also be painted to match the room décor.

Sky Antenna. Specifically designed for outdoor or attic use, the Sky antenna weighs only 3 pounds but is powerful enough to bring over-the-air broadcast into your television. It was developed from the US military technology which Mohu turned into a TV antenna design. The Sky 60 has a 75-mile range which can support up to six televisions. Unlike traditional satellites, the Sky 60 has a unique X-shaped design that sets it apart from its competitors. It is also multidirectional and does not need to be constantly readjusted to receive optimum signal strength.

Jolt Amplifier. This amplifier is specially designed by Mohu to amplify TV stations while filtering out RF signals to boost the picture quality and decrease pixilation. Using the Jolt amplifier with the Leaf 30 or Curve 30 enables it to potentially receive more signals and improve any passive antenna. Additionally, it is an energy-efficient device because it only uses up power once the television is turned on.

All-in-All. The sleek and unique designs of the antennas combined with their powerful over-the-air signal receiving will truly make customers go through the cord-cutting route. Most importantly, all the TV channels within the area are totally accessible for free – absolutely no monthly cable and satellite bills – which makes us give a 4.5/5 rating to Mohu.

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