About iContact

iContact’s focus is provide a straightforward, simple, and easy to use email marketing tool and they do this quite well. Their system provides a good balance for the small business owner with a combination of email, social, and survey management in one affordable package. However, if you are advanced email marketer, some of their features may leave you looking for more.

Clean, Easy to Use Interface
iContact has done a great job with their interface. Sometimes email marketing software is not as easy to use as it could be, but this is not the case here. It’s easy to find your way around the application, allowing you to get in to do your tasks and out quickly.

Excellent features for beginners.
iContact makes it easy for new (and inexperienced) email marketers to get started with their application quickly:

Low Cost – just under $15/month to start!
Email Templates – 500+ custom email templates make your message stand out
Scheduling – Schedule your email and social media messages to be distributed when you want. Create an email weeks before you send.
SPAM whitelisting – Makes sure your emails won’t get blacklisted as SPAM, improving deliverability and performance.
Performance Tracking – Track what your subscribers do with your emails, so you know how well your newsletters are being received.
Event Management – Event RSVP tracking helps you manage events
Survey Management – Distribute surveys with minimal fuss

Advanced features are great.
Professional email marketers may be looking for more, but most features are here:

List segmenting – Quickly segment your email list to customize which subscriber types get certain emails
iContact autoresponder – Automate your emails after you get a new customer or
Subscriber history and data – iContact maintains a detailed history of subscriber actions to help you customize your campaigns
DIY options – Design and upload your own email templates
List management – Unlimited number of email lists

iContact’s pricing is similar to that of most other email marketing platforms – based on number of subscribers with tiered costs per month. Most small businesses will be able to get by with 250 to 2500 subscribers, which will keep costs under $30 per month, reasonable for most.

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